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Psychology Quiz

tail spin

Children learning the alphabet is a common form of _____?

Sound vibrations in the ear create neural impulses received in which of the following cortex locations?

The process of getting information out of memory storage is called _____?

An ability to learn new information and form new long-term memories is called ____?

Convergence of the eyes is controlled primarily by _____?

Which one of the following is not specifically an aid to retention?

The phenomenon that refers to the ways in which an individual’s expectations influence perception is called ____?

Which of the following abnormalities is most likely related to the mother’s condition at the time of conception?

The gestalt experience of perceiving an array of equally spaced dots as rows and columns is attributed to _____?

Experimental work in perception received its earliest beginnings with ____?

A stationary point of light when viewed in an otherwise totally dark room appears to move. This is an example of ___?

Down’s syndrome is caused by ____?

The three steps in memory information processing are ______?

Mnemonics are ____?

In Pavlov’s experiments, the dog’s salivation triggered by the taste of food was a/an _____?

Which of the following terms is associated with Henry Murray and the Thematic Appreciation Test?

Who hypothesized a general “g” factor to intelligence?

During which stage do children understand the world primarily by observing the effects of their own actions on other people, objects and events?

If both depressed and non-depressed individuals received similar scores on a diagnostic test for depression, it is said that the test ______?

The groupthink process is not characterized by ______?

The Measurement of Adult Intelligence” was written by ______?

Experimental work in perception received its earliest beginnings with ___?

When an operant response stops occurring because it is no longer reinforced, which of the following has taken place?

According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, middle childhood is characterized by ____?

When an eyewitness to an auto accident is asked to describe what happened, which test of memory is being utilized?

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