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Business Marketing Quiz

Premium pricing is a method of_________:-

___________ is also known as buzz marketing:-

________ are retail store owned by a group of consumers themselves:-

________ goods are purchased on regular basis:-

Revival plans to reintroduce the product in more modified form is adopted in __________ stages of PPLC:-

When the advertisements is to create an image of the firm , it is a case of:-

Trading up is a method of line modification by:-

_________ is a computer crime in which a criminal breaks into a computer system for exploring details of information etc:-

Which is not a method of cost based pricing:-

_____ is not included in the product factor:-

Permanent rural market with continuous trading activity is called:-

_________ was first used by Eugene J kelly:-

Which company is the pioneer in the direct marketing:-

The three major types of non store retailing are direct selling, direct marketing and ______:-

Which is not a characteristics of service marketing:-

Which is not an element of demographic segmentation:-

Using the name of company's brand for line extensions is________:-

_______ is concerned with pricing policies for late entrants to a market:-

_________is not included in the functions of physical supply:-

Profiling the rural market is a part of ___________ stages of rural marketing strategy:-

Marketing is a process which aims at__________:-

The firm uses any existing brand to introduce in market as a new product brand is classified as:-

Which one is not an element of service marketing mix:-

Setting price on the basis of the total cost per unit is known as:-

The strategy of choosing one attribute to excel to create competitive advantage is known as:-

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