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If you want to join Pakistan Navy in Navy Weapon Engineering Branch they you must study the given past questions of Weapon Engineering. All these questions help to pass the initial tests included in the academic portion for proceeding to the ISSB. These questions are also helpful to join Pakistan Air Force Engineering branch. 

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Weapon Engineering Quiz

Which is the double based  powder ;-

Slenderness ratio is the ratio of   effective  length of column  to least  radius   of gyration  of the column :-

The stress represent by  sin(t)  belongs  to which category :-

Landing  gear wheels  are made  of rubber   to  absorb  shock :-

Which loading   is   considered for the  design   of  axles ;-

The _____________ mechanics is   not possible   in any  framed   structure   as an independent   mechanism :-

According to  IBR  the thickness  of the boiler   shell  should  not be less  than ;p

Leverage   is the ratio of  the load arm  to effort  arm :-

Which firearm has  half  cock  safety   position ;-

Camouflage  patterns  for sky  background will include ;-

The static  tooth  load should be  ________ the dynamic   load :-

An involute pinion and   gear are  in mesh . If both  have the same size   of addendum, then there will be interference  between the ;-

Jacketed  bullets   prevents   the breaking   of  bullets  on  heavy   skinned  targets :-

Buttress   threads are used in vices ;-

The centrifugal  tension in the belt ;-

Which  country in January   2022  fired  a 'hypersonic  missile "   after its first  test in September  2021 :-

In ballistics, the  Ratchet mechanism  is associated with :-

Residual  stresses  are always  added in  the load stresses and hence are always   harmful ;-

A shaft coupling should   :-

A tapered key   which fits in  a key  way   in the hub  and  is flat   on  the shafts   is known as ;-

The cold  rolled   shafting  is stronger   than hot   rolled shafting :-

The property   of a material  which enables it to  resist  fracture due to  high impact  loads   is known as ;-

When the fulcrum   is in  between  the load  and effort, the  lever is  said to be of  ;-

The bending  stress  in a curved beam is   ____________ at the  point other   than centroidal axis :-

Who coined the term Forensic  Balllistic';-

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