PMA registration

The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is the premier institution of the Pakistan Army for training of officers. It is the only academy in the country where stringent tests and training sessions are conducted to prepare cadets for a career in the military. 

The registration process for PMA is a highly competitive one and requires aspirants to pass a rigorous selection process. Those who are successful in the selection process must attend a rigorous 3-year PMA program which involves physical, mental and academic training. 

Successful graduates of the program are then given the opportunity to join the Pakistan Army as Commissioned Officers. PMA is the best place to prepare for the test if you want to join the Pakistan Army, since it offers world-class training and resources to help you become a successful leader. 

The PMA also provides a world-class infrastructure and facilities for its cadets. It includes a modern library, simulation labs, high-tech classrooms, and a fully equipped gymnasium. The academy also has a wide range of extracurricular activities for its cadets such as sports, music and art. 

For those aspiring to join the Pakistan Army, the PMA registration provides the best opportunity to prepare for the PMA tests and become a successful leader in the military.

If you are interested to join Pak Army through PMA Long Course 152 and want to prepare initial tests before time then do free registration of online class by filling the following form. For further process, you will be intimated at your mobile number. 

Free PMA Registration for Long Course 152 Online Preparation

Online PMA Registration Form

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