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Welcome to the page of  Mechanical Tests which are basically used to measure Mechanical Aptitude of the students. 

Mechanical Aptitude tests are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Army, Navy and PAF, particularly in ISSB. 

These tests are also helpful for different commissioning tests in Pak Army and in Pak Navy which have been designed to develop mechanical skills through the given mechanical testing. 

Moreover, mechanical aptitude practice tests increase your Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure.  For the preparation of all tests, Click Here and for notes Click Here. Further detail may be taken at any time. Contact us for more detail.

Mechanical Tests for Mechanical Inclinations




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Mechanical Engineering Quiz

 Which of the following material has the carbon varying from 4.3 to 6.67%?

The motion of particle   round a fixed   axis is :-

The maximum combustion   pressure in gas   turbine  as compared to IC engine  is :-

Air receivers are   used to  dampen   pulsations :-

Etching of specimen is done to achieve _______

Turbine  drives compressor   in a  burbojet ;-

Piston and   Cylinders  of  a reciprocating   steam engine   is  an example of sliding pair  :-

A perfect   black body  is one which  :-

A cable with uniformly distributed   load   per horizontal  meter   run will take  the following shape :-

The coefficient of friction for the   clutch  facing    is :-

The line joining   a liquid phase   with liquid and solid phase   mixture  is known as ;-

A flow is called supersonic if   the ;-

The affect of having access amber is ;-

A projectile is   fired at  an angle  9 to the   vertical. Its horizontal  range will   be maximum when   9 is  :-

The thermal efficiency   of a gas  turbine  as compared to a diesel plant   is :

Klein's  construction  gives a  graphic  construction for  :-

Which one  is   secondary fuel ;-

Moment of inertia  of  a triangular   section  of base   and height   about an axis passing    through its   vertex and parallel  to the base, is _________ than   that passing   through  its CG  and parallel to the base :-

With an increase in  temperature  , the   resistance  of semiconductor :-

According  to fan laws, fan having    constant  wheel  diameters,   the power demand   varies :-

 Which of the following is not a laminar composite?

The pressure ratio in  gas turbine  is  of the order of  :-

The mean  effective  pressure   indicates the ;-

The seat belt Tensioners  are  built in the ;-

__________ is the simplest type of  the motion   and is along  a straight line path ;-

Purpose of Mechanical Tests in Initial Tests of Forces

Mechanical Tests are also useful in ISSB initial tests which basically define about attitude towards certain trends that you have. If you will show good aptitude in mechanical tests then you will be alloted best field in the future.

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