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Engineers are the back bone of Pak Army because in any war situation, Engineers help Pak Army to keep on advancing to the difficult areas. 

In Engineering branch, soldiers are also given training regarding electronics equipment for maintenance and smooth functioning of the defence.

If you are interested to join Pak Army, Navy or PAF as an Engineer in Engineering branch then you are at the right place for preparation of all intelligence and academic tests. Here, all types of tests pattern and procedure for online applying is given. 

Past papers of Electronic Engineers are given here to pass the initial tests of Pak Army, Nay and PAF commissioned branches Tests. Learn here about Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure here at this page below.

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Electrical Engineering Quiz

If a high degree of selectivity is desired, then double-tuned circuit should have ____ coupling?

The current flow through electrolyte is due to the movement of:-

Which resistor will be larger in size;-

A wire of 0.14mm diameter and specific resistance 9.6 micro ohm cm is 440 cm long.The resistance of the wire will be:-

The element of electric heater are made up of;-

In a Multivibrator, we have____ feedback?

Five carbon zinc cell in series have an output of:-

The D.C. load of a transistor amplifier is generally_____ that of a A.C. load?

The class B push-pull circuit can deliver 100 W of A.C. output power. What should be the minimum power rating of each transistor ?

A relay is ____switch?

A negatively charged particle present in an atom:-

The current due to electron flow in conduction band is the hole current in valence band:-

The output stage of a multistage amplifier usually employs ______?

The Q of a tuned circuit refers to the property of_____?

Voltage dependent resistors are made from:-

The kinetic energy of a bounded electron is_____________ than that of unbounded electron;-

In a lithium cell the positive electrode is made of:-

The parallel combination of a 470 Ω resistor and a 680 Ω resistor is in series with the parallel combination of four 2 kΩ resistors. The total resistance is____?

The current in a chemical cell is movement of:-

If L/C ratio of a parallel LC circuit is increased, the Q of the circuit_____?

______ Coupling is generally employed in power amplifiers?

A relay is superior to a mechanical switch because it _____?

The efficiency of a modern accumulator is of order of;-

In Nickel iron cell the electrolyte is:-

Two 3.3 kΩ resistors are in series and this series combination is in parallel with a 4.7 kΩ resistor. The voltage across one of the 3.3 kΩ resistors is 12 V. The voltage across the 4.7 kΩ resistor is_____?

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