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Most important and past questions related to General Knowledge are given here for achieving 100% results. These tests are the past experience of the students who have given different tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF

If you are applying in Pak Defence forces then you must read all the given questions below.

This is specific page related to the online tests of General Knowledge Questions. All important questions related to the tests of Defence Forces  are available here. General Knowledge MCQs are very helpful in all competitive examinations. 

These are applicable for all officers’ and below ranks. These tests of general knowledge MCQs are also most important for all interviews. 

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General Knowledge Quiz

tail spin

Water agreement was done between which countries?

Which of the following country is not member of D-8 organization?

The important country close to international date line is____?

In the total population of Pakistan , the percentage of income tax payers is :

For water purification Alum is used to remove

Muhammad bin Qasim enteredSindhin          A.D

The jallianwala Bach massacre took place in___?

Which element is called the earth maker?

Which of the following statement is correct? Pre-emption is:

Percentage of  nitrogen gas in the air is :

The total area of Sindh province is ____?

Largest Rice Producer of World ?

Oxus River is flowing between:

Mirani Dam islocatedin

Which one is the biggest Desert of Pakistan?

2nd Largest Sheltering provider country to Refugees is??

River Ravi originates from?

Latitude of a place expresses its regular position relative to

The total area of Baluchistan is ___?

Gobi desert is situated mostly in:

"All India Khilafat Committee" was formed on ________.

General Raheel Ashraf took oath as ArmyChiefon .

Indus River originates from___?

First Finance Minister of Pakistan was?

Oldest barrage of  Pakistan :

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