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Biology Tests (Advance)




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Biology (Advance) Quiz

Animal without red blood cell:-

Pseudopeptidoglycan is found in the cell wall of-

Which cell doesn't contain a cell wall:-

If enzyme concentration is low than the substrate, pH and the temperature values are equal to requirement then which will increase the rate of reaction:-

Amino acid used in the synthesis of proteins on a ribosomes are:-

What is epithelial mesenchymal transistion:-

Escherichia coli commonly inhibit the ________ place:-

Which is not a component of cell membrane;-

The radial symmetry is found in the animal of:-

Which one is the smallest organelle in a cell;-

What is a virion:-

All animals of the Kingdom animalia are eukaryotes:-

Which messenger molecules are derived from arachidonic acid:-

_______________ Bryophytes are the simplest one;-

Ribosomes + mRNA:-

Kingdom Monera is also known as:-

Ribozymes are:-

Sucrose and lactose are:-

In an RBC, number of nuclear pores are:-

How many trans membrane alpha- helices are present in the G- protein coupled receptors;-

The creutzfeld jacob disease attacks the;-

RNA or DNA  of viruses is enclosed in which coat:-

_______________ coined the term Cell:-

The capsomere contains small protein subunits known as:-

Which type of bond is found in fats:-

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