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Welcome to the page of  Mechanical Tests which are basically used to measure Mechanical Aptitude of the students. 

Mechanical Aptitude tests are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Army, Navy and PAF, particularly in ISSB. 

These tests are also helpful for different commissioning tests in Pak Army and in Pak Navy which have been designed to develop mechanical skills through the given mechanical testing. 

Moreover, mechanical aptitude practice tests increase your Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests & Interview questions with the whole procedure.  For the preparation of all tests, Click Here and for notes Click Here. Further detail may be taken at any time. Contact us for more detail.

Mechanical Tests for Mechanical Inclinations




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Mechanical Engineering Quiz

The angle   of taper   on draft   tube is  :-

The point  ,through which  the whole   weight  of the body  acts ,  irrespective  of its position  ,is known as :-

Thermal efficiency   of spark ignition  engine is low due to :-

The locus of  a point  on a  thread  unwound    from a  cylinder   will be :-

Q) What we call the resistance of a material against any external force.

The amount of  radiation  mainly  depends on :-

The velocity ratio  of a simple  wheel  and  axle  with D  and  d as the    diameters  of effort  wheel  and  load   axle is ;-

Higher pairs   are those which  have   points   between   the two elements   when in motion :-

Air receivers are   used to  dampen   pulsations :-

If the temperature  of intake air   in internal  combustion  engine   increase   , then its efficiency will:-

Which inspections is used for detecting   invisible surface    defects   in a non magnetic casting :-

Crowning on pulley   helps  for automatic adjustment   of belt   position   so that  belt run   centrally   ;-

Flame  ionization  detector   is used for   measuring ;-

In a gear  having  involute    teeth   the normal  to the involute  is a tangent to the :-

Which of the following processes is preferred for preparing aluminum ingots for the

liquid penetrant testing method?

Impulse turbine  is generally   fitted   ;-

In an immersed  body , center  of  pressure is :-

Which method is best for    detecting   interior flaws in the  casting :-

Which of the following methods is best for examining surface flaws on the castings?

A rubber ball   is dropped   from a height  of 2 m. If there is  no loss  of velocity   after rebounding   , the ball will rise   to a height of  ;-

During peak lead  periods , the   best method of   controlling   compressor is  :-

A machine having  an efficiency  less than 50% , is known as :-

What is the melting point of Iron:-

The flow rate in gear pump   ________ with increase in pressure  -

The thermal efficiency of gas turbine   for a given  turbine    inlet temperature    with increase   in pressure ratio    ;-

Purpose of Mechanical Tests in Initial Tests of Forces

Mechanical Tests are also useful in ISSB initial tests which basically define about attitude towards certain trends that you have. If you will show good aptitude in mechanical tests then you will be alloted best field in the future.

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