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Past Papers of PAF Airman Tests

Pakistan Air Force announces every year vacancies of  Airman/ Airwoman in which most of the students get success due to the past papers of airman tests. Shaheen Forces Academy is providing such facility that one can find the syllabus and past papers of all initial tests of an airman or airwoman. 

Candidates who are worries about airman tests, they can do practice here. Pat papers are also given here. We assure you that if you get 100% result in practice tests here then you will be pass in the Airman / Airwoman tests. 

Mixed Questions of Airman Tests

  1. What is Odd man out in Bull, Mare, Cow, Hen – (Ans:Bull)
  2. What comes next in the series 3_53, 53, 53, 40, 40, _, _ (Ans:27, 27)
  3. Shirt is to Dress as Mango is to _____? (Ans: Fruit)
  4. What is odd man out in 12, 20, 2, 5, (Ans:5)
  5. Which one is different from the rest in Foot, Length, Meter, Kilometer (Ans: Length)
  6. If 10 men cover 10 Km distance in 3 days then how much distance will by 3 Men in 3 Days?
  7. What is Odd man out in CAB, FDE, LIK, UTS (Ans:UTS)
  8. TV is to watch as Newspaper is to _____? (Ans: Read)
  9. Similar word of the “Effect” is ___? (Ans: Cause)
  10. What is Odd man out in Fish, Crocodile, Frog, Hen (Ans:Hen)
  11. Brass is alloy as ____? (Copper & Zinc)
  12. What will come next in the series 63, 48, 35, ____, 15 (Ans:24)
  13. Similar word of “Invariable” is ___? (Ans: Flexible)
  14. One Mega is equal to ___? (Ans: 10⁹)
  15. A set having one element is called ____? (Ans: Singleton Set)
  16. If a value is added on both side of the equation then it is called ____? (Ans: Absolute Value)
  17. When sum of two angle is 90 degree then it is called ______. (Ans: Complimentary)
  18. When sum of two angles id 180 degree then it is called _____. (Ans: Supplementary)
  19. When Transpose of set B is equal to B then it is called _____. (Symmetric)
  20. Whole Transpose of AB is equal to Transpose of B and Transpose of A.
  21. A line passing through the center of the circle is called _____. (Ans: Diameter)
  22. What is Angle of Elevation
  23. If angle is anticlockwise then it is _____. (Ans: Positive)
  24. Matrices do not obey law, what is that law___? (Ans: Inverse Law)
  25. What is power Set?
  26. S = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …..} is called set of ____? (Natural numbers)
  27. What is quadratic equation?
  28. The police arrested the man ____ had stolen the jewels. (Ans: Who)
  29. The boy ____ leg is broken is sitting. (Ans: Whose)
  30. _____get up early in the morning to give me glass of juice. (Ans: Who)
  31. She is going to sleep whom the drama ____. (Ans: Ends)
  32. She is cooking food _____ the Kitchen. (Ans: in)
  33. The watch ____ you bought was beautiful. (Ans: Which)
  34. I was watching TV ____ I go to bed. (Ans: After)
  35. Ali has ____ to drink. (Ans: Same thing)
  36. They are _____ their homework. (Ans: Doing)
  37. Ali ____ 4 cars. (Ans: Has)
  38. They ____ hard all the day. (Ans: Work)
  39. I could not find it _____. (Ans: Anywhere)
  40. You can wait here ____ I come back. (Ans: Until)
  41. English is _____ here. (Ans: Spoken)
  42. K2 is ____ highest place. (Ans: the)

Best Practice for Airman Tests

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