Naval Medical Officer Jobs and Procedure

Join Pak Navy as a Naval Medical Officer in Pak Navy Medical Branch. All procedure and basic requirements are given to become Naval Medical Branch Officer. This is the best job in Pak Navy and it gives respect and groom professionally.

Pak Navy also offers jobs of Navel Medical Officers in Medical department. Basic ranks  of Pak Navy Medical Officer starts with Midshipman.

Those who join as a Navy Medical Officer, they are being awarded the rank of Lieutenant Commander which is equal to the Squadron Leader in PAF and Major in Pak Army.

naval medical officer in Pak Navy

Ranks and Salary of Naval Medical Officer starts with the basics of their ranks which is given to them just after training of Pak Navy. If you are worried about tests and procedure then see below in detail. 

  • Last date of registration for Navel Medical Officer is 11 Dec, 2022.

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Practice Tests of Naval Medical Officers

Syllabus and tests of Pak Naval Medical Officer include Intelligence Tests in which two types of tests are being given to the candidates like Verbal and Non Verbal Intelligence Tests. 

Intelligence Test required to solve 75 questions in 30 minutes and academic paper includes 75 questions which are to solve in 30 minutes. 

Academic Tests for M Cadet

For more Academic Tests of M Cadet, see below: 

1.Physiology MCQsClick Here6.General Anatomy MCQsClick Here
2.Pharmacology MCQsClick Here7.Oral Anatomy MCQsClick Here
3.Pathology MCQsClick Here8.Biochemistry MCQsClick Here
4.Oral Histology MCQsClick Here9.Microbiology MCQsClick Here
5.Oral Pathology & Medicine MCQsClick Here10.Dental Material MCQsClick Here

Criteria & Procedure of Naval Medical Officers

Current Advertisement of Navel Medical Officer - 2023A

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