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Peace and Conflict Studies Quiz

In which clan prince siddhartha born:-

Dalai Llama is;-

In dual concern model, the style which represent a low level of concern for both self and other known as:-

Lok Adalat introduced in;-

Which one is not belonged to three definite instinct according to Thomas Hobbes:-

A person holds _______________ power when he influenced others by threatening and irritating:-

Under whom recommendations the UN General Assembly suspends the UN membership:-

Where is the headquarters of International court of Justice;-

When the first summit meeting held:-

Which one is not related to causal wheel of dependent origination:-

Suffering caused by self is called;-

Is the outcome of mediation legally binding:-

Theoretical debates in the field of IR are:-

Where is the Headquarter of UN:-

Direct democracy is also called:-

Who can be a mediator in  court annexed mediation:-

What are the Ratnas of Buddhism:-

When did Gandhi starts Tolstoy farm in South Africa:-

According to Gandhi Untouchability is:-

No-soul theory is attributed to:-

Elimination of structural violence is called:-

According to kant freedom of action is restricted by_--------:-

The influence which is forced to litigation then _______ style is not possible:-

Which category is not the part of eight fold path:-

Which one is not the work of Thomas hobbes:-

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