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Big Data Analytics Quiz

If A  predicts  B ,  it does mean  A causes  B:-

The data structure which is one ended is:-

The Big data tackles  are based on  __________  Hadoop :-

The default  partitioner for  partitioning  keyspace which  of the following is corect  :-

A graph is said to be ________________ if the vertices can be split into two sets:-

Concerning the Forms of Big Data, Which one of these is odd:-

Amazom web service   Elastic MapReduce  is Amazon's  packaged  Hadoop offering :-

______________ class adds HBase configuration files to its object:-

Asymptotics   are helpful  to inference  typically ;-

In K mean clustering,  the nearest  neighbor  is the same  as  the K means:-

Two main measure for the efficiency of an algorithm are:-

Hypervisor  that run  several  virtual  machine  on one  ____________ resources  also allows  for  more   efficient  utilization;-

The examination of large amount of data to see what patterns can be found is known as:-

The  intermediate,  sorted  outputs  are always   stored  in a simple  format;-

Travelling salesman problem is an example of:-

Horizon parameter is the number of  consecutive  values  in test  set sample :-

Hypothesis  is  a  statement  that the  researcher wishes  to put to the  test using  the information  gathered during  a study :-

A binary tree can be converted in to its mirror image by traversing it in:-

Data architect uses large data sets to gather information that meets their company's need:-

Which function can be  helpful  to create  balanced  split  of the data :-

_____________ is the slave/worker node and holds the user data in the form of Data Blocks:-

Findlinear combos  will  return  a list  that enumerates dependencies:-

How many  V's of Big  data ;-

The framework  groups  reducer  inputs by  keys :-

Which method of traversal does not use stack to hold nodes that are waiting to be processed:-

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