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Law Quiz

Can section 47, bars to separate a suit:-

Section______, of the West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 deals with appeals from Civil Judge?

Performance evaluation report is dealt by ______ Schedule of Police Order 2002?

Sec _____ civil code procedure code  deals with the limit of time for execution of decree:-

Article ______, of the Police Order, 2002 deals with duties of Police?

Section 2______?

Attachment and arrest before judgment is dealt u/order:-

Which rule prevents a man from saying the same thing in successive litigation:-

Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984, does not apply to_____?

The Federal Government shall established Islamabad District Public Safety Commission for Islamabad Capital territory consisting of _________, member?

Willful or negligent conduct in respect of dogs is dealt by Article ______, of the Police Order, 2002?

“Senior ranks” under the Police Order, 2002 means Police Officer above the rank of______?

Is there any parallel provision available of sec.151 in the criminal law:-

Article_____, to _____ of the Police Order, 2002 deals with Criminal Justice Co-ordination Committee ?

A desires a Court to give judgment that B shall be punished for a crime which A says B has committed the burden of proof will be on ?

What is the procedure of default in depositing the expenses of witnesses:-

Can a plaint be rejected, if it does not disclose cause of action:-

The suit where there is misjoinder of parties and causes of actions is technically called a:-

Provision regarding appointment of a receiver and his duties and powers are contained:-

Buying and selling good and services  on the internet is called:-

Punjab has _____ total seats in National Assembly:-

If amendment invoke injustice to the party on opposite side will court allow amendment in pleading:-

What are essential of suit:-

Article 163, Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with_____?

The Specific Relief Act of 1877 was enacted on_____?

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