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Mechanical Engineering Quiz

 Which of the following material has the carbon varying from 4.3 to 6.67%?

Which of the following material has the carbon varying from 2.1 to 4.3%?

What is (AxB).(BxA); or A = A1i + A2j + A3k and B = B1i + B2j + B3k?

Cast iron is a product of _______

Which of the following methods is best for detecting interior flaws in the castings?

The resultant force acting of the uniformly distributed loading is dependent on:

 Which of the following is correct? (For A representing the vector representation of the

axis of rotation, r the radius vector and F the force vector)

 ASTM stands for?

In which test, the specimen will be used in the form of the supported beam?

Which of the following property is the fine-grained structure?

Determine the couple moment acting on the triangular plane shown.


In triangle distributed loading, the loading at any distance can be easily found by using

which of the following trigonometry function?

Which metal from the following has the non-crystalline structure?

Which of the following has less crystallinity?

For two vectors defined by an arrow with a head and a tail. The length of each vector and

the angle between them represents:

 Tensile strength of alloy steel can be improved by adding ______

 A force vector with magnitude R and making an angle α with the x-axis is having its

component along the x-axis and y-axis as:

ASTM stands for?

 Which of the following tools is most suitable for very hard and brittle material?

 Which of the following non-destructive testing is used to detect the change in the

composition of any material?

 In 3D, the body will be improperly constrained if the reaction forces intersect the axis.

There are two types of loading. The uniformly distributed and the non-uniformly

distributed, that is the one having two different values at corners.

 In sandwich composites, which of the following material can be used for filling


 The single pin, single bearing, and single hinge resist ____

 If anybody is tied to three or more ropes and is allowed to achieve its equilibrium. Then

the equilibrium achieved is achieved w.r.t what?

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