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Metrology Quiz

tail spin

The degree of perfection used in instruments, the methods and the observations, is known as

Analytical checking of gears includes checking of?

Which type of comparator changes its magnification, when distance between cross strip hinge and knife edge is varied?

Which principle is used to measure distance in electronic comparator?

How is interference between shaft and hole calculated?

The sensitivity of back pressure air gauge is given by the relation shown below, what does δ R / δ p²  signify?

(δR / δt) = (δ Am / δ t) x (δ R / δ p² )  x (δ p²  / δ Am )

Which among the following causes first order surface irregularity?

Which of the following is a general dimension of the blade(length*width)?

Process of wringing in slip gauge is due to

Error of Measurement

In which of the following length standards, parallax error is observed?

What is used to measure the major diameter of an external thread?

A high grade set of slip gauge preserved in a factory and not put into general use would be a standard of the type _________

The following is not a method to find effective thread diameter

Which of the following is not a line standard?

Match the following group 1 items with group 2 items

1. Sort -------------------------------------------------- A. Seitan
2. Set in order ----------------------------------------- B. Seiketsu
3. Shine ------------------------------------------------ C. Seiri
4. Standardize ---------------------------------------- D. Seiso

A shaft rotating in a bushed bearing is good example of

What is the aim of fool proofing technique used for total quality management?

Why ceramic slip gauges are better than steel slip gauges?

A positive allowance will always result in a _____ fit.

 Match the following group 1 items (Authors) with group 2 items (Definitions)

1. Juran ------------------------------------------------- A. Quality is conformance to requirements
2. Crossby ---------------------------------------------  B. Quality in essence is a way of managing the organization  
3. Hoshin ----------------------------------------------- C. Quality is fitness for use
4. Feigenbaum ----------------------------------------- D. Quality is correcting and preventing

In a lot size of 10000, probability of acceptance is 0.483 for 0.4% defectives. The number of defectives are not replaced, assume
np' = 1.36. Calculate % average outgoing quality

The two slip gauges in precision measurement are joined by _______

_________ is used for the accurate setting of tail stock

Up to which inclination sine centers can be used?

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