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Most of the students who want to join Pak Army through PMA Long Course remain worried about initial tests specially MCQs of PMA Tests. In initial tests, the most important parts are intelligence tests and Academic tests. There are many questions that are related to the academic questions but here we provide only those important questions which have come in the past MCQs of PMA. 

If you want to get 100% success in academic tests of the PMA Long Course or any initial Tests of Pak Army Commissioned Officer Tess then you must read out all questions given below. 

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Past MCQs of PMA (Test-1)

Q. Statement Answer
Q. world 2nd  largest Muslim country by population is ?Pakistan
Q. Zaboor was revealed on?Hazrat Daood (A.S)
Q. Shah jo Risalo is famous book of?Shah Abdul Latif
Q. Highest range of Kirthar is?Zardak
Q. Capital of Uzbekistan?Tashkent
Q. What is Fiqah?The science of Islamic law
Q. The acceleration caused by Gravity?32ft
Q. Imam Bukhari was born in?194 A.H (July 20, 810 AD)
Q. The world largest producer of Uranium?Kazakhstan
Q. Headquarter of International Court of Judge (ICJ)?The Hague (Netherland)
Q. LCD stand for?Liquid Crystal Display
Q. Federal  Minister of education in 2021?Shafqat Mehmood
Q. Old name of Netherland?Holland or Dutch Republic (1581–1795)
Q. Heart of Pakistan?Lahore
Q. When WAPDA established?12 Feb, 1958
Q. Blood is cleaned by?Kidneys & Liver
Q. Who is champion of football? (2018 World Cup)France
Q. Who refused to take noble prize?Jean-Paul Sartre 
Q. Age of Holy Prophet at Fujjar?15 year or (Between 14 to 28)
Q. Months in year having 31 days?7
Q. Atique is tittle of?Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
Q. Circumference of earth?40075 km
Q. The number of bones in human body?206
Q. Ch Rahmat Ali was born in?16 Nov, 1897
Q. Death of Queen Victoria?Jan 22, 1901
Q. The highest award of USA military?Medal of Honor
Q. Capital of South Africa? (It has three capitals)Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town
Q. City of conference?Geneva
Q. Current chairman of HEC? (in 2022)Tariq Banuri
Q. Siam is old name of?Thailand
Q. ECO stand for?Economic  Cooperation Organization
Q. Real name of Bukhari?Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail
Q. Old name of Attock?Campbellpur
Q. When Fatima Jinnah joined Muslim League?1939
Q. Sofia is capital of?Bulgaria
Q. Who founded Bagdad?Al Mansur
Q. Meaning of Rab?Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher
Q. India Quit movement?1942
Q. 50% of 30?15
Q. Buddhism founded in?525 B.C (Late 6th Century B.C)
Q. Length of Suez Canal?193.30 Km (120 Miles)
Q. Which Pak province has no dessert?Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)
Q. Oldest forest of Pak?Junipur at Ziarat (Baluchistan)
Q. First state to join Pakistan?Bahawalpur (05 Oct, 1947)
Q. Air Vice Marshal Allan Lancelot Addison Perry-Keene was first C in C of?Pak Air force
Q. The Kargil incident happened in?1999
Q. Capital of Gilgit Baltistan?Gilgit
Q. In which year British East India company  occupied in Punjab?1849
Q. The longest river of Pakistan?Indus River (3180 Km Long)
Q. East India company established in?Dec 21, 1600
Q. Petra is news agency of?Jordan
Q. Pisa tower is in which country?Italy
Q. Author of A brief history of time?Stephen Hawking
Q. EasyJet is airline of which country?U.K
Q. Roohullah is tittle of?Hazrat Isa A.S
Q. The world oldest written language is?Chines
Q. 2nd battle of Panipat?1556
Q. Capital of Ireland?Dublin
Q. How many countries are in Asia?48
Q. Old name of Srilanka?Ceylon
Q. ABM stand for?Anti-Ballistic Missiles
Q. Which city is called “City of Angels”?Bangkok or Los Angeles
Q. C.M of Baluchistan? (in 2022)Abdul Qudoos Bezanjo
Q. What was the name of Hittler’s party?Nazi
Q. Land of thousand Island?Indonesia
Q. LAN stand for?Local Area Network
Q. Arab league headquarter is in which country?Cairo (Egypt)
Q. What is Capital of Angola?Luanda
Q. Who discovered Badminton?British Army Officer (in India)
Q. Tomb of Bulleh Shah is in which city of Pakistan?Kasur
Q. Islamabad is on which mountain hills?Margalla Hills
Q. What is 10% of 30 ?3

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