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Metrology Quiz

Straight edges can be used for checking the straightness of the parts:-

What is the range of reading error for measuring a range of height gauges of 250 mm?

Circular scale on the micrometer is marked on:-

What is the symmetrization accuracy of vees in V-block:-

Straight Edges are used in checking flatness:-

The measurement of a quantity

Which of the following considered as a slip gauges grades

Which type of gear has inclined teeth;-

UMM can resolve the exact nature of error of features of all parts:-

In present day measurement systems

Mechanical plating is also called:-

How many divisions are graduated on thimble?

Process of chemical cleaning are:-

Size of end bars varies from 5 mm to 100 mm:-

‘GO’ and ‘NO GO’ gauge is a type of

Outer faces of angle plates have recessed grooves;-

Which V block is used for checking triangle effect;-

Which pressure angle is commonly used for gears:-

Which of the following is a characteristic of End standard?

 Which award is presented to different organizations for quality and excellent performance by president of USA?

What is alternative name of functional diameter:-

Which is true for spirit level:-

What is the effect of sample size on probability of acceptance?

Which one of the following is NOT a part of a Vernier Caliper

Calculate the taper angle, if 8 mm and 12 mm are the diameters of A and B balls respectively. Ball A is at a height of 25 mm from the horizontal ground surface and B at 15 mm.

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