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All important questions related to Account Officers used in PAF initial tests are available here. These MCQs are very helpful and to join Pak Defence Forces. These are applicable for all officers and  tests of  below ranks. For more notes of the subjects CLICK HERE 

Most Important Tests to become an Account Officer




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Accounting Quiz

Which of these documents is not required for Bank Reconciliation?

Debts which are payable in the course of a month are called _____________?

An owner investment of each into the business would:

Short-term loan can be described as:

Which of these items are taken into consideration for preparation of adjusted Cash Book

Which of these types of expenditure would not be treated as a Capital Expenditure?

Discount allowed on the issue of shares is an example of

What from the following is NOT a current asset?

Inventory turnover is calculated as under:

Office equipments account is classified as _________ account?

The main source(s) of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is/are:

Modern system of book keeping is called______________?

Building account is classified as _________ account?

Which of the following methods is not a practical way of realizing revenue?

Obligation of the Business are known as___________?

Verification includes:

17) The___ accounting system provides a system of checks and balances

Banks, for the preparation of financial statements, are governed under:

Advance payments are recognized as

Principal and markup payment within one year constitutes long term liability for disclosure in the balance sheet of a company.

Depreciable amount =

Depreciation is normally charged as

Which of the following accounts are closed at the end of an accounting period?

The requirements of an audit report for a Banking Company in Pakistan is under:

An endowment insurance policy can be taken in respect of:

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