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Everyday Science Quiz

Nuclear energy is derived by:-

Which is biodegradable pollutant:-

The mineral , most resistant to chemical weathering is:-

Death rate of population:-

Chemical name of 'acid' is:-

___________ is used in pencils:-

Black Buck is a:-

The device used to convert Alternate Current into Direct Current is called?

Bats can also fly in dark because they are capable of taking the help of _________?

The earth spins like a top, on its axis in the Anticlock direction:-

The blue colour of clear sky is due to____?

Trachoma is disease of:-

Ornithology is the study of :-

Fathom is the unit of measurement for ______________________:-

In a very low temperature which from the following will freeze at last?

Out of 4,100 mammal species in the world , Pakistan is home to:-

In the composition of the earth, Silicon is:-

What is the atomic number of Hydrogen;-

What is the amount of energy in wheat:-

Meat gives the largest number of:-

Which fossil fuel is formed from swamp plants that lived millions of years ago:-

The principle used in radar is the same as that of Sonar. In radar we use radio waves; whereas in sonar we use ?

Jogging at one spot :-

Which elements are frequently used for making translators:-

What is photometer:-

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