telecom engineering quiz mcqs with answers

Telecom engineering MCQs are an essential component of test preparation for all initial tests administered by the Army, Navy, and Air Force (PAF) (Army, Navy & Air Force). These MCQs evaluate candidates’ comprehension of fundamental telecom engineering concepts, principles, and methodologies, which are crucial for success in various technical and engineering roles within the armed services. 

To ace these MCQs, applicants must have a thorough understanding of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of telecom engineering, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to real-world circumstances. You must learn all these questions before appearing in the initial tests of Army Navy and PAF. 




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Telecom Engineering Quiz

P2O5 is used as;-

How many categories are available for the methods of preparing optical glass:-

The index guided photonic crystal fiber structure , the dark areas are air holes. What does white areas suggests:-

Laser modes are separated by few:-

How many types of source of optical light are available;-

Plastic fiber are less widely used than glass fiber:-

In Buried hetero junction laser, the optical field is confined within:-

Capacitance is measured in units known as:-

Rayleigh scattering can be reduced by operating at smallest possible wavelength:-

Which one is not a metallic impurity found in glass in extrinsic absorption:-

Which co dopant is not employed  by neodymium and erbium doped silica fiber laser:-

The optical source used for detection of optical signal is:-

The lasing line width of Fox smith resonator is:-

Which one is not related to Kerr effect:-

An effective method to reduce the line width is to make the cavity longer;-

The parameter that prevents carrier from recombination is:-

Quantum well laser are providing high inherent advantage over:-

Standard single mode fiber are utilized for operation in:-

A measure of amount of optical fiber emitted from source that can be coupled into a fiber is termed as:-

_______ is used when the optical emission results from the application of electric field:-

The _________- is maximum allowable loss for the end to end optical fiber cable system:-

Which process gives the laser its special properties as an optical source;-

Injection laser have a high threshold current density of:-

In score and break process , _________ is not used as a cutting tool:-

A particular laser structure is designed so that the active region extends the edge of device:-

Telecom Engineering Quiz Questions

  1. Telecom Engineering focuses on designing and optimizing ____________ for communication purposes. (telecommunication networks)

  2. The main goal of Telecom Engineering is to ensure efficient and reliable ____________ of information. (transmission)

  3. In telecom systems, the ____________ is responsible for converting analog signals to digital and vice versa. (codec)

  4. A key component of telecom networks is the ____________, which manages the routing of data between different networks. (router)

  5. 5G technology aims to provide higher ____________ and faster data transfer rates compared to previous generations. (speeds)

  6. Fiber-optic cables use ____________ to transmit data, allowing for high-speed and long-distance communication. (light signals)

  7. The ____________ is a device in telecom networks that connects multiple local area networks (LANs) into a larger network. (switch)

  8. Telecom engineers play a crucial role in the deployment and maintenance of ____________ stations for mobile communication. (base)

  9. The process of converting voice signals into digital data for transmission is known as ____________. (voice digitization)

  10. In telecom, the term ____________ refers to the capacity of a communication channel to carry data. (bandwidth)

  11. The ____________ is a fundamental unit of data in telecom, representing a sequence of bits. (byte)

  12. Telecom networks rely on various ____________ to ensure the security and privacy of transmitted data. (encryption techniques)

  13. ____________ is a wireless communication technology that enables devices to exchange data over short distances. (Bluetooth)

  14. The ____________ is responsible for allocating radio frequency spectrum for different telecom services. (Federal Communications Commission or FCC)

  15. Telecom engineers use ____________ analysis to optimize network performance and efficiency. (traffic)

  16. The ____________ is a standard that defines how data is transmitted over a network. (protocol)

  17. The process of increasing the strength of a signal during its transmission is known as ____________. (amplification)

  18. A ____________ is a device that converts digital signals into analog signals for transmission over traditional phone lines. (modem)

  19. In telecom, the ____________ is the time it takes for a signal to travel from the sender to the receiver. (latency)

  20. The integration of telecom and information technology is known as ____________, enhancing the capabilities of communication systems. (convergence)

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