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Environmental Sciences Quiz

Fungi are ___________ Eukaryotes:-

The abiotic and biotic components constitute the structure of an:-

In the Northern hemisphere, the number of hours of day light begin to shorten after the:-

If there is no atmosphere, the colour of the sky will be:-

The main gases that produce acid rain are:-

Air pollution can be of:-

Total number of living materials at the various trophic level of a food chain is depicted by pyramids of:-

The resources that can be replaced  by natural ecological cycle is called:-

Organisms which are found living on, in or near bed Sediments of river or lakes are known as:-

Which was not an objective of MDGs;-

Association between members of two species is called symbiosis:-

What is deep ecology:-

The largest annual range of temperature are found:-

Primary chemical composition of marble include:-

The maximum in day time surface temperature typically occurs ________________ the earth receives its most intense solar radiation:-

MDGS stands for:-

The study of food chain and food web is observed in the phenomenon known as:-

Ramsar convention refers to the conservation of ________________:-

The lowest layer of the atmosphere is known as:-

Acid deposition causes:-

What are the days and nights of equal length all year long:-

In a photochemical smog, which gas is an eye and mucous membrane irritant:-

Which one result in the formation of soil:-

The earth's atmosphere is divided on the bases of the vertical profile of:-

Lotic ecosystem refers to:-

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