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Project Management Quiz

Which one is not a mineral type of raw material:-

_________ is the responsibility of project manager:-

Which one is not a source of Working capital:-

Revival of a sick Unit is necessary because the project may be in a sector that is vital to economy:-

Constructive and Destructive anger can be differentiated by:-

Which factors should be considered for acceptable risk level at preliminary screening level;-

What is the primary role of a project manager:-

Each component of the software product is separately estimated and the result aggregated to produce an estimate for the overall job:-

To judge adequacy of market during preliminary screening which one is a factor to be examined:-

Which was not set up with a motive of Industrial finance:-

Non representativeness of the sample may __________________ the result of the market survey:-

Project management is divided into _____________ process group:-

Jute chronicle is a source of Secondary Information for which industry:-

Which one is an application of funds:-

If we want to prepare the funds flow statement we should have:-

Which is an attitudinal characteristic of a consumer:-

Which project management process involves identifying project stakeholders:-

What is the purpose of a project charter:-

The review of the successes and the mistakes is normally held during _________ phase;-

Strategic decisions regarding a project are taken by:-

Plant capacity is affected by:-

Capacity planning:-

What does IRBI stands for:-

Which statement is prepared in the process of Fund Flow Analysis:-

An independent relationship must exist between the attribute that can measured and the external quality attribute:-

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