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When you apply for job in Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pak Air Force then you face many questions of English tests in which such questions are very important. So, you must be efficient in making such sentences.

Initial tests of Army, navy and Air Force involves many questions of English related to such questions. The detail given below is more beneficial who are preparing tests for joining Cadet Colleges also. These are also useful for the tests of Airman / Airwoman and Sailors tests of English. 

There are two parts of narration, one part which is usually being observed without comma is called reporting speech and sentence written in inverted commas is called reported speech. Indirect speech is usually recognized by the verb. 

What is Direct and Indirect speech?, Direct speech explains that when direct sayings of the person is quoted in inverted commas and in in-direct speech, overall concept of the thing is being told or explained. 

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Detail about making Direct Indirect Questions 


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