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Business Marketing Quiz

_____________ marketing uses telecommunication devices to reach prospective customer:-

The companies that have become a tired and trusted household name are:-

Products adapted to the perceived unique characteristics of national markets:-

________ brands indicates only the product category:-

Free sample is given to consumer  in case of:-

EFT means:-

___________ Is a system of selling goods directly to the customer through a network of self employed people:-

Permanent rural market with continuous trading activity is called:-

After sale service is part of:-

A major portion of the rural population  consist of ________ income group:-

Setting price on the basis of the demand for the product is known as;-

Which is not a method of cost based pricing:-

Which of the following is not a service:-

Departmental store is an example of:-

Which one is not included in the micro environment:-

__________ goods are purchase without any planning:-

Setting price on the basis of the total cost per unit is known as:-

Creating image on the mind of target group is called:-

_____________ is not a sales force promotion scheme:-

________ refers to duplicating the brand image of one product of promote another product of the same brand:-

Which is not a characteristics of service marketing:-

The retailer sells goods in:-

FMCG stands for:-

Many companies are now turning their attention to _________ markets:-

Trading up is a method of line modification by:-

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