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Metrology Quiz

Which among the following causes first order surface irregularity?

The following is not a method to find effective thread diameter

What is used to measure the major diameter of an external thread:-

Which is correct about the hardness of angle plate:-

Errors which may be variable both in magnitude and nature (positive or negative) are classified as

Which of the following considered as a slip gauges grades

Sensitivity of spirit level _____________ as the radius of tube increase:-

The two slip gauges in precision measurement are joined by _______

In meter , diameter of rollers is 0.5 cm:-

The ‘Wringing’ is due to

The measurement of a quantity

Which among the following is used to measure velocity of an object?

Which of the following statements is/are true?

What is the material of bench centre's base;-

Multiple start screw threads gives a quick transverse:-

Grade 1 is used in:

In wavelength standard cadmium 114 is the secondary international length standard:-

The gears are used to connect two parallel shafts except:-

The result of every measure is denoted in;-

Which type of CMM is most suited for large heavy work pieces;-

The intermediate stage of an instrument is used to

Flanks of the thread connect the crest with the root:-

What does N, P and L mean in N.P.L. Gauge interferometer?  

Where will be the vernier scale is present in bevel protector?

 Which type of errors show linear relation between cumulative pitch error and length of thread?

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