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Engineers are the back bone of Pak Army because in any war situation, Engineers help Pak Army to keep on advancing to the difficult areas. 

In Engineering branch, soldiers are also given training regarding electronics equipment for maintenance and smooth functioning of the defence.

If you are interested to join Pak Army, Navy or PAF as an Engineer in Engineering branch then you are at the right place for preparation of all intelligence and academic tests. Here, all types of tests pattern and procedure for online applying is given. 

Past papers of Electronic Engineers are given here to pass the initial tests of Pak Army, Nay and PAF commissioned branches Tests. Learn here about Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure here at this page below.

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Electronic Quiz

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At parallel resonance, the phase angle between the applied voltage and circuit current is ____?

For highest power gain, one would use ______configuration?

The base resistor method is generally used in _____?

A voltage divider consists of two 100 kΩ resistors and a 12 V source. What will the output voltage be if a load resistor of 1 MΩ is connected to the output?

Transistor biasing is done to keep _____in the circuit?

The zero signal IC is generally ____ mA in the initial stages of a transistor amplifier?

When a transistor is driven to cut off, ideally the output is _____?

The leakage current in a silicon transistor is about______ the leakage current in a germanium transistor?

Transistor biasing represents ____ conditions?

If a transistor amplifier draws 2mA when input voltage is 10 V, then its input impedance is _____?

If RC and RL represent the collector resistance and load resistance respectively in a single stage transistor amplifier, then A.C. load is_____?

The purpose of capacitors in a transistor amplifier is to_____?

In a CE amplifier, the phase difference between voltage across collector load RC and signal voltage is _____?

The ratio of output impedance of a CE amplifier is _____?

The dimensions of L/CR are that of ____?

In a certain low-pass filter, fc = 3.5 kHz. Its passband is____?

If the power rating of a transistor is 1W and collector current is 100mA, then maximum allowable collector voltage is_____?

A CE amplifier is also called ____ circuit?

If L/C ratio of a parallel LC circuit is increased, the Q of the circuit_____?

If a transistor amplifier feeds a load of low resistance (e.g. speaker), then voltage gain will be_____?

The disadvantage of impedance matching is that it _____?

In a certain low-pass filter, fc = 3.5 kHz. Its pass-band is_____?

The maximum efficiency of resistance loaded class A power amplifier is _____?

A single stage transistor amplifier contains______ and associated circuitry?

In the D.C. equivalent circuit of a transistor amplifier, the capacitors are considered______?

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