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Peace and Conflict Studies Quiz

What was the Gandhi-Irwin pact signed:-

Kentian ethics refers to:-

Which one is not belonged to three definite instinct according to Thomas Hobbes:-

When did Legal service Authority Act come into force:-

Which one is not the work of Thomas hobbes:-

Starting point for Rawls ' thought experiment is:-

To prevent conflicts caused by religious bigotry , Gandhi suggested;-

Bargaining is a common feature of negotiation process:-

When Naxion visited China in a spirit of agreement:-

The first world war held on___________;-

US European trade disputed in:-

The legal service Authority Act, came into force on:-

Adyatmika means:-

A conflict situation in which disputants believe that when ne disputant help him/herself , the other disputant is also helped is:-

When parties are focusing not on theiry position  but on interest in the negotiation process, they are probably involved in:-

In which clan prince siddhartha born:-

The mortality factor are:-

Shimla agreement was signed between India and Pakistan on:-

Invitation  to Indian philosophy is written by:-

What is the meaning of Buddha:-

Gandhi's book " The Satyahrah" was written in;-

Which one is not a type of conciliation:-

Who advocate the state is not the creation of God;-

According to SALAM model _____________ hampers the success of  conflict resolution:-

In democracy, supreme power is vested in the:-

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