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 Geoinformatics MCQs with Answers

Are you preparing for the initial test of ICTO in the Pak Army, Pak Navy, or PAF? Enhance your chances of success with our comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) focused on geoinformatics. Our expertly curated MCQs cover key concepts and practical applications essential for excelling in this critical subject area. 

By practicing with these questions, you’ll not only solidify your knowledge but also build the confidence needed to tackle the exam with ease. Join us and take a decisive step towards achieving your goal of serving in the esteemed ICTO positions within Pakistan’s armed forces.

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Geo Informatics Quiz

The  Systematic study of land , water, air and  life on it is called :-

A non renewable  source of  energy   is :-

The  Mobility  Transition Theory  was put forward by ;-

The innovative   changes in economic  geography was observed in :-

Which is the longest  strait   of the  world ;-

The graph used  to show the   yearly   monthly  and  daily  income   is ;-

In a network , different  type  of organism   are   connected  at different   trophic  level   are called ;-

The lines which join the places of  equal ocean density  are called :-

The  Gibson  Desert  is  located in ;-

Hydropower plants   converts   the  Kinetic   energy   of  flowing  water into ;-

GIS  deal  with   which  kind of  data ;-

The example  of  Discrete  Field  is ;-

GIS  deals  with the  kind of data :-

Ordnance   maps  were   first made in :-

A geographic field   is  a phenomena  for  which every  point   in the  study   , a value  can be :-

Which country is the largest  producer of oil in the world ;-

The rank of  the  'Thar  Desert'   in the world  by area is  ;-

The  largest  river of the Asia  is :-

The actual  place where a   settlement  is  located is called :-

CAD in CAD tool  stands for :-

A  bitmap   is represented  as  _______  grid ;-

Earths  location  can be  recorded   in terms  of  __________  parameters;-

Which type of  data  set is not used  in GIS   related software ;-

Which does not   indicate  a topology error :-

The actual shape of earth is  :-

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