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Political Science MCQs are a great tool for individuals preparing to take the initial tests of Pakistan Army Direct Short Service Commission. These MCQs cover a wide range of topics related to Political Science, such as international relations, public administration, and political theory. With these MCQs, individuals can gain a better understanding of the topics at hand and increase their chances of passing the tests.

Political Science MCQs are very helpful for the Pakistan Army Jobs. If you want to join Pak Army DSSC Jobs or overall Military Jobs while having master degree in political science then prepare the following tests for making best Pak Army Careers. Political Science questions and answers pdf is also available.

Political Science questions are also used in the initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF. Pak Army announces many vacancies through Direct Short Service Commission Jobs for those who have their degree in Political Science. Political Science MCQs are being taken from the political science book and available online for the students who have applied for the best Pak Army careers.

Political Science MCQs (Questions and Answers)




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Political Science Quiz

Number of Censuses carried out in Pakistan so far

In Which year was the first census of Pakistan carried out

Parliament of Pakistan consists of upper house named ___ and lower house named ____ respectively

People՚s structural and religious identities will be primary source of conflict in the Post-Cold War World:

Downing street is also called:

As per Marx in the stage of communism, the governing

principle will be:

Pakistan was one of the first countries to open its

Embassy in

Ombudsman(Mohtasib) is a feature of judicial system, __ appoints the Mohtasib and it holds office for ___ years

Pakistan is the leading member of the

Pakistan established full diplomatic relations with

Bangladesh on

Select the meaning of Perestroika;

The minimum age for a person to be a member of National Assembly is

People՚s structural and religious identities will be primary

source of conflict in the Post-Cold War World:

Select the author of “Wealth of Nations”

Select the number of volumes of this book “The spirit of Law” which is divisible into six parts;

When was Pakistan became a Major non-NATO ally of the

United States

Pakistan’s foreign policy ought to be determined primarily


Who wrote “The Military and Politics in Pakistan”?

occupancy of the French senate is:

30% of Omani’s are of

Durand Line came into existence in:

A conversation on the start of imbalance and the social agreement was given out by:

A necessary normal code for conducting the business of the state is called:

The amendment after which Pakistan turned to be pure Parliamentary government

Select the author of “Wealth of Nations”

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