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Political Science MCQs are a great tool for individuals preparing to take the initial tests of Pakistan Army Direct Short Service Commission. These MCQs cover a wide range of topics related to Political Science, such as international relations, public administration, and political theory. With these MCQs, individuals can gain a better understanding of the topics at hand and increase their chances of passing the tests.

Political Science MCQs are very helpful for the Pakistan Army Jobs. If you want to join Pak Army DSSC Jobs or overall Military Jobs while having master degree in political science then prepare the following tests for making best Pak Army Careers. Political Science questions and answers pdf is also available.

Political Science questions are also used in the initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF. Pak Army announces many vacancies through Direct Short Service Commission Jobs for those who have their degree in Political Science. Political Science MCQs are being taken from the political science book and available online for the students who have applied for the best Pak Army careers.

Political Science MCQs (Questions and Answers)




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Political Science Quiz

Ideology that advocates   maximum   possible  freedom  to individual   and minimum of state function s :-

Whose work is  'Das Capital ';-

Felicific Calculus' was the contribution of :-

Select the first president of the Fifth self- government was:

occupancy of the French senate is:

The concept of  'Non governing elites' was explained by :-

What is the maximum  term provided  for an ordinance ;-

Liberty and  equality are :-

Select the year when American autonomy was confessed by the British kingdom ;

The Radio and Tv  influence   the public opinion  through  their commercial  program;-

The origin of democracy can be traced to:-

Shadow cabinet   is a system  prevails in which country ;-

During the enlightenment  of the 18th  century   several scholars  believed  human social  life could  be studied  scientifically :-

Who observed political parties as a feature of 'modern and  modernizing socities';-

The study and analysis of  preliterate societies  is one of the chief concern of :-

The first systematic   classification of government :-

Who observed political parties as a feature of 'modern and  modernizing socities';-

Which book represent the scheme of Plato's philosophy;-

Which are the features on  the basis of which  the parliamentary system of government operates:-

The spirit of laws was written  by :-

The central fact  of group  theory  is the political  activity  in terms of :-

Political socialization is the process  of induction into the   political culture:

The study of traits  that appear   in specific   populations  as an adaptation  to  a specific   environment is called :-

Economics deals with :-

Civil rights are given on the individuals by ;-

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