Operation Branch in Pak Navy Marine & SSG

Join Pak Navy as an Officer in Navy Operation Branch of Marine & SSG (N). If you are interested to start your career as a commando and also as a Naval Officer, then this is best choice to spend life in most thrilling ways. 

Headquarter of commander SSG(N) in Pak Navy is PNS Iqbal. The commander SSG(N) is placed under the command of Commander Coastal areas. 

Complete criteria and procedure of Navy Operation Branch is given with syllabus and initial tests. If you feel any difficulty then subscribe YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE HERE) or Install mobile App of “Shaheen Forces Academy” HERE

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Role and Task of Marine & SSG (N)

Special Services Group (Navy) has been assigned following roles:

   •    Frogman Operations through X-Craft
   •    Air borne Operations
   •    Commando Operations
   •    Salvage Operations
   •    Search and Rescue Missions
   •    Training of SSG(N).

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Training Scheme of Navy Operation Branch in Marine & SSG (N)

After recruitment as cadets, Pakistan Naval Academy serves as the cradle, grooming them professionally, morally, educationally, mentally and physically. Personality traits of individuals are developed which result in proficient Naval Officers equipped with the highest ideals of loyalty, honour, courage and dedication.

After 1½ years at PNA, the cadets pass out as midshipmen and join ships. In the fleet, they experience the life at sea while working in different areas onboard. After 6 months training at sea, the midshipmen are commissioned as Sub-Lieutenants.

History of Marine & SSG in Navy Operation Branch

During first two decades of its inception SSG (N) capabilities were confined to frogmen Ops with overwhelming focus on underwater covert insertion through X-Craft and chariots. However through a well thought out training philosophy SSG (N) transformed into a potent out fit capable of operating at Sea, Sub Sea, Air and Land dimensions. Through out its history of almost 4 decades unit has been performing diversified Ops as per the dictates and employment directives of higher HQs.

PNS IQBAL houses HQ SSG(N) and is the logistic support to HQs SSG (N), SEAL and VBSS segments in their bases and field areas. The maintenance of all sea transport, VBSS boats are provide by PNS IQBAL. The training and medical setup is also located at PNS IQBAL.

SEAL group comprises of SEAL TEAM, Air Borne and ATT. These teams operate under CO SEAL GROUP.


It is the main stay of SEAL group. The primary objective of this team is clandestine operation in enemy’s waters with out detection and Exit Trunk operation in the enemy’s waters.


Threat of saboteurs/ terrorist attacks is increasing day by day. Sustained preparedness for rapid response to such threat is the prime responsibilities of ATT

VBSS boats are very modern fast speedboats with integrated sensors and equipments. The boats are used to seal group in enemy territory and conduct operation on suspected vessels. Pakistan Navy has always tried to remain abreast with the new concepts and the Special Services Group (Navy) at numerous occasions has been employed as an active part of PN force in assistance of coalition forces against terrorism. To enhance their capabilities further PN has inducted two speedboat for VBSS operations The roles of VBSS are:

   •   MIO/VBSS operation at high seas/ anchorages
   •   Seal insertion
   •   Surveillance/ covert surveillance
   •    Anti terrorist protection of the coastal & offshore installations
   •   Search and rescue
   •   Anti smuggling duties

Courses Offered in Navy Operation Branch

   •    Clearance Diving Course 18 weeks
   •    Advance Frogman Course 10 weeks
   •    Re-Compression Chamber Course 04 weeks

Facilities in Navy Operation Branch

   •    Swimming Pool
   •    Training Camp
   •    Explosive Range
   •    Rappelling Site
   •    Diving Medical Department
   •    Hyperbaric Chamber Complex System
   •    Library
   •    CQB Hut
   •    Firing Range
   •    Assault Course
   •    Gymnasium
   •    Boarding & Lodging

Basic Criteria & Procedure of Navy Operation Branch Officers

Initial Tests of Navy Operation Branch Officers in Pak Navy

In the academic / initial tests of Pak Navy Operation Branch Officers, two major tests are being taken. One is Intelligence test and other is Academic which includes subjects of English, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and General Knowledge.

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