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Psychology Quiz

A police officer is a tense and possibly dangerous situation may “see” a hammer in a man’s hand as a gun. This mistake could be attributed to the officer’s _____?

In psychology, measurement device must be ______?

Semantic memory and episodic memory are classes of _______?

In developmental terminology, PKU refers to ___?

Behavior therapists can help people to overcome such unwanted habits as smoking or overeating through _____?

The memory that holds information for the shortest period of time is known as ____?

By which of the following properties of near and distant objects does motion parallax enable a person to judge distance?

The powerful survival impulse that leads human infants to seek closeness to their parents is called ____?

To store information in long-term memory, one should use ____?

Not among stimulus cues that can aid perception of depth is _____?

According to Piaget, the major accomplishment of sensorimotor stage is ___?

There are five recognized senses in human beings. Two other abilities that may be added to the list include ____?

According to Guilford’s model of intelligence, how many dimensions of intelligence are there?

Which of the following is not associated with smoking during pregnancy?

What refers to change in the focal length of the eye to bring a retinal image into focus?

Who would be most concerned with the development of imagery and verbal systems in the infant, and how they are interwoven?

In negative reinforcement ______?

As a person views picture one way, he sees craters. When he turns it 180 degrees, the craters become bumps, the perceptual phenomena are due to ____?

The DNA containing an individual’s genetic information is organized into structure called ____?

Which of the senses foes the majority of hallucinations occur in?

Failure to realize how hot the bath water really is after you have been sitting in it for ten minutes best illustrates the process of sensory ___?

Of the following, which is possible cause of dementia?

A morpheme may best be defined as ________?

Which type of memory is being tested when you take a multiple-choice test?

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