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Engineers are the back bone of Pak Army because in any war situation, Engineers help Pak Army to keep on advancing to the difficult areas. 

In Engineering branch, soldiers are also given training regarding electronics equipment for maintenance and smooth functioning of the defence.

If you are interested to join Pak Army, Navy or PAF as an Engineer in Engineering branch then you are at the right place for preparation of all intelligence and academic tests. Here, all types of tests pattern and procedure for online applying is given. 

Past papers of Electronic Engineers are given here to pass the initial tests of Pak Army, Nay and PAF commissioned branches Tests. Learn here about Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure here at this page below.

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Electrical Engineering Quiz

In a series resonant band-pass filter, a lower value of Q results in______?

The disadvantage of base resistor method of transistor biasing is that it____?

In order to get more voltage gain from a transistor amplifier, the transistor used should have_____?

The maximum efficiency of transformer coupled class A power amplifier is ____?

Proper charging rate for lead acid battery is:-

Two 10 Kホゥ, 5 W resistors in parallel have equivalent resistance of 5 K ホゥ and power rating of:-

Internal resistance of battery is due to:-

The current flowing through an unloaded voltage divider is called the_____?

Which one is the common voltage of automobile batteries:-

A wire of resistance R has its length and cross section both doubled. Its resistance will become:-

Thermal runaway occurs when_____?

The greater the internal resistance of a cell:-

Which resistor will be larger in size;-

The operating point is also called the ____?

Which efficiency of a battery is more than the remaining:-

For a differentiating circuit to be effective, the RC product should be _____ the time period of the input wave?

Resistance of a wire is r ohm. The wire stretched to double its length , then its resistance in ohm is:-

Ohm's is applicable in;-

The most costly coupling is _____ coupling?

In a parallel LC circuit, if the input signal frequency is increased above resonant frequency then _____?

In a series–parallel circuit, individual component power dissipation are calculated using____?

If the input to an integrating circuit is a succession of alternating positive and negative pulses of very short duration, the output will be ___wave A?

The output stage of a multistage amplifier usually employs ______?

A relay is ____switch?

In a superconductor the value of critical density depends upon:-

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