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Joining Pakistan Air Force is the pride of the nation because this is an honour to serve in PAF as a GD or Non-GD Pilot. It is very easy to become a pilot in Pakistan Air Force if you fulfill all pre-requisites at the time of online registration. If you do not know about the basic criteria then Click Here for pre-requirements.

The basic and most important thing to pass the academic tests and ISSB of Pilot tests. In this online era, everything related to PAF test preparation is available at Pak Shaheens where past papers of PAF preparation are given after collecting past experiences of the students.

past papers of gdp

GDP stands for General Duty Pilot and generally 60% marks are required to qualify the tests of Pakistan Air Force but when final merit list is finalized then PAF always takes the top students as per their required vacancies. 

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PAF Past Papers of GDP (General Duty Pilot)

In PAF tests, there is no negative marking in any Verbal Intelligence test, Non-verbal intelligence Test or even in any academic test.

Procedure of Past Papers of GDP and Syllabus with Step by Step Procedure

PAF past papers of GDP and syllabus for initial tests includes the following subjects:

  • Intelligence Test (100 MCQs in 35 Minutes)
    • Verbal Intelligence test
    • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • English Test (100 MCQs in 40 Minutes)
  • Physics Test (75 MCQs in 35 Minutes)

 After passing initial written tests, following tests are being taken from the individuals:

  • Medical Test (Initial Medical at Selection Centre)
  • Interview (Basic Interview at Selection Centre)
  • ISSB (Kohat Centre, or Malir, or at Gujranwala Centre)
  • Final Medical through CMB at PAF Base Lahore

Final Merit list at AHQ

Past Papers of GDP regarding Intelligence Tests in Initial Tests

In the paper of intelligence test, total number of questions are 100 and for solving this paper, time is allotted only 40 minutes. During this time, a candidate is to solve the paper. Different questions have been collected from the past experience of the students which were given at different PAF Information & Selection Centres.

S.NoQuestion Statement Answer
1.I bought a watch in 60 Rupees, What will its profit if I sell it again in 20% extra rate? 72
2.If 20 workers finish a work in 10 days then in  how many days the same work will be done by 10 workers? 20
3.Pakistan is to Islamabad as Turkey is to _______?Ankara
4.Sculpture as to Saudi Arab as Pyramids is to______?Egypt
5.Earth is to Sky as Sky as to?Earth
6.If a boy bought 5 pencils in 10 Rupees and sell it with 10% loss, what is his selling price?4.8
7.Fish is to Bird as Aeroplane is to ______?Submarine
8.Milk is to LHKJ as AHQC is to _____?BIRD
9.If a car travels 15km with 1 letter petrol and petrol price is 90 Rupees then in 450 Rupees, how much distance the same car will cover?75KM
10.Which one is Odd one Out in the Series 1, 3, 5, 7, 9   9
11.Pyramids are in ______?Egypt
12.Amjad is older than Akmal and Akmal is youngest than Azra then who is Eldest?Can not say
13.Listen is to Hear as See is to…..?Watch
14.What will come next in the series;   5E, 7G, 9I, 11K,____?13M
15.A is the father of B but B is not the son of A, What’s the relationship of B is with A?Daughter
16.If blue is green, green is red, red is yellow and yellow is white then,. What is the colour of sky?Blue
17.If 34×58=4583, and 25×74=5742, then 47×83 = _____?7834
18.What will come next in the given series B, D, H, M, ? ? S, Z
19.What will come next in the series 2, 6, 10, 14, ?18
20.Iran is to Tehran as Saudi Arabia is to ___.Riyadh
21.What will come next in the series A, BB, CCC, DDDD, ______?.FFFFF

Click below for practice test of Verbal and Non Verbal Intelligence Tests for more better results in the academic tests. Past papers of GDP help to improve the results and bring at the top of merit list. 

Past Papers GDP regarding English Questions in initial Academic Test

In the past papers of GDP Test in English subject academic tests comprise the following total MCQs and Total Time;

  • Total MCQs of English = 100
  • Total time of English Test = 40 Minutes

See Also: 

  • Physics MCQs of PAF Initial Tests (Download)
  • Past Papers of Physics MCQs in pdf (Download)

Examples of Past papers of GDP in English MCQS

  • The jar is full ____ oil. (Ans: of)
  • Sana is different ______ other girls. (Ans: from)
  • “Good” is what in grammatical point of view?
  • “Honesty” is what grammar point of view?
  • More than 30 questions come from prepositions.
  • Use of Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Fill in the blanks questions having long statements.
  • Sentence completions Questions
  • Questions about use of adverb, verb, transitive verbs come
  • Must do practice from the following links and try to get 100% results. Once test ends then restart the test for more new questions. Keep doing practice until your results come 100% otherwise you may fail in the academic tests of General Duty Pilot.

Must do the practice below:

Past Questions of GDP regarding Physics in initial Tests

In the academic test of physics detail of total questions and total time is given below:

  • Total MCQs in the Physics Test = 75 MCQs
  • Total time : 35 Minutes

Past Papers of GDP from Physics Subject

S.No Questions Statement Answer
1.Light year is the unit of ______.Distance
2.Cloud______ Is the example of which process.Condensation
3.Unit of angular momentum is _____?.kg-m2/sec
4.In N type minority charge carriers are called ______.Holes
5.Photoelectric effect was discovered by _______ in 1887.Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
6.Formula of Electric Flux is _______?.Electric Flux = E.S = ES Cos θ
7.A thermodynamic process in which there is no heat transfer from in or out of the system is called ________.Adiabatic Process
8.A thermodynamic process in which the temperature of a system remains constant. Is called ________.Isothermal process
9.An electrical component that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC)  is called _______.Rectifier
10.Which ones have same units in (Work, Power, Energy, velocity, acceleration, Distance, Frequency)Work, Power, Energy,
11.The value of the Rydberg constant R= ____?10,973,731.56816 per metre
12.Unit Of Angular Momentum _____?KG M²/s
13.Unit ii.jj.kk = ____?Zero
14.Light year is the unit of_____?Distance
15.N-type minorities caries ____?Holes
16.Transformer work on the principle of____?Mutual Abduction
17.Impulse the product of____?Force and Time
18.Electric Field lines _____ cross each other.Never
19.Strain is dimensionless and has no ____?Unit
20.Cloud formation proses is called _____?Condensation
21.X=A+B  is _____? OR GATE
22.Sound waves are?Longitudinal Waves
23.1 Radian ? 57.3
24.Voltmeter only work when connect ____?Parallel
25.Pull of earth on 20kg mass body is______?9.81 ms¯ ¹
26.Force in a closed loop on gravitational field _____?Zero
27.Dimensions of angular momentum ______?M¹L²2T ˉ ¹
28.Geo stationary satellite covers the angle of how many degree__?120°
29.The distance covered by the body at specific instance of time is called ______?Instantaneous velocity
30.The vertical component of projectile at the point of ejection is called _______?Projectile Motion
31.The range of projectile depends upon _____?Initial Velocity
32.The equation of continuity is _____?A1v1=A2V2, or ρ1 =ρ2
33.Electromagnetic Waves are of the type ______?Transverse Waves
34.The waves in the organ pipe are of the type______?Longitudinal Stationary Waves
35.The torque of a body is 2000 Nm and angular momentum is 2 find it’s moment of inertia.1000 Kgm²
36.Max plank proposed the theory of___?Quantum Theory
37.In photo electro effect electron losses it’s energy and it’s wavelength changes____?Decreases
38.In inelastic collision both momentum and energy is conserved but not in_____?Elastic Collision
39.Optical fiber has core, ____ and Sheath?Cladding
40.How many types of optical fiber are____?Three
41.The Kinetic energy of a body is related with temperature in which way?Directly
42.The efficiency of diesel engine is ?35-40%
43.The study of charges at rest is called____?Electrostatic
44.Mathematical form of Ampere law___?B dl =μ0I
45.Power is inverse of_______?Focal Length
46.Light year is unit of_______?Distance
47.Dimension of P= W/tM L2 T-3
48.Limiting friction unit_______?No Unit
49.Force of gravity under sea_________?Increases
50.Sky is blue because_________?scattering of light
51.PN junction is not used as___?Amplifier
52.Force in term 0f charge is given by__?F=Qe
53.Flux through any closed surface is______?1/Absalom not
54.Reversible of Fusion reaction is_______?Fission
55.Unit of work________?Joule
56.The sensation of a frequency is commonly referred to as the _________.Pitch Of Sound
57.The current induced in a circuit due to a change in a magnetic field is directed to oppose the change in flux and to exert a mechanical force which opposes the motion is called _____-.Lenz’s law
58.Graph under distance time represents_________?Speed of an Object
59.The distance covered by an object in unit time is called _____.Velocity
60.What will be the FORCE if distance between masses of charges becomes double?4 Times Force
61.Work done in closed path is______?Zero
62.Main difference among conductor , semiconductor, insulator is______?No of Mobile Electrons
63.Aplha particles are_______?Electrons
64.Critical Velocity?11.2 km per sec
65.Weight of Aeroplane when it takes off ?Maximum
66.Value of g is independent of ?Altitude , debth , latitude or , longitude
67.Energy stored in a capacitor is called?Electrostatic Potential Energy
68.when resistors are connected in parallel current remain same or divides?Same
69.Chromatic aberration is due to?The Dispersion of Light
70.A measure of the size of an image compared to the size of the object is called _____.?Magnification
71.When sun sets the sky is still lighten with light. Why?Due to full of Gas molecules
72.Speed of Sound is?761 mph, or 1100 feet/second
73.Unit of Angular Momentum is ______?kilogram metres squared per second (kg-m2/sec)
74.Electron Volt is the unit of _______?Energy
75.How to present Alpha particles?Alpha Radiations
76.What will be combination of transistors if base is positive?NPN & PNP
77.When velocity becomes maximum during projectile motion, angles becomes?45 Degree
78.Scalar quantities are _______?Temperature, Mass, Energy, Distance, Speed, Density
79.Half-life of Radon is _____?3.8 days
80.Equation of first law of thermodynamics is ____?ΔU = q + W
81.Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor depends upon _____?Current and Distance
82.Unit of Inductance is _____?Henry
83.What is equation to find Torque?τ = r × F
84.Dimension of Kinetic Energy is _____?M1 L2 T-2
85.If an observer is at rest and source is moving then wavelength will be ________.Same
86.Phenomenon in which electrically charged particles are released from or within a material when it absorbs electromagnetic radiation is called _____?Photo Electric Effect
87.Emission of Electron depends upon _______?High Temperature
88.The number of waves that pass a fixed place in a given amount of time is called _____.Frequency
89.Photo Electric Effect shows which nature of light?Particle
90.Reverse process of Photoelectric Effect is _____?X-rays production
91.The creation of a subatomic particle and its antiparticle from a neutral boson is called ______.Pair Production
92.Pair production occurs through which rays?Gama Rays
93.It is a principal way in which radiant energy is absorbed in matter is called ______.Compton Effect
94.An interface or a boundary between two semiconductor material types, namely the p-type and the n-type, inside a semiconductor is called _______.PN Junction
95.Putting a voltage across a diode that allows current to flow easily is called ______.Forward Bias
96.Denoting a voltage across the diode in the opposite direction is called _______.Reverse Bias
97.Unit is Impulse is _____?Ns or Kg m/s
98.Property characterizing the rotary inertia of an object or system of objects in motion about an axis that may or may not pass through the object or system is called _____.Angular Momentum
99.A vector such as the radius vector that reverses sign when the coordinate axes are reversed is called ____.Polar Vector
100.A line joining the two charges and passing through the Centre of dipole is called ______ line.Axial


Passing marks in all tests of academic is 50%, although competition is there, so maximum marks help to reach at the top of the list. 

In the market, there are a lot of books but material is the best because a top collection of material is included here. 

GDP means General Duty Pilot and this term is always used for fighter pilot in PAF. Basic role of GDP is to fly aircraft whether it is het fighter or transport Aircraft like C-130, Cesna, Y-12 etc in Pakistan Air Force. It depends upon the nature of task. 

Calculator is not allowed int he PAF GDP tests because at selection center, normally small white Board and bold marker is given to the students for solving mathmatical questions or otheralike. 

Normally after training of GDP, salary starts from 60K and plus allowances which becomes more than 70K. Then gradually increases as per service and experience and advance courses like SSG. 

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