Pak Defence Forces have their special branch to deal legal affairs. In this context, Army Navy and PAF announces different vacancies regarding Law officers through advertisement. Click on the start button to see test page law MCQs having the past experience of students who appeared in the Legal Branch.  Do not forget to see the following links also. 




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Law Quiz

An application for review shall be heard by the:-

Repeated act of harassment is called:-

______ evidence is more effective than _____ evidence?

A court seal shall contain______?

What is the highest court in the United States? Choose one: 

What is the rate of interest on the cost:-

Article 142 of the Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with_____?

As per Article 18(4), all registered cases shall be investigated by the investigation staff in the district under the supervision of_______?

Section 7 of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Act, 1926 deals with ______?

Sending of unsolicited bulk and commercial messages over the internet is:-

Character of person is relevant in_____?

All ____ are_____ not confessions?

Press clipping of news paper are_____ in law case?

Section 6, of the Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Rules, 1962 deals with ?

The Preventive relief granted by Court under section 52, of the Specific Relief Act, is_____ in nature?

Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the federal government. What is one power of the federal government? Choose one:

What is the capital of the United States? Choose one:

What remedies may be awarded by court u/s .12(2):-

Section of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Act, 1926 empowers _______ Government to release a prisoner?

Section 26, of the West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 deals with_______?

Order Vll rule 11 is:-

An investigating officer can refresh his memory from his diary as provided in______?

A guardianad item is:-

The code of civil procedure, 1908 was formulated on:-

Criminal Justice Co-ordination Committee consist _______ members?

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