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Admission detail of Sargodha Cadet College - 2023

Sargodha Cadet College is the top ranking college in Pakistan which prepares the students for joining Pak Defence Forces, generally in all forces and particularly in PAF. Students who have passed 7th class and want to join Sargodha Cadet College in the 8th class then this is great opportunity to join Sargodha Cadet College. 

Now all tests of PAF Cadet Colleges like PAF Cadet College Sargodha and PAF Cadet College Murree Lower Topa will be conducted through PAF Information & Selection Centers as per Online Registration Dates. All information regarding admission procedure and academic tests are given below.

Note: Students are to bring Original Fee Slip of Rs. 2500/- along with registration Slip at the time of Academic Tests at Selection Centers. Challan form may be downloaded from Official Website of PAF College Sargodha. 

Important Dates

  • Start Date of Online Registration for PAF Cadet College Sargodha: 25 September, 2023
  • Last Date of Online Registration for PAF Cadet College Sargodha: 04 October, 2023

Admission Schedule of 8th Class in Sargodha Cadet College -2023-2024



Date of Admission in Cadet College Sargodha, Expected Online Registration

Sep – October, 2023

Start Date of Online Registration

25 September, 2023

Last date Online Registration

04 October, 2023

Registration Fee

Rs. 2500/-

PAF College Sargodha test date of Intelligence test / Preliminary Medical Examination / Interviews Starts

As per Registration Slip

Central Medical Board (CMB) Starts

It will be informed after passing initial tests at Selection Centers of PAF

Final Selection & Clearance by AHQ


Reporting Date of Selected Candidates at the College


Admission Form in PDF -2023

Sargodha Cadet College Admission Process

PAF College Sargodha 8th class admission is being followed as per some criteria. Sargodha Cadet College takes students in class VIII for the Flying Branch of PAF according to the conditions given below:

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Age: PAF College Sargodha age limit for the candidate is that he must be over 11.5 years and under 13.5 years of age on 1st January of the coming year. In PAF Cadet College Sargodha, No relaxation, whatsoever, in the age limit is permitted.
    • Qualification: During selection, the candidate must have passed Class VII by the time of admission (April- next year). Candidates of the Cambridge System are also eligible to apply.
    • Citizenship: Candidate must be a male citizen of Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Selection Procedure in Sargodha Cadet College - 2023

The selection process consists of the following three phases:

  • Phase-I:  Written Test
  • Phase-II: Intelligence Test / Preliminary Medical / Interview
  • Phase-III: Final Medical by Central Medical Board (CMB), PAF


  • Written Test

    • The eligible Candidates are required to appear for the following written tests:
    • All the tests are conducted on the same day at the centres opted by the candidates. The use of a calculator in the Mathematics paper is not permitted. For the convenience of both English and Urdu medium boys, the Mathematics and General Science papers may be attempted either in English or Urdu.
  • Syllabi for Written Test

    • The syllabi for the written test are given at the subsequent pages in the Prospectus. The test is a competitive examination, therefore, the syllabi given in the Prospectus are meant only for the general guidance of the candidates. By and large, the questions in the test papers are based on the syllabi in vogue in various Textbook Boards in Pakistan, questions may be set in any form in any paper. 
    • For more detail about Syllabus CLICK HERE
  • Written Test Results

    • Results of the written test are displayed at the respective PAF Information and Selection Centres and at the Main Gate of the College about a month after the test. Only the successful candidates are informed through mail to appear in the next phase.
    • For results updates CLICK HERE


  • Intelligence Test

    • Candidates qualifying the written test are required to appear for intelligence test. This determines the IQ of a candidate. Sample question papers and answer sheet of Intelligence test are given on the subsequent pages for further guidance and preparation.
    • Note: Intelligence Tests have Two Main Types i.e., Verbal Intelligence Tests & Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests
    • For Practice Verbal Intelligence Tests CLICK HERE
    • For Practice Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests CLICK HERE
    • For understanding Intelligence Tests, Subscribe our YouTube ChannelsShaheen Forces Academy” & “Forces Intelligence”.
  • Preliminary Medical

    • Candidates qualifying the Intelligence test are called for preliminary medical test. This test takes place at PAF Information and Selection Centres and at the College, observing the basic medical standards for Flying Branch of Pakistan Air Force. The Candidate should be free from deformities of hands, feet, spine and chest e.g. Hallus Valgus (inward rotation of the toe), Flat Feet (feet not having normal curve), Knocking Knees (knees striking with each other while standing erect or running), Overriding of Toes, etc. The visual and hearing systems should be in perfect condition. Moreover, the candidate should not be affected by skin and dental diseases. The Torso Height should fall between the laid down upper and lower limits for the Flying Branch. There should be no squint, defective vision and colour blindness.

Important: The candidate must have 6/6 eye sight without glasses. Candidates, who wear glasses, should not apply. Opinion of PAF Medical Officer conducting the test is final. No appeal in this regard is admissible.

  • Interview

    • Successful candidates in intelligence test and preliminary medical are to appear for interview which will be conducted by an Interview Board. The Candidate is posed questions about the basic Subject and General knowledge. The Board determines the Candidate’s personality, character traits, comprehension, expression, emotional stability and confidence. The results of the interview will be available on the College Website (this).


  • Final Medical (CMB)

    • PAF College Sargodha medical test will be taken from the Candidates who will be selected in interview and they are called for the Final Medical Test at Islamabad, Sargodha / Lahore and Karachi. PAF’s Central Medical Board (CMB) examines the candidate thoroughly according to the requirements of Flying Branch. The decision of CMB is FINAL and no appeal against the decision is entertained.
  • Selection from Final Merit List

    • Candidates who qualify the CMB are included in the merit list for the final selection. There is no provision of reserved seats or quota of any kind at this institution. The list of finally selected candidates is uploaded on the College Website. The call up letter along with joining instructions are sent to the successful candidates only.

The final selection is made strictly in order of merit. The results are confidential and no correspondence/ appeal is entertained in this connection. If you want to get phone number of cadet college Sargodha then, The contact number of Cadet College Sargodha is given below;

Queen Chowk Near
PAF Base  Mushaf
PAF College Sargodha
Phones: +92 48 3729702-3
Email Address:
Online Apply Here:

PAF College Sargodha Model Papers

PAF College Sargodha old papers are available regarding Sargodha Cadet College Admission requirement subjects as mentioned below to take admission in 8th class of PAF Sargodha Cadet College. Click on the test below and start practice to attempt till you get 100% result. Syllabus of PAF Cadet College Sargodha is given here (Download) and PAF College Sargodha Challan form (Download)

Past Papers of Sargodha Cadet College

Subject Notes

See More

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  • Sample Paper-1 of General Science for PAF College Sargodha (Download)
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  • Past Paper of Urdu-1 for PAF Cadet College Sargodha (Download)
  • Past Paper of Urdu-2 for PAF Cadet College Sargodha (Download)

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