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Online Tests of Pak Studies

Solve free Online Tests of Pak Studies for all tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force. These tests of Pak Studies have been collected from those students who appeared in the past initial tests of forces. 

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Pak Studies Quiz

About the end of 2nd century B.C some unusual upheavals in the Central Asia let loose series of human floods that brought about after-wave of invasions into Indo-Pak Sub-continent, First invasion was made by_______?

Which city is on the border of Punjab and Sindh province:-

Minimum and Maximum Numbers of Members of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) are ?

The highest official rank of Pakistan Army is _________ ?

Pakistan academy for rural development is situated in:-

The shrine of Abdul shah Ghazi is located in;-

Ayoub National park is situated in ?

Which battle did open the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori:-

The famous book 'causes of Indian revolt' was written by:-

Which range lies along the border of Sindh and Baluchistan Province?

The Nehru Report was published in ___________?

The Afghan Government appointed___________ to facilitate Mujahireen during Hijrat Movement 1920?

ICT stand for:-

Which city of Sindh is famous for woodwork Industry:-

Who was the first president of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan:-

The first Urdu newspaper in Indian subcontinent was ____________?

What was the main difficulty which delayed the constitution making in Pakistan ____?

Height of Islamabad from sea level is _________?

Act of 1935 consisted of how many sections?

First Capital Of Pakistan was__-;-

When did Quaid e Azam join All India Muslim league ?

Which state was attack by India on 11th September 1948:-

Sheena is a local language of:-

When Captain Karnal Sher Khan was martyred at Kargil:-

In which of the following city the headquarters of Punjab Rangers is located ?

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