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Joining Pak Army is the dream of all Pakistani young boy or girl and they remain in search of finding best ways to prepare all tests through past papers of PMA which have been asked in the initial tests. 

Shaheen Forces Academy is the best platform which provides all guidance regarding eligibility criteria to join Pak Army and its academic tests pattern with past and current papers experience of the students who have appeared in PMA Initial tests. 

In the following, most important past papers of PMA Initial Tests have been given for the students who have applied for Pakistan Military Academy Kakul in PMA Long Course-150. Undermentioned  past papers of PMA Long Course have been collected to assist the students in true sense so that they may appear into the tests with much confidence. 

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Part-1 (Past Papers of PMA)

If you are crazy to join Pak Army as an Officer then undermentioned questions which have been taken from the past papers of PMA are very very important. You must see all the questions carefully before sitting in the academic initial tests. 

  • When 14 Points were given – (March 1929)
  • Bosphorus Bridge that connects Asia with ____ (Europe)
  • Total players in football – (11)
  • Son in Law of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) – (Hazrat Ali RA)
  • Where Khutba Jijat-ul-Widah was delivered – (Uranah Valley of mount Arafat or Maidan-e-Arafat)
  • Prophet who addressed Namrood – (Hazrat Ibrahim)
  • Largest province of Pakistan by Population – (Punjab)
  • 90% of 90 – (81)
  • Which was the complete revealed Surah – (Al-Fatiha)
  • Which Surah was revealed in one complete night – (Al-Qadr)
  • Reko Diq Mine Project is in which Province – (Baluchistan)
  • When Bombay was separated form Sindh – (1936)
  • Who claimed separation of Bombay from Sindh – (14 Points of Jinnah)
  • Through which pass Pakistan is connected with China – (Khunjerab Pass)
  • OIC is founded in which country – (Saudi Arabia and Morocco)

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Part-2 (Past Papers of PMA)

Find below the most important questions which are collected from the past papers of PMA. These questions helped a lot of students and they are serving in Pak Army now. 

  • When All India Muslim League was established – (30 Dec, 1906)
  • After which event Indus basin treaty was done – (Indo Pak War)
  • What is Nisab of Gold – (7.5 Tola or 3 ounces of gold (87.48 grammes))
  • When battle of Uhud was fought – (3 Hijri or Saturday, 23 March 625 AD)
  • When Liaqat – Nehru pact done – (1950)
  • Who select president – (Electoral College for a five-year)
  • In the absence of President who acts as the President – (Senate Chairman or in his illness the Speaker of the National Assembly)
  • Longest river of Europe is – (Volga River)
  • Antonym of “Autonomy” is – (independence, self-reliance, self-direction, liberty, legitimacy, freedom, sovereignty, independency, self-determination, free and accountability)
  • Who built the Ka’aba for second time – (The Quraysh tribe)
  • Israel is the title of which Prophet– (Hazrat Yaqoob AS)
  • Who will horn the trumpet on the Day of Judgment – (Hazrat Israfil AS)
  • Which type of Government is according to the constitution of 1973 – (Parliamentary)
  • Nobel prize is to be given in how many fields – (6 i.e., physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace)
  • Which country gives Nobel Prize – (Stockholm, Sweden)

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Part-3 (Past Papers of PMA)

  • When Fatima Jinnah was died – (9 July, 1967)
  • How many plane of rectangular Prism – (06)
  • How many types of Prism are there – (05)
  • How many planes are there in a cube – (09)
  • Angle less than 90 degree is called – (Acute)
  • In a Bus there are 30 Passengers. If 2/3 are males then numbers of female passengers are – (18)
  • Pakistan shares its largest border with – (India)
  • How many times, Pakistan won hokey world cup – (4 times)
  • Suez Canal separates Africa from – (Asia)
  • Who was second Prime Minister of Pakistan – (Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin)
  • Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan – (The Khyber Pass)
  • Who was the Chief of Pak Army in 1971 war – (General Tikka Khan)
  • When Pakistan Joined UNO – (30 Sep, 1047)
  • What are the five pillars of Islam – (the declaration of faith (shahada), prayer (salah), alms-giving (zakat), fasting (sawm) and pilgrimage (hajj))
  • Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan – (Iskander Mirza)
  • Which is the biggest district of Pakistan – (Chagai by Area)
  • Which is the Shortest Surah of Holy Quran – (Surah Al-Kuasar)
  • Deepest Lake of the world is – (Lake Baikal)

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Part-4 (Past Papers of PMA)

  • Total Rukooh in Quran – (558)
  • Harpa is on which river – (Ravi River)
  • Zakat means – (to cleanse)
  • Currency of Cuba – (Cuban peso)
  • Total members of SAARC – (8, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan)
  • Height of Cricket Bat is – (38 inch or 965 mm)
  • Total number of verses in Surah Al-Kausar – (03)
  • Hazrat Esa AS was sent to – (Allah)
  • Hazrat Ismail was the Son of – (Hazrat Ibrahim)
  • When Sawat became a state – (14 October 1969)
  • Land of thousand Lakes is called – (Finland)
  • Which type of equation (y = 2x + 3) is – (Linear)
  • Capital of Indonesia is – (Jakarta)
  • Antonym of “Wild” is – (Tame, Cultivated, Hothouse)
  • Roohullah is the title of – (Hazrat Isa (AS))
  • Indian National Congress was established in – (December 28, 1885)
  • Leave India Movement was started in – (8 August 1942)
  • Tan x = ? – (Sin x / Cos x)
  • Closest Antonym of “Isolation” is – (Attach, Connect, Couple, Join, Link)
  • Which religion is called best in Quran – (Islam)
  • Why parents send their children to school – (To get education, or To groom them)
  • Why we boil the milk – (To kill the germs)

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Part-5 (Past Papers of PMA)

  • Closest Synonym of “Retrieve” is – (Get back, recollect, reacquire, Reclaim, Recover, Regain)
  • How many time Hazrat Muhamad SAW performed Hajj – (1)
  • Who kept bound the current President of Pakistan – (Constitution of Pakistan)
  • Smallest city of the World is – (Vatican City)
  • Wakhan border meets with which country – (Tajikistan)
  • FIFA world Cup 2022 is in which country – (Qatar)
  • What is radius of 52cm diameter – (26)
  • Cripps mission was sent in – (March 1942)
  • First OIC conference was held in – (22–25 September 1969 in Rabat)
  • World Highest Plateau is – (Qinghai-Tibetan plateau)
  • Who was the first head of State bank of Pakistan – (Zahid Hussain)
  • Simla conference was held in – (1945)
  • From where does Karakoram Highway start – (Abbottabad, Officially Stars from Hassan Abdal)
  • The coldest place of Pakistan is – (Sakardu)
  • The largest Airport of Pakistan is – (Jinnah International Airport Karachi)
  • Quarter of one tenth of 120 is – (03)
  • Camelpur is the old name of – (Attock)
  • Which country is the largest purchaser of JF17 thunder – (Myanmar)
  • Total strength of Muslims in Gazwa-e-Uhud was – (313)
  • India Wins Freedom written by – (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad)
  • She shouted ___ him. (at)
  • RCD is the organization of which country – (Iran, Pakistan and Turkey)
  • One third of one Tenth of 90 is – (03)

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Part-6 (Past Papers of PMA)

  • Ali is moving toward North then he takes left, after moving some distance he takes right direction, then he is in which direction – (North)
  • OPEC stands for – (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
  • Gwadar connects Pakistan with – (China)
  • 2 + 2 ÷ 2 = ? – (3)
  • Largest Salt Mine located in which city – (Khewra, Punjab, Pakistan)
  • Who started Quit India Movement – (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)
  • First pillar of Faith is – (Shahadah, profession of faith)
  • Which one is different from Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, Rawalpindi – (Rawalpindi)
  • Which is different from Monkey, Ape, Chimpanzee, and Panda – (Panda)
  • Which comes alphabetically in “Management” – (Nil)
  • In 1500 students, 1200 are present. Find the percentage of present students – (80%)
  • In 500 students, 340 students are present, find the percentage of absent students – (32%)
  • Bat cannot see and Snake cannot – (Hear)
  • A man walk toward North, then he turns left and then after some moving he again turn left, Now what will be the current location – (South)
  • A man bought a pen in 30 rupees and sold in 40 rupees. Find its profit – (33.33%)
  • If my Brother’s Sister is your Mother who I am to you – (Uncle)
  • How many months in a Year having 31 days – (7 Months)
  • If second day of the Month is Monday, then what day will be on 13th of the month – (Friday)
  • What is 5 o’ Clock in Hours – (1700 Hrs)
  • If Yesterday was Saturday, What day is day after Tomorrow – (Tuesday)
  • Which word comes after N – (O)
  • One third of 10 % of 90 is – (03)
  • What is different in Angle, Rectangle, Square, Hexagon – (Angle)
  • If Train speed is double than that of a Car and the Car travels 60 Km in 1 Hour. Then how much distance will Train cover in 30 Minutes – (60 Km)
  • If a Man Travels 90 Km per Hour and in 12 Minutes how much will he cover distance – (18 Km)
  • In a class of 24 students, 1/4 students are male, then How much %age of female is – (75%)
  • Last letter of the word YTYEAB is – (Y, the word is Beauty)
  • Quran was completed in how many years – (23 Years)

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Part-7 (Past Papers of PMA)

  • Agreement between Pakistan and China was done in – (2 March 1963)
  • What was the relation of Umm-e-Kasoom with Hazrat Muhammad SAW – (Daughter)
  • From where Pakistan bought Gwadar – (Oman)
  • After independence, in how many years Pakistan got its constitution – (9 Years)
  • Trich Mir is the highest Peak of which Mountain – (Hindukush Mountain)
  • Highest Military Award is – (Nishan-e-Haider)
  • Uncle Name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned in the Holly Quran is – (Abu Lahab)
  • Jamia al Quran was the title of – (Hazrat Usman R.A)
  • Pakistan shares its longest border with – (India)
  • Largest Fort of Pakistan is – (Ranikot Fort)
  • Total seats of Pakistan national Assembly – (342)
  • Who was the founder of PPP – (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto)
  • The Headquarters of World Bank is in – (Washington DC)
  • Gwadar is located in – (southwestern coast of Balochistan)
  • When the Qibla changed – (Holly Prophet Muhammad SAW)
  • Bashar al Asad was the president of – (Syria)
  • Holly Prophet SAW performed Hajj in – (10 Hijri)
  • The last word of Ebyaut is – (Y)
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