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All important questions related to Islamic Studies are available here for the academic tests of PMA, TCC, LCC, SSC, LC, Religious Officers, Khateeb. Moreover, these tests are very necessary for ISSB interview. These tests of Islamic Studies are applicable for all officers and  tests of below ranks. For more notes of the subjects CLICK HERE




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Islamic Studies Quiz

Where did Muslims take refuge near the Makkah in 7th year of Prophet hood?

In which Islamic month, first Wahi was decended?

Khilafat-e-Rashida lasted for about:

When Hijrah started?

The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only________times.

Ummayed Caliph Mu’awiyah was son of:

Armistice between Turkey and the Allies too place in:

Muzdalfa is situated_______?

When did the second migration to Habshah take place?

After Hazrat Umar, to whom lady, script of Musaef Abi Bakr was handed over? This lady is amongst the Umhat-ul-Momenine (R.A)

Which Alphabet is mostly used in the Holy Quran?

Which angel came to Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) with Wahi?

Name the first written constitution of the world?

On which place, first Wahi was decended?

The pillars of Islam in proper order are ______.

The 4th pillar of Islam is?

The third pillar of Islam is?

Kamal Mustafa was born in the town of:

Current Hijri Year is ?

The capital of Khurasan was:

First ______ Aayat of Holy Qur’an are called Tawwal?

The Action (Amal) of Islam depends on_____?

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