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Geomatics Quiz

The method used for locating  the plane  table  stations  are   :-

Weathering is a natural  process :-

In power operated sprayer, the pump works at a pressure of:-

The process of removing husk and hull from the paddy grain is known as:-

A series of closely spaced   contour  lines  represents  a ;-

The true  meridian  at any place  is not variable :-

In tractor weight transfer is greatly when:-

Which kind of  data are  to  be used by GIS ;-

Which is not  a   part of  fold :-

From hypersonic to incompressible the dynamic pressure is used in all flows:-

With a backward facing step, the fluid flows across the air foil:-

___________ is known as marking pin :-

Cross hairs in surveying   telescope  , are fitted :-

The achievement  of powered flights are antedated by the loading of lifting surface:-

The main object   of the  astronomer  to obtain :-

In prismoidal rule  ,   it is  necessary  to have odd  number cross section;-

Direct method  of contouring  is cheaper   than indirect  method;-

The indirect method   ,  guide points  need not   necessarily   be on the contours :-

Error  due to structural   defects in  the   instrument  comes under ___________  error :-

Which can cause   more  damage  while using   a plane table   for surveying :-

The radiation of equilibrium relative humidity with moisture content of grain at a particular temperature is expressed by a curve is known as:-

The crest and  trough   may or may not   coincide   with the axis :-

The function of seed drill is:-

Sensitiveness   of a level tube   is designated  by :-

The centre of  plough load in a single bottom plough is:-

Geomatics Engineering MCQs Past Papers

  1. What is Geomatics Engineering primarily concerned with?

    • Answer: Managing and analyzing spatial and geographic data.
  2. Which technology is commonly used in Geomatics for capturing accurate and detailed images of the Earth’s surface?

    • Answer: Remote Sensing.
  3. What does GIS stand for in Geomatics Engineering?

    • Answer: Geographic Information System.
  4. Which type of surveying involves measuring distances and angles between points on the Earth’s surface from satellite observations?

    • Answer: Satellite Surveying.
  5. In Geomatics, what is the purpose of LiDAR technology?

    • Answer: Capturing high-resolution elevation data.
  6. Which coordinate system is commonly used in Geomatics to represent locations on the Earth’s surface?

    • Answer: Latitude and Longitude.
  7. What does GNSS stand for in the context of Geomatics?

    • Answer: Global Navigation Satellite System.
  8. Which Geomatics technique involves determining the shape and size of the Earth?

    • Answer: Geodesy.
  9. What is the primary function of a Total Station in Geomatics?

    • Answer: Measuring angles and distances for land surveying.
  10. Which Geomatics application involves the analysis of spatial data to understand patterns and trends?

  1. Which Geomatic technology is used for capturing and modeling the three-dimensional characteristics of objects or terrain?
  • Answer: 3D Laser Scanning.
  1. What does DEM stand for in Geomatics?
  • Answer: Digital Elevation Model.
  1. In Geomatics, what is the purpose of a Theodolite?
  • Answer: Measuring horizontal and vertical angles.
  1. Which type of surveying involves the measurement of angles and distances on the Earth’s surface using optical instruments?
  • Answer: Terrestrial Surveying.
  1. What is the significance of a Geospatial Database in Geomatics?
  • Answer: It stores and manages spatial data, facilitating efficient retrieval and analysis.
  1. Which Geomatic technology is utilized for capturing, storing, and analyzing data related to the Earth’s physical features?
  • Answer: Geographic Information System (GIS).
  1. What is the primary objective of Photogrammetry in Geomatics?
  • Answer: Extracting accurate measurements and mapping information from aerial photographs.
  1. Which satellite navigation system is developed and operated by the United States for global positioning?
  • Answer: GPS (Global Positioning System).
  1. In Geomatic, what is the purpose of a Sextant?
  • Answer: Measuring the angle between a celestial object and the horizon for navigation.
  1. Which type of coordinate system is commonly used in mapping and cartography to represent locations in a two-dimensional space?
  • Answer: Cartesian Coordinate System.
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