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Welcome to the page of  Mechanical Tests which are basically used to measure Mechanical Aptitude of the students. 

Mechanical Aptitude tests are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Army, Navy and PAF, particularly in ISSB. 

These tests are also helpful for different commissioning tests in Pak Army and in Pak Navy which have been designed to develop mechanical skills through the given mechanical testing. 

Moreover, mechanical aptitude practice tests increase your Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure.  For the preparation of all tests, Click Here and for notes Click Here. Further detail may be taken at any time. Contact us for more detail.

Mechanical Tests for Mechanical Inclinations




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Mechanical Engineering Quiz

tail spin

ASTM stands for?

 In sandwich composites, which of the following material can be used for filling


 What if we multiply a scalar to the unit vector?

Which of the following is the hardest constituent of steel?

 What is the melting point of iron (in ℃)?

 Which of the following is correct w.r.t the moment (M) of the force (F) acting on the

body at a distance L from the axis of the rotation?

 If anybody is tied to three or more ropes and is allowed to achieve its equilibrium. Then

the equilibrium achieved is achieved w.r.t what?

Find the angle α, for the vector making an angle by y and z-axis as 60° and 45°,

respectively. It makes an angle of α with the x-axis. The magnitude of the force is 200N.

Which one of the following can act as a modifier in the glass-forming process?

 The couple and the other two force systems in free body diagrams can be easily


Which metal from the following has the non-crystalline structure?

Which of the following methods is best for examining surface flaws on the castings?

 A force vector with magnitude R and making an angle α with the x-axis is having its

component along the x-axis and y-axis as:

Which of the following property is the fine-grained structure?

The resultant force acting of the uniformly distributed loading is dependent on:

Q) What we call the resistance of a material against any external force.

 Which of the following material has the carbon varying from 4.3 to 6.67%?

The invariant reaction involving a liquid phase decomposing into two different solids on

cooling is known as _____

There are two types of loading. The uniformly distributed and the non-uniformly

distributed, that is the one having two different values at corners.

Which of the following form of iron is magnetic?

Which hardness test uses the steel ball as indenter?

 Tensile strength of alloy steel can be improved by adding ______

Express the vector in the Cartesian Form if the angle made by it with y and z-axis is 60° and 45° respectively. Also, it makes an angle of α with the x-axis. The magnitude of the force is 200N.

 Which penetrating liquid is used for the liquid penetration test?

 Determine the value of the q, parallel to the z-axis. That is the point of intersection of the projections of the points A, B, and C parallel to the xy plane. The distance between the tri-section point and the points A, B, and C be equal to 0.6m.Screenshot 2022 09 26 175843

Purpose of Mechanical Tests in Initial Tests of Forces

Mechanical Tests are also useful in ISSB initial tests which basically define about attitude towards certain trends that you have. If you will show good aptitude in mechanical tests then you will be alloted best field in the future.

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