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Metrology Quiz

Which of the following is true for the calibration of instruments?

What is the effect of sample size on probability of acceptance?

Which of the following considered as a slip gauges grades

According to laser Doppler principle, light experiences a change in its frequency when it comes in contact with a moving object depending upon:

Gearing, backlash, friction between moving parts, and scale accuracies are generally known as

The lost motion of the spindle in micrometer screw gauge when the rotation of the thimble is changed in direction is referred to as

Spiral gears are used to transmit power when the shafts are:

Which control chart pattern is/are used for assignable causes?

 Which award is presented to different organizations for quality and excellent performance by president of USA?

Which of the following is a general dimension of the blade(length*width)?

The aim of Just-In-Time manufacturing principle is to eliminate

At which angle does a glass plate reflector set in N.P.L. interferometer?

‘Electrolimit’ gauge block comparator and ‘Talyman’ Electrical comparator work on the principle of

Error of Measurement

The output stage of a generalized measurement system may comprise

Which type of comparator changes its magnification, when distance between cross strip hinge and knife edge is varied?

Which of the following is not the essential requirement for accuracy of measurement with a sine bar?

Which one of the following is an angle measuring device?

Calculate the range of linear scale for pressure ratios between 0.6 to 0.8. The air is supplied at 5 bar to the control jet, which has a diameter of 0.45 mm and the diameter of measuring jet is 0.83 mm.
k1  = – 0.5 & k2  = 1.1

What is error of circularity?

The accuracy depends upon

Which of the following statements is/are false?

Which among the following depicts positive and negative relation between driving factor and performance factor?

Which of the following is not an end standard?

Which quality management program is related to the maintenance of plants and equipments?

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