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Environmental Sciences Quiz

The inherent ability of organism to reproduce and multiply is called:-

How can we symbolically write ozone gas:-

____________ does not included in atmosphere:-

The primary consumers are also called as:-

The algal booin after releases______________________ in water:-

Air is composed of gases, water vapours and_________:-

In Sep, 2015, the United Nations replaced the MDGs by;-

Which gas cause the least air pollution:-

The term smog was introduced by:-

Which one is a non renewable energy:-

What is desertification:-

What is deep ecology:-

The largest annual range of temperature are found:-

The organic matter produced by the photosynthetic activity of green plant is called as:-

Which plant die after flowering:-

World's most problematic aquatic weed is:-

Ozone depletion is due to:-

In middle latitude , which cloud will have the lowest base:-

The study of food chain and food web is observed in the phenomenon known as:-

What is the pH value of acid rain:-

Ran water harvesting is a major method implemented for;-

The lowest layer of the atmosphere is known as:-

The one horned Rhinoceros is now restricted to which state:-

Penicillium does not swallow the growth of bacterium Staphylococcus. This sort of relationship is called:-

Basidiospores are considered to be a major source of:-

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