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Data Administration Quiz

Performance analysis and turning is__________________:-

Duplication of data is known as:-

Administrative supervision of database activities is responsibility of:-

In a customer database table, all of the information for one customer is kept in a:-

Architecture of the data base can be viewed as:-

Project operator choose subset of attributes of a relations;-

A relational database developer refers to a record as:-

The greatest threat to business security is internal rather than external:-

For using a specific database ___________ command is used:-

Data items characteristics that are important in data management include:-

__________ is a type of DBMS software:-

Queries that do full table scan should be avoided:-

____________ clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result;-

In an object oriented database, every object is an instances of:-

Which is not a logical database structure;-

Select operator is not a unary operator:-

When looking for a special patient in hospital's database __________ is more efficient than browsing:-

The component of ERD includes:-

________________ First proposed the process of normalization:-

_____ is the full form of SQL:-

Data items grouped together for storage purpose are called a;-

__________________ specifies a search condition for a group;-

A logical schema is the entire database:-

Which are the properties of entities;-

Data dictionary tells DBMS;-

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