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Online Tests of Pak Studies

Solve free Online Tests of Pak Studies for all tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force. These tests of Pak Studies have been collected from those students who appeared in the past initial tests of forces. 

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Pak Studies Quiz

tail spin

Number of Districts in Gilgit Baltistan is _________?

First census in India was made in the period of___________?

Which tribes inhabited in North Waziristan Agency?

Balochistan Became Province in______________?

After independence, the first industrial unit inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam was__________ ?

PS stands for _______?

Member of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly is called________?

Khokhrapar Border is situated in district?

MPA stands for _________?

The battle of Dharmat was fought between___________________?

How many Peaks in Pakistan are higher than 7000 meters?

PRODA (Public Representative Office Disqualification Act) was passed in ________?

The capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is ___________?

Siachen Glacier is located in which district?

Punjab University, Lahore was established in ________?

Who is the first Punjab poet?

Shahid Khaqan Abbssi was the_________Prime Minister of Pakistan?

The first battle of Tarain took place between __________?

In violation of the Salt Laws, Gandhiji started a movement called______________?

Who was appointed the first principal of Darul ulum Deoband_______?

Women seats in Senate?

Shangla Pass connects _______?

“Congress is mainly a hindu body which can never be sincere to the Muslims”. Who said these lines?

Manchar Lake is situated in ___________ ?

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