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Project Management Quiz

Project selection criteria are typically classified as:-

The  transaction  flow  in business  processes  to ensure  that appropriate  checks  and approvates  are implemented  is  called ;-

Effective software project management focus on;-

Major  components of   cost of  production are ;-

Requirements  management  is  important  because of the changes  :-

Which is not a signal of Industrial sickness:-

Non representativeness of the sample may __________________ the result of the market survey:-

__________ concepts  is  not  used in oop concepts ;-

Generic products are produced by organization and sold to open market:-

___________ refers  to the instrument  by which  a person  is appointed  to  act for  another at a  meeting  of the company ;-

A  design  notation is   symbolic  representational   system :-

The scope management  plans is included in _________________ documents:-

Voting in a  company  meeting  can  be through ;-

Real change and ___________ are the two types of change management;-

Keyless   interfaces  include :-

Identify the sub process of process improvement:-

A process that involve continuously improving a plan as more details become available is termed as:-

The cost structure of proposed projects must consider:-

Which has the greatest effect  on product  reliability ;-

India Year Book is an annual publication of________________:-

The cost impact of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tends to:-

The  full  form of  IoT is ;-

Which one is not typical of a project manager:-

What are attributes of good  software:-

Statistical Year Book is an annual publication of:-

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