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Management Sciences Quiz

The graphical method of LP problem uses:-

__________ may be define as method of determining optimal program of interdependent activities in view of available resources:-

An assignment problem can be solved by:-

Controllable variables are also called;-

Operation Research uses models to help the management in determining its __________ scientifically:-

________ is the shortest possible time in which an activity can be delayed without delaying the project:-

While solving an LLP, infeasibility may be removed by;-

In LP problem if all constraints are less than or equal to, then the feasible region is:-

It ___________ at which an activity can start:-

The position in the pay off matrix where the maxmin coincides with the minimax:-

In transportation problem, LCM stands for:-

MODI method to test the optimality of a feasible solution to TP is called;-

Operation research analysts do not:-

Operation research is a very powerful tool for ________________:-

______________ refers to the manner in which the customer behave while being in the queue:-

The value of the coefficient of optimism is needed while using the criterion of:-

The solution  space of a LP problem is unbounded due to:-

Every mathematical model:-

Linear programming is a:-

________ is the duration by which an activity can be delayed without delaying the project:-

A constrainer in Linear Programming Model Restricts:-

__________ is known as symbolic model:-

Matrix Minima Method to find initial feasible solution to a TP is also called;-

Traffic intensity in Queuing theory is also called;-

________ is known as father of game theory:-

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