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Artificial Intelligence Quiz

AI was established in the year:-

Decision support program are designed to help managers make:-

State space is:-

The strategic computing program is a project of the:-

A hybrid Bayesian Network consist:-

The Bayesian Network gives:-

Among the given option, which is also known as inference rule:-

Simple algorithm of AI applied in________________ type of application:-

Machine learning is introduced in:-

DARPA is a part of which department;-

A complete automated chess engine is based on:-

First order logic statement contains:-

Which is a part of an expert system:-

Intelligent agents in AI are closely related to agents in:-

AI is programmed with algorithm and___________:-

Rational agent always does the right things:-

Darmouth conference focused on how many AI research concept;-

What is Ai:-

Artificial intelligence is about:-

Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called:-

In the wumpus world problem, the reason for the uncertainty is that the agent's sensor gives only:-

ICAI programs prove to be worthy in which of the following areas:-

Which search algorithm requires less memory:-

In which year robot with AI technology simulated financial technique:-

What is the date of birth of Ai:-

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