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Exciting News for Aspiring ICTO Candidates: Prepare for Pakistan Army, Navy, and PAF Information Technology Branch Exams with Top-Rated Data Sciences and Computer Questions!

We understand the importance of thorough preparation, and to support your journey towards a successful career in the armed forces’ IT sector, we have compiled a tailored set of questions that cover key aspects of data sciences and computer sciences. These questions are designed to align with the requirements of the ICTO exams, ensuring that you are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the selection process.

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Data Sciences Quiz

Which can be  used for finding   deep knowledge :-

The table a number of  field  are called ;-

The modern  conception of data science  as an  independent   discipline  is sometime   attributed   to :-

Major role of queue  server in ;-

Manager   salary's  information are  hidden from  employee  this is called as :-

A Dataframe  is like a   fixed  size   dict in that  you  can get   and set values   by index  label ;-

The integer format tracks   only the location and size of blocks of data :-

A member function that examines  but   does not change the state   of its object is an :-

Which is a key characteristics   of a hacker ;-

The complexity of  linear search algorithm ;-

Which analytical  capabilities   are provided by information  management   company :-

Which statistical measures   represents   the middle   value of  a dataset   when it is   sorted  in   ascending  order :-

The logical data type   in MS access is represented as ;-

Pandas   consist  of static  and moving  window linear and panel regression;-

Select the option  allows you to make  a new   table by  entering   data directly   into the datasheet ;-

What is  the  adaptive  system  management :-

Which of the following   is also referred  to as random  variable :-

Which does not  form part of BI   stacks  in SQL server ;-

K means clustering   consist of a number   of iterations  and not   deterministics ;-

How we can create the sequence  of   numbers  in MS  access automatically :-

The most powerful and popular   DBMS is called ;-

An abstraction  concept  for building  a composite   object   from their  component   object is :-

Text type field maximum length is ;-

Asymptotics  often lead   to nice   understanding   of procedures :-

Positive residuals are below   the  line ,  negative  residuals are above ;-

Data Sciences Jobs MCQs with Answers

By utilizing these resources, you will not only strengthen your understanding of data sciences but also sharpen your grasp on computer-related concepts, giving you a competitive edge during the examination. We believe that a strong foundation in these areas will not only contribute to your success in the exams but will also prepare you for the challenges and responsibilities that come with a career in Information Technology within the armed forces.

  1. What is the primary goal of data preprocessing in data science?

    • A. Data visualization
    • B. Data cleaning
    • C. Model training
    • D. Feature extraction

    Correct Answer: B. Data cleaning

  2. In machine learning, what does the term “overfitting” refer to?

    • A. Model fitting the training data well but failing on new data
    • B. Model generalizing well to new data
    • C. Model underperforming on both training and new data
    • D. Model having an optimal fit on the training data

    Correct Answer: A. Model fitting the training data well but failing on new data

  3. Which statistical measure provides a central tendency of a dataset?

    • A. Standard deviation
    • B. Median
    • C. Range
    • D. Variance

    Correct Answer: B. Median

  4. What is the purpose of the k-nearest neighbors (KNN) algorithm?

    • A. Classification
    • B. Regression
    • C. Clustering
    • D. Feature scaling

    Correct Answer: A. Classification

  5. Which data type is used to represent categorical variables in Pandas?

    • A. Float
    • B. String
    • C. Object
    • D. Int

    Correct Answer: C. Object

  6. What does the acronym SQL stand for in the context of databases?

    • A. Structured Question Language
    • B. System Query Language
    • C. Standardized Query Language
    • D. Structured Query Language

    Correct Answer: D. Structured Query Language

  7. Which of the following is a supervised learning algorithm?

    • A. K-means clustering
    • B. Decision tree
    • C. Apriori algorithm
    • D. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

    Correct Answer: B. Decision tree

  8. What is the purpose of the term “bagging” in ensemble learning?

    • A. Boosting the model performance
    • B. Reducing model complexity
    • C. Training multiple models independently
    • D. Feature selection

    Correct Answer: C. Training multiple models independently

  9. What is the main advantage of using a NoSQL database over a traditional relational database?

    • A. ACID compliance
    • B. Schema flexibility
    • C. Strict consistency
    • D. Tabular data representation

    Correct Answer: B. Schema flexibility

  10. In a confusion matrix, what does the term “precision” measure?

  • A. Proportion of true positives to actual positives
  • B. Proportion of true negatives to actual negatives
  • C. Proportion of true positives to predicted positives
  • D. Proportion of true negatives to predicted negatives

Correct Answer: C. Proportion of true positives to predicted positives

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