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Biology (Advance) Quiz

 Margarine is formed using unsaturated vegetable fats by;-

Spores produced by slime molds are:-

Who proposed five kingdom classification:-

Saliva contains:-

Which is the largest bacteriophage:-

Which is most abundant mineral in the human body:-

In liverworts, the zygote formed in;-

Which is not included in protostomes:-

In which type of cell  sarcoplasmic reticulum is found:-

Cytosol is the same as cytoplasm;-

What is a cell;-

Both bialateral symmetry and radial is found in the phylum;-

Which type of carbohydrates lead to the formation of glycolipid and glycoproteins:-

Which polysaccharide is not entirely composed of glucose subunits:-

In which cell nucleus is not present:-

Widal test is performed for:-

What is the size of smallest virus;-

How many carboxyl groups are there in fatty acids:-

Which is not a type of chromosomal aberration:-

Which type of bond present in vegetable fats account for their liquid states:-

Fats contain more energy than carbohydrates:-

What is the resolution power of a compound microscope:-

Amyloid is a:-

Cattle disease transferred to man is;-

A cell organelle that is  present in animal cells but not in plant cells is called:-

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