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Artificial Intelligence Quiz

Which of the following is done by the LISP processor, when a top level function is entered:-

Weak AI is also called as:-

Complex algorithm of AI applied in ______ type of application:-

Which is a process that is repeated , evaluated and refined:-

What stage of the manufacturing process has been described as " the mapping of  function onto form":-

The CAI technique is based on programmed instruction is:-

Which is used for compute the logical inference algorithm:-

The PEAS in the task environment is about:-

Clustering is a problem of:-

The best AI agent is one which:-

Among the given option, which is also known as inference rule:-

What is a web crawler:-

AI is programmed with algorithm and___________:-

Which are the other tools used in AI:-

Which is a part of an expert system:-

Prior to the invention of time sharing, the prevalent method of computer access was:-

KEE is a product of which of the following:-

A robot's arm is commonly known as:-

Which could be the approach of AI:-

The main function of problem  solving agent is to:-

AI is abbreviated as:-

There are how many steps in machine learning to solve a problem:-

___________ is a transdisciplinary approach:-

AI research field is sub classified in subfield as________________:-

Which are the example of strong AI:-

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