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Electronic Engineering Quiz

Which one is expected to have maximum permeability:-

____________ is the unit of magnetic flux density:-

An uncharged conductor is placed near a charged conductor the the uncharged conductor gets charged:-

The unit of flux is same as that of:-

Degaussing is the process of;-

As the temperature of Intrinsic semiconductor material is increase energy of the atom_________________:-

One volt is same as:-

Which one is a unipolar device:-

The relative permeability of materials is not constant:-

In a capacitor , the electric charge is stored in;-

Unit for quantity of electricity is:-

Which medium has the least dielectric strength:-

Which one will have the smallest dimensions:-

Tesla is a unit of:-

CE circuit has input signal to the base and output from the collector:-

The time constant of an R-C circuit is defined as the time during which capacitor charging voltage actually rise to _________ percent of its maximum value;-

Vacuum tubes are still used in some electronic device due to:-

If AC voltage is applied to capacitive circuit, the alternating current can flow in the circuit because":-

Material subjected to rapid reversal of magnetism should have:-

Ohm's law is not applicable to:-

Air capacitors are generally available in the range :-

Substance which have permeability less than the permeability of free space are known as:-

The direction of a magnetic lines of force is:-

The power dissipated in a pure capacitor is:-

Thoriated tungsten is used as emitter material in tubes up to:-

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