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Metrology Quiz

What is the least count of vernier bevel protractor?

Who among the following suggested seven quality tools for controlling quality?

What is the range of bevel protractor?

Which of the following processes is used to monitor space signals of a space craft?

Which sampling method is used when simple random sampling method becomes inconvenient to use in large lots?

Depth micrometer is a special micrometer used to measure

Which type of tolerance does a slip gauge have?

Errors which may be variable both in magnitude and nature (positive or negative) are classified as

In a lot size of 10000, probability of acceptance is 0.483 for 0.4% defectives. The number of defectives are not replaced, assume
np' = 1.36. Calculate % average outgoing quality

What is a least square line?

Accurate centering of work mounted in an independent chuck can be determined by using

Which dimensions can be measured using image shearing microscope?

According to laser Doppler principle, light experiences a change in its frequency when it comes in contact with a moving object depending upon:

What is ten point height method?

Where will be the vernier scale is present in bevel protector?

Which type of tooth profile has double curvature?

The following is an internationally recognized and accepted unit system

Error of Measurement

What is the diameter of end bars?

In which of the following length standards, parallax error is observed?

What does allowance represent in clearance fits?

 Match the following Group 1 items (Type of error) with Group 2 items (characteristics) and select the correct option

1. Gross error --------------------------------------------- A. Magnitude and direction vary
2. Systematic error -------------------------------------- B. Caused by electrostatic fields
3. Random error ------------------------------------------ C. Human fault
4. Environmental error ---------------------------------- D. Magnitude and direction are definite

Calculate the range of linear scale for pressure ratios between 0.6 to 0.8. The air is supplied at 5 bar to the control jet, which has a diameter of 0.45 mm and the diameter of measuring jet is 0.83 mm.
k1  = – 0.5 & k2  = 1.1

Error of measurement =

A negative allowance will always result in a _____ fit.

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