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Peace and Conflict Studies Quiz

Negotiation in which the disputant are the only participants is called ____________:-

Which one is milestone document in the history of human rights;-

______ of arbitration and Concilation act , 1996 deals with the jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals:-

When did Gandhi punlish Hind swaraj:-

The one who is mentally and bodily attuned to a specific socio culture_____________:-

Which one is not belonged to three definite instinct according to Thomas Hobbes:-

Who has given the ' foundation point' program for the formation of League of Nation:-

Quit India movement is also known as:-

Adyatmika means:-

Awareness of communion identity is called:-

Which year Dalai Llama got Nobel prize for peace:-

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in:-

A theory of justice is written by;-

The salt march was also called:-

What was the Gandhi-Irwin pact signed:-

Which one is a conflict stimulation technique:-

Which one is not included in three kinds of suffering:-

People rule is called:-

Who advocate the state is not the creation of God;-

The mental processes which are used unconsciously to reinforce stereotype does not include:-

Which one is not related to causal wheel of dependent origination:-

In which year parliament Lok Adalat is included in Legal Service Authority Act:-

Collaborating is the preferred conflict handling orientation:-

Formal power is exercised in a_______________ manner:-

Conflict is dysfunctional when it reduce group cohesiveness:-

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