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Management Sciences Quiz

PERT emphasis on:-

An event which represents the beginning of more than  one activity is called:-

If there are more than one optimal solutions for the decision variables, the solution is:-

The graphical method if LLP uses:-

Traffic intensity in Queuing theory is also called;-

What is true about Linear Programming Model:-

A queue is formed when the demand for a service:-

A matrix which shows the gains and losses resulting from moves and counter moves is called:-

_______ is that element of the simplex table which lies both in the key row and the key column:-

_________ is the earliest starting time plus activity time:-

In a maximisation assignment problem, the objective is to maximise________;-

_______ models are obtained by enlarging of reducing the size of items:-

____________ is a disconnection of an activity before the completion of activities in a project network design:-

A minimisation problem can be connected into maximisation problem by changing the sign of coefficient  in the ________________:-

Non negativity constraints are written as;-

____ models involve the allocation of resources to activities in such a way that some measures of effectiveness is optimised:-

A linear programming model does not contain:-

In transportation problem, LCM stands for:-

__________ may be define as method of determining optimal program of interdependent activities in view of available resources:-

Activities lying on the critical path are called;-

Operation Research Society of India was formed in the year:-

Decision making under certainty refers to________ situation;-

Operation research analysts do not:-

___________ is activity oriented network diagram:-

All the parameters in linear programming models are assumed to be:-

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