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Artificial Intelligence MCQs Online Practice Tests

Preparing for initial tests to join the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force as an ICTO (Information and Communication Technology Officer) or Cyber Security Officer requires a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in artificial intelligence (AI). Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on AI can be a valuable resource for students aiming to enhance their knowledge and test-taking skills. 

These MCQs cover a range of topics including machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and data analysis, providing a comprehensive overview that is crucial for excelling in the competitive selection process. By regularly practicing AI MCQs, candidates can better grasp the intricacies of the subject, identify areas needing improvement, and build the confidence necessary to succeed in their exams.

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Artificial Intelligence Quiz

The statement comprising the  limitations of  FOL is:-

LISP was created  by:-

Is Google ML Kit an AI tool:-

Which is also called single  inference rule:-

The action of the simple reflex agent completely depends upon:-

How many types of  Machine Learning  are there:-

AI associated with the computer of which generation;-

In Al Based machines which of the following term is important;-

Web crawler is an example of :-

How to eliminate  the redundant rule  matching  attempts  in the forward chaining:-

The advertisement of merchandise is an example of ____________ domain of AI:-

Which symbol in  AI are  logical symbol:-

In LISP, the function evaluates both  & It,; variables > and & It: Object > is :-

AI was coined in the year:-

Which option is used to build complex sentences in knowledge representation:-

AI with an answering system was developed by;-

Knowledge engineering is a field of AI:-

There exist _________ways to infer using  semantic networks:-

The efficiency  of A* algorithm  depends on:-

Which method is used to search  better by learning:-

Procedural domain  knowledge in a rule   based system  , is in the form of :-

Decision support program  are designed  to  help managers  make ____________:-

Which will be the instance  of the class datalog  knowledge  bases:-

The characteristics of the computer system capable  of thinking, and learning is known as:-

Which problem can be modeled as CSP:-

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