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English grammar is incomplete without eight parts of speech. If you want to pass the English papers of Pak Forces initial tests then in this article you will learn about all parts of speech examples. 

There is a lot of use f 8 parts of speech in English tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force basics tests. All parts of speech are mentioned below with detail. 

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English Parts of Speech Definitions and Examples

Parts of speech are the classification of words categorized by their roles and functions within the structure of the language. Sentences in English are made from the following parts of speech and articles. Here, all parts of speech are explained with examples and sentences. 

Learn all parts of speech because part of speech are main portion of any English paper of initial test whether it is paper in Army officers jobs, PAF Officers jobs, Navy Officers jobs, Soldiers tests, Airman test, Sailors tests or civilian jobs.

  1. NOUN
  3. VERB
  9. ARTICLES (Optional)


Noun refers to people, places, things, ideas and concepts, etc.

Example: Michael is a good boy.  Melbourne is the best city.


A pronoun is used to refer to a noun / noun phrase, or nouns/noun phrases; instead of the repeated use of the same noun(s)/noun phrase(s).

Example: Aslam is a good boy. He gets up early in the morning.


Verb shows an action or an ongoing condition. It is considered as the heart of a sentence.

Example: Alex is going home. He loves his home.


Adjective modifies or describes noun in a sentence.

Example: Alex loves his beautiful daughters. His daughters also love their caring father. 


Adverbs modify or describe adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs. It answers the questions When? Where? How? or How much?

Example: He is running fast.  She always reads attentively


Preposition gives context to nouns in relationship to other nouns or pronouns.

Example: I am going to France. France is in Europe.


A conjunction connects nouns, noun phrases, clauses or sentences together.

Example: Julie love chocolate and chips. She loves pasta, but she hates pizza.


Interjections are brief and abrupt pauses in speech, usually used for expressing emotions.

Example: Oh! That feels terrible. Alas! They have lost the match.

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