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Psychology Quiz

The depth cue that occurs when we watch stable objects at different distances as we are moving is ______?

The tendency to immediately recall the first and last items in a list better than the middle items is known as the ______ effect?

The fovea and the blind spot are both features of the ____?

The DNA containing an individual’s genetic information is organized into structure called ____?

The union of an egg and a sperm produces ____?

To store information in long-term memory, one should use ____?

Piaget is best known for his interest in the process of ____ development?

A person thinks that he sees a snake moving stealthily through the weeds on a distant field. As he gets closer, he discovers that it was only a dark piece of rope. This perceptual phenomenon is known as _____?

Piaget is to cognitive development as Kohlberg is to ___ development?

A your high school reunion you cannot remember the last name of your class teacher. Your failure to remember is most likely the result of _______?

In psychology the nature-nurture debate refers to the relative influences of _____?

First experiment, lab of psychology was established in_____?

Which of the following is not associated with smoking during pregnancy?

The nature/nurture controversy considers the degree to which traits and behaviors are determined by ____?

Which of the following is primarily a verbal test?

Starting at a red stimulus for a while leads to a green afterimage. This supports ____?

Alan Baddeley is one of the leading figures in research on _____?

Behavior therapists can help people to overcome such unwanted habits as smoking or overeating through _____?

Experimental work in perception received its earliest beginnings with ___?

You see a photograph showing a man, a woman and a car. The two people appear closer to you than the car does because they obscure part of it. This depth cue is called ____?

Which of the following is a binocular cue for the perception of distance?

After learning the combination for his new CNIC No. Mehboob is unable to remember the combination for his National Tax Number. Mehboob is experiencing the effects of ______?

Which of the following cues do artists us to convey depth on a flat canvas?

The rationalist approach of Chomsky in explaining language development is also referred to as _____?

Words, events, places and emotions that trigger our memory of the past are called ______?

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