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Data Administration Quiz

Software for organizing storage of information is;-

In a customer database , a customer's surname would be keyed into a:-

Relationships that matches one record of an entity with only one record of another entity is called:-

In a database table of student , the address of the student will be:-

A key that allows only unique entries in a field is called:-

Modify operation is likely to be done after:-

For using a specific database ___________ command is used:-

A report generator is used to:-

File record length;-

An entity set that does have sufficient to form a primary key is a:-

Data items grouped together for storage purpose are called a;-

It is a process of developing conceptual representation of data object and their relations:-

The statement in SQL , which allows to change the definition of a table is:-

Fragmentation of a file system:-

In an ER diagram attributes are represented by:-

(1,0) are the example of _____________:-

RAID configurations of a disk are used to provide:-

Which is not comparison operator:-

The basic limitations of flat file database is that:-

A CRM system organizes and track information on:-

In a relation ordering of rows is immaterial:-

Secondary index can be related with:-

Some of the utilities of DBMS are____________;-

Database software is an example of:-

___________ data base is used as template for all database created:-

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