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Electronic Engineering Quiz

The forbidden energy gap for silicon is:-

The magnetic reluctance of a material _____________ with increasing cross sectional area of material:-

Electrolytic capacitor must be connected to the correct polarity:-

The property of a capacitor to store electricity is called its;-

A zener diode is invariably used with:-

Which semi conductors has the highest melting point:-

Core of an electromagnet should have:-

Common emitter transistor has ________:-

JFET has higher input impedance the MOSFET:-

The total energy of an electron in an atom will be maximum when:-

The unit of relative permeability is:-

The work function of a pure tungsten is:-

A region around a stationary electric charge has:-

An air gap is usually inserted in magnetic circuits to:-

Unit for quantity of electricity is:-

In case of indirectly heated tubes the heater filament is made of:-

_____________ is a vector quantity:-

The commonly used material for shielding magnetism is:-

In PN junction, the region containing uncompensated acceptor and donor ions called:-

__________ has least value of dielectric constant:-

Dielectric strength ___________ with increasing thickness:-

If too large current pass through the diode:-

A bipolar transistor is a __________ controlled device:-

The minimum value of potential gradient in a cable occurs in:-

In a capacitor , the electric charge is stored in;-

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