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Geomatics Quiz

Using the numeric technique , NASA airfoil is designed:-

Which type of data   set is not used  in GIS  related  software :-

In which class of folds  , the Isogans  converge inwards :-

Which is used to  test the   horizontally  of the transit   axis ;-

The lower penetration of disc plough is due to :-

The pitot tube lower end is bet at an angle of:-

In case of raw rice, the average yield obtained from furrow slices is to:-

Setting up include :-

Folds in which  the   limbs  lie exactly   one over another ;-

When fluid flows in parallel layer does laminar flow occur:-

Which can not be  used to locate  the contour   gradient   in the field :-

On the basis of loading , lifting surface problems are evaluated:-

Ranging in chain survey means   establishing  an intermediate   point  on the line :-

At a specific range of reynolds number transition will flow from laminar to turbulent:-

Who was the first person  to tell about the core :-

A contour line must  close upon  itself ;-

Contours of different elevations   may cross   each other  only in  the case of :-

A machine that cuts the crops and ties them into a knot and uniform sheaves is called:-

Vapour lock is associated with:-

Which are mounted   on the satellite   in satellite  remote sensing ;-

Rational formula is only capable to small size catchment which has an area:-

What is the meaning  of  spatial data ;-

Deflection angle   may vary from   __________ to  90 degree ;-

The transit in the term  simply used   for  ______;-

Which rock forming minerals   is more  resistant   to weathering   compared to  Hornblende :-

Geomatics Engineering MCQs Past Papers

  1. What is Geomatics Engineering primarily concerned with?

    • Answer: Managing and analyzing spatial and geographic data.
  2. Which technology is commonly used in Geomatics for capturing accurate and detailed images of the Earth’s surface?

    • Answer: Remote Sensing.
  3. What does GIS stand for in Geomatics Engineering?

    • Answer: Geographic Information System.
  4. Which type of surveying involves measuring distances and angles between points on the Earth’s surface from satellite observations?

    • Answer: Satellite Surveying.
  5. In Geomatics, what is the purpose of LiDAR technology?

    • Answer: Capturing high-resolution elevation data.
  6. Which coordinate system is commonly used in Geomatics to represent locations on the Earth’s surface?

    • Answer: Latitude and Longitude.
  7. What does GNSS stand for in the context of Geomatics?

    • Answer: Global Navigation Satellite System.
  8. Which Geomatics technique involves determining the shape and size of the Earth?

    • Answer: Geodesy.
  9. What is the primary function of a Total Station in Geomatics?

    • Answer: Measuring angles and distances for land surveying.
  10. Which Geomatics application involves the analysis of spatial data to understand patterns and trends?

  1. Which Geomatic technology is used for capturing and modeling the three-dimensional characteristics of objects or terrain?
  • Answer: 3D Laser Scanning.
  1. What does DEM stand for in Geomatics?
  • Answer: Digital Elevation Model.
  1. In Geomatics, what is the purpose of a Theodolite?
  • Answer: Measuring horizontal and vertical angles.
  1. Which type of surveying involves the measurement of angles and distances on the Earth’s surface using optical instruments?
  • Answer: Terrestrial Surveying.
  1. What is the significance of a Geospatial Database in Geomatics?
  • Answer: It stores and manages spatial data, facilitating efficient retrieval and analysis.
  1. Which Geomatic technology is utilized for capturing, storing, and analyzing data related to the Earth’s physical features?
  • Answer: Geographic Information System (GIS).
  1. What is the primary objective of Photogrammetry in Geomatics?
  • Answer: Extracting accurate measurements and mapping information from aerial photographs.
  1. Which satellite navigation system is developed and operated by the United States for global positioning?
  • Answer: GPS (Global Positioning System).
  1. In Geomatic, what is the purpose of a Sextant?
  • Answer: Measuring the angle between a celestial object and the horizon for navigation.
  1. Which type of coordinate system is commonly used in mapping and cartography to represent locations in a two-dimensional space?
  • Answer: Cartesian Coordinate System.
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