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The Law GAT Test (LAW Graduate Assessment Test) is the test for law graduates in Pakistan for enrolment in the Bar Council. Those candidates who want to prepare initial tests for Law GAT, they can do free practice here regarding past papers and may get 100% success in the entrance exam of Law GAT.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals who have completed their LL.B (final year) examination from a university recognized by the Pakistan Bar Council and have at least seventeen years of education are eligible to apply for the LAW-GAT™.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Only law graduates are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must submit their LL.B degree along with detailed transcripts/mark certificates for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the LL.B examination. If the LL.B degree has not yet been issued, the candidate may submit the detailed transcript/mark certificate of the LL.B (final year) examination.
  • Candidates have a maximum of three attempts to pass the test, which is conducted by NTS™ three times a year.
  • Students awaiting their results are not eligible to apply.
  • A minimum score of 50% is required to qualify for the assessment test.
  • Candidates must also meet any additional criteria as specified by the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Bar Council.

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Law GAT Test Syllabus and Past Papers




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Law GAT Quiz

Article ______  of the constitution   of  1973  empowers   Federation   to acquire  land for  Federal purpose ;p

The literal meaning  of  Dariyat is  :-

A suit in which the right of property  is called suit of __________ nature :-

Who defined  law as  " a command   which obliges  a  person to a course   of conduct ";-

Section 365  deals  with  recording   of  evidence in ;p-

Under article  101 of the   constitution of  1973,  President  appoints a __________  on the  advice of  Prime Minister ;-

Distant kindred are divided into ;-

Freedom of  speech is not   incorporated   in the constitution of    1973 :-

Rights,  according to   objects, can be classified in how many ways ;-

National groups  are   appointed  under article  ________ of   statute  of  the  International   court of  Justice :-

___________ is the head court of criminal   proceeding   at provincial level ;-

The term pleading  measn ;-

____________ means   such custom  , which is  established   through  agreement   among   people  ;-

A corporation is   ;-

The lower house of the Parliament is ;-

The chief  Justice  of Pakistan  shall  be appointed by the ;-

The constitution  of  1973   was  proclaimed   on ;-

Basic  source   of  Islamic  International  law are  the ;-

The  jurisdiction of  International court of Justice  is not binding   on all the   members of  the UNO;-

Lord  Mount Batten  reached  India on   March  24, _____________:-

To become  plaintiff  in any suit  required  the  interest  of  plaintiff must be :-

The article  which allowed   the  president under 8th  amendment   to dissolve  National assembly   was :-

The parliament  based   the 13th amendment  on  April 1 ____________:-

Article  62   of  the constitution of  1973  deals with   qualification of ;-

Section  223-A  of  the Government   of India   act  1935 empowered the  high court to issue  writ of ;-

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