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Psychology Quiz

Which of the following terms is associated with Henry Murray and the Thematic Appreciation Test?

Experimental work in perception received its earliest beginnings with ___?

What can occur if a person believes that a connection exists between an act and its consequences when there is no relationship between the two?

To store information in long-term memory, one should use ____?

Who hypothesized a general “g” factor to intelligence?

In listening to two conversations simultaneously, it is possible to attend to one and ignore the other if the differ in ____?

Sound vibrations in the ear create neural impulses received in which of the following cortex locations?

The rationalist approach of Chomsky in explaining language development is also referred to as _____?

Which theory of gender-typing suggests that people understand and classify their own behavior and personality traits in terms of masculine and feminine categories?

Noam Chomsky posited that humans have a unique, inborn ability to understand the structure of language and to apply this to language learning. Chomsky called this the ____?

Which of the following is not a mnemonic device?

What most accurately defines the function of middle ear?

Echoic memory refers to ____?

Which of the following cues do artists us to convey depth on a flat canvas?

The colored portion of the eye is called the _____?

Who emphasized that social development continues throughout life, not just for the first 5 or 6 years?

Which of the following types of memory is most resistant to destruction?

In the technique of shaping behavior, which of the following is used?

Gender identity refers to _____?

The process of getting information out of memory storage is called _____?

A stationary point of light when viewed in an otherwise totally dark room appears to move. This is an example of ___?

Which is the last of the pre-linguistic stages in a child’s development of speech?

Auditory sensations are transformed from ‘air waves’ to nerve impulses by the ____?

The area of the brain where short-term memories are transferred to long-term memory is the ____?

In developmental terminology, PKU refers to ___?

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