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Project Management Quiz

Project has a risk:-

Which is not a preoperative expense:-

Project managers have to assess the risk that may affect a project:-

What does the acronym RACI stands for in project management:-

(NPBIT テキ Capital employed) X 1000:-

Which is incorrect activity for the configuration management of a software system:-

Once the loan is disbursed the bank monitors the project by:-

Which can cause a difficulty in getting license for a new project:-

Following is not a fixed income bearing security:-

Each component of the software product is separately estimated and the result aggregated to produce an estimate for the overall job:-

For generating a new project idea which one is relevant for an entrepreneur:-

__________ is not a resource for a project:-

Which was not set up with a motive of Industrial finance:-

A horizontal bar chart that shows project tasks against a calendar is called:-

Which is a tactic of avoiding conflicts;-

Increase in Working Capital denotes:-

What is not a purpose of an organisational structure:-

_________ is not a source of project idea:-

Capacity planning:-

In the initial stage of the project the probability of completing the project is:-

Developing a technology is an example of;-

Usually assets which are financed with the term Loan provides as a prime security against the Term Loan:-

Which one is a role of BIFR;-

Payment of cash Dividend represent a source of fund;-

Which can be a weakness in capital budgeting:-

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