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Find here most important questions which have been given in the initial academic tests of General Duty Pilot in Pakistan Air Force. 

Those who are interested to join Pakistan Air Force and worried about the syllabus of the initial tests then see full guidance here with all necessary academic tests. 

Syllabus of the GDP (General Duty Pilot) PAF Tests includes the following subjects of Intermediate level including basics of Matric level. 

  • Intelligence Test (100 Questions in 40 Min)
  • English Tests (100 Questions in 40 Min)
  • Physics Tests (75 Questions in 35 Min)

Note: Intelligence Tests includes Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

A candidate has to appear in the Verbal Intelligence Test, Non Verbal Intelligence Tests, English, and Physics. Moreover, you must know about general knowledge questions for interview.

Past papers of GDP have been included in the following practice tests. If you get more 100% result here then you will pass surely all the initial tests including intelligence and academic tests will be cleared. 

Best Practice Tests of GDP Past Papers 

GDP Past Papers (Part-1)

Note: Do hard practice here for GDP Past Papers until you get 100% result, attempt all questions of Pak Shaheens Website for 100% result. Mostly mathematical skills are being checked.

  • Islamabad is to Pakistan as ____ is to Turkey. (Ankara)
  • Iran is to Tehran as Saudi Arabia is to ___. (Riyadh)
  • Pyramid are in _______. (Egypt)
  • What will come next in the series A, BB, CCC, DDDD, ______. (FFFFF)
  • Light year is the unit of ______. (Distance)
  • Cloud…… Is the example of which process. (Condensation)
  • Unit of angular momentum. (kg-m2/sec)
  • In N type minority charge carriers are called ______. (holes)
  • Photoelectric effect was discovered by _______ in 1887. (Heinrich Rudolf Hertz)
  • Formula of Electric Flux:
  • Electric Flux = E.S = ES Cos θ
  • A thermodynamic process in which there is no heat transfer from in or out of the system is called ________. (Adiabatic Process)
  • A thermodynamic process in which the temperature of a system remains constant. Is called ________. (Isothermal process)
  • An electrical component that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC)  is called _______. (Rectifier)
  • Which ones have same units. (Work, Power and Energy)
  • The value of the Rydberg constant R∞ = (10,973,731.56816 per metre)

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Use of Prepositions in GDP Past Papers

The following important prepositions were used in different questions:

  1. Fond (of)
  2. Angry (with)
  3. Going to school
  4. Staring at me.
  5. From
  6. Over
  7. At
  8. In.
  9. On
  10. For
  11. Since
  12. Antonym of Enormous

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More past Experience of the Students in GDP Past Papers 

  • What is Unit of viscosity?
  • What is dimension of Kinetic Energy?
  • What role is involved in free fall motion of the paratroopers?
  • What is equation of continuity?
  • What it meaning of Significant of figure?
  • What is name of phenomenon when two light nuclei fused together?
  • Where Pair production occurs?
  • When the rest mass of the body is zero then what happens?
  • Who proved the dual nature of light?
  • What is definition of Nuclear Physics?
  • What is equation of Linear momentum?
  • What is meant by longitudinal and mechanical waves?
  • What happens when length of the body becomes double then tension becomes?
  • What is tension in the string?
  • When K.E becomes maximum at extreme position then the equation becomes?
  • What is the equation, when the body falls in viscous medium?
  • What is meaning of Fluid mechanics?
  • Learn questions from modern physics.
  • What happens with voltage when the number of turn increases in transformer?
  • Speed of sound not depend upon?
  • What is definition of Gauss law?
  • What is unit of Tesla?
  • “Good” is what in grammatical point of view?
  • “Honesty” is what grammar point of view?
  • What is definition of Coulomb law?
  • What is unit of work?
  • Who was the first Pakistani physics winning noble prize?
  • What are the branches of Physics?
  • Which type of charge are in P junction?
  • What is equation of first law of thermodynamics?
  • What is unit of inductance?
  • What I meant by photoelectric effect?
  • What are Gamma rays?
  • What is PN junction?
  • What is meant by forward and reverse bias?
  • What is polar vector?
  • What is angular momentum and its unit?
  • What is value of ‘g’?
  • What is denser and rare medium?

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