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Most important Solved FIA Past Papers

Now, it is quite easy to pass the examination of Assistant Director in Federal Investigation Agency because FIA Past Papers help a lot to get 100% success. If you have applied for the post of Assistant Director then you must read it all below with carefully before going to the exam center. 

Part-1 of FIA Past Papers

Find below the most repeated FIA Past papers questions for Assistant Director post. Learn all the questions mentioned below for future tests. 

S.NoQuestion Statement Answer
1.        Worlds bicycle day? Saturday, 3 June
2.        When COVID 19 declared pandemic?March 11, 2020
3.        Deficiency of vitamin d causes?You don’t get enough vitamin D in your diet.You don’t get enough vitamin D in your diet.You don’t absorb enough vitamin D from foodYour liver or kidneys cannot convert vitamin D to its active form in the body
4.        FIA agency was established on?13-01-1975
5.        DG FIA powers can exercise powers like?IG (Inspector General)
6.        Which member of FIA can arrest someone?1.       Subject to any order which the Federal Government may make in this behalf, the members of the Agency shall, for the purpose of an inquiry or investigation under this Act,
They have throughout Pakistan such powers, including powers relating to search, arrest of persons and seizure of property, and such duties, privileges and liabilities as the officers of a Provincial Police have in relation to the investigation of offences under the Code or any other law for the time being in force.
7.        In which section of FIA Act, powers of agency is given?Section 3
8.        World braille day?January 4
9.        ARGOSY means?A large merchant ship, originally one from Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) or Venice.
10.    When did Russia invaded Ukraine?Thursday, 24 February
11.    Sound waves cannot travel through?A vacuum 
12.    Bats can fly at night because of?Bats can fly at night because they use ultrasonic sound rather than sight to navigate.
13.    If a>b and b>a, then?This is a contradiction and violates logic thus can’t be possible.
14.    Sum of 4 A.M. between 18 and 3?42
15.    Who is current Chancellor of Germany?Chancellor Olaf Scholz
16.    Fredrick G. Discovered which vaccine?Insulin
17.    National counter terrorism authority was developed in year?2009
18.    Trepidation Synonym?alarm, dread, fear, fright, panic, and terror
19.    Which UK’s Foreign minister visited Pakistan in Sept 2021?Liz Truss
20.    47th session of OIC held in?Niamey
21.    What is A.P series -15,-22,-29,…. 11th term?85
22.    What percent of 120 is 90?75%
23.    Ratio 3:7 can be: 6:14 and 9:21
24.    Request for Transfer of property can be made by?A person can transfer the rights of a property when he is the complete owner of the property or has the legal authorization of transfer.
25.    Government Servants means in Act, under which section?Section 21
26.    Which is the most sensitive part of eye?The most sensitive part of the retina is a small area called the macula
27.    Pakistan Special police force was established in?1948
28.    Which country is in south of America?Mexico
29.    Who bought twitter for $44bn?Elon Musk
30.    Pakistan won how many medals in Paralympics 2020?Pakistan has won three medals, a silver, a bronze and a gold medal in the Paralympic Games
31.    Which country made super fastest computer?The US has retaken the top spot in the race to build the world’s fastest supercomputer.
32.    Scientific study of teeth is called?odontology
33.    Last(Non virtual) meeting of World economic forum held on? 21-24 January 2020 
34.    Which of the following can be made from wood?Houses, Furniture, Paper, Pencil and Doors
35.    Which is the slowest planet?Venus
36.    Which instrument is used to check milk?A lactometer
37.    Where G-7 meeting held?Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany
38.    Sri Lankan president is?Ranil Wickremesinghe
39.    Who is Governor of Baluchistan?Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamal
40.    The Superintendence of the Agency shall vest in?the Federal Government
41.    Who appoints DG FIA? the federal government
42.    Fibula bone is part of?leg bone on the lateral side of the tibia
43.    Who is the first black women judge of US supreme court? Ketanji Brown Jackson
44.    Turkey’s named changed in UN. New name is?Türkiye
45.    Most abundant element in earth crust?oxygen
46.    Biggest importer of Arms?India
47.    Commonwealth games 2026 will be hosted by?The State of Victoria
48.    Which is the northern most part of CPEC?Gwadar and Karachi
49.    US President Joe Biden took oath on?January 20, 2021
50.    Haroons motercycle has full tank and he can travel 10 days with full tank, if he uses 25% more fuel everyday, how many days he can cover with full fuel tank?8 days
51.    A.M of x-3 and x+3?x
52.    For basic A.M formula is?Arithmetic mean formula = X=ΣXinX=ΣXin, where i varies from 1 to n
53.    FIA is constituted under which section?VIII
54.    Which Italian Foreign Minister visited Pakistan recently?Luigi Di Maio
55.    Solar eclipse affects the photosynthesis in plants by?Interrupting light

Part-2 of FIA Past Papers

More important questions collected form the FIA Past papers through the candidates who appeared in 2022 examination of Assistant Director. 

  • CPEC will go through ___ countries … China, Pakistan
  • Which country recently offered gas to Pakistan … Turkmenistan
  • PM recently addressed: … UN General Assembly
  • Yemen lies to the —-of Saudi Arabia … South
  • dam is being built at River Indus … Diamer Bhasha
  • River Indus starts at ___ _ Ladakh
  • Country to the east of India with civil unrest is __ … Myanmar
  • Population of China is __ … 1.4 billion·
  • Pakistan’s stance on India as a permanent member of SCO … Strong opposition
  • Pakistan opposed drone because they are a threat to its __ _ Sovereignty
  • Bilateral agreement is signed between countries … ·two
  • Steam already converted into mechanical energy is usually __ … colder
  • Energy in a nuclear reaction is produced due to … uncontrolled .chain reaction
  • Rike Diq is located at __ _ Chaghi, Baluchistan
  • Radio waves travel waves … faster than sound
  • Sound Waves travel faster in a __ _ medium … dense
  • How much distance covered if you travel x12 around a circular path with a diameter of 400m … 12km Approx.
  • ljtihad means __ Consensus
  • What portion of war spoils should be deposited in Bait ul Maal ??? 1/5
  • Mordaba relates to ???
  • 4th source of Islamic law? Qiyas
  • Legacy of Hazrat Abubakar regarding officer’s salary?
  • A number divided by 4 and 40 added, gives 48 … 32
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 identify the smallest and largest number using combo
  • 20x2x6 m pool, how much will the halffilled pool weigh? 120,000 kg
  • 20m building, from 15m away, find the aerial length … 25m
  • Largest Boeing plane in operation? 787 Dream liner
  • Sinkiang province belongs to __ China
  • 9, 16, x, 36 … what is x? … 25
  • 1, 4, 9, 16 … next number in series? … 25
  • 4 boys ran 60km each in 6 hours, distance covered by 1 boy in 1 hour? … 10km
  • Photo voltaic cells convert solar energy Into electricity through a __ process? chemical
  • 1218 + 2.5 =? … 4 i4. A scale has 90cm and 1 OOcm long arms, if we place 1 OOkg on 90cm what weight should we need to put at 1 OOcm arm to balance the scale? 90kg
  • After nuclear explosion, __ causes most damage …. Gama rays
  • If you are 5th from the either end of a queue, how many people does it have? … 9
  • DG FIA can delegate his authority to __ … any member specified by him
  • An FIA SI holds the same authority as of ?
  • __ And __ will represent FIA in a special court? AD Law, Legal
  • FIA Act may specify __ … Service terms
  • FIA Act’s describes __ ?
  • FIA is supervised by __ _ government? Federal
  • Any amendment to the FIA act can only be done by __ ?
  • Tamil riots in _ during 80s and 90s? Sri Lanka
  • Population of Pakistan is __ largest? 2nd largest Muslim
  • Five rivers of Pakistan meet at? Panjnad
  • Pick the odd one 1, 4, 9, 16, 26, 36 …… 26
  • At Tarbela dam, pressurized water runs through _ ? steam turbines
  • First battle between muslims and kuffar? Ghazwae Abwa
  • Khyber was a stronghold of __ ? Jews
  • The red wire in a car battery is connected to … Positive terminal
  • __ has recently stationed its planes in Syria? Russia
  • Which of the following is not a binary series? 10,20,30 …
  • Shabnam likes to drink tea and water, Chelsea likes to’ drink milk and juice? whereas
  • x+y = 99, x-y = 9 … 45,54
  • Boko Haram mostly attacks in __ region? Maiduguri
  • A number whose square and cube are same? 1
  • The Siberian Region of Russia lies in __ continent? Asia
  • A steel pin sinks in water while a far bigger ship floats, because __ ?it displaces more water than its weight
  • Thrust is produced in a jet engine when ___ ?gases pass through narrow opening

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