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Past Questions of PMA

Past Questions of PMA papers are given here. Selection in the PMA Long Course is the dream of every young person who love this Pak Land. Those who do apply to Join Pak Army remain much curious about the past papers of Initial Tests preparation of PMA. 

This page helps to prepare Initial Tests of PMA Long Course particularly with reference to the initial academic tests of PMA. This page gives you the true picture of most repeated questions of initial tests of PMA. 

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Important Questions of PMA Long Course

In the following, past questions of PMA long course have been collected from the different candidates who appeared in the their academic tests. If you learn all these questions then you can get 100% results . 


1.If 28th day of a month is Sunday then the 2nd day will be Tuesday.

2.If yesterday was Sunday then the day after tomorrow will be Wednesday.

3.If 4th day of a month is Friday then 19th day will be Saturday.

4.90% of 90 is 81.

5.One third of 10% of 90 is 3.

6.One third of 10% of 120 is 4.

7.There are Seven months in a year having 30 days.

8.If 1 man write 5 papers in 5 minutes then, 1 man will write 1 paper in 1 minute.

9.Out of 500 students, 360 are boys.The percentage of girls will be 28%.

10. 2+2/2=3

11.Quarter of one tenth of 120 is 3.

12.There are 30 passengers in a bus.2/3 of them are men then the percentage of women is 33.33%.

13.Ali bought a pen for Rs 30 and sold it for Rs 40. Profit will be 33.33%.

14.Point out the different from the following: Angle, Rectangle,

Square, Hexagon (Angle is answer) Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball (Football is answer)


Tennis (Ans is Football)

Wheat, Hay,Rice,Barley

(Hay is answer) Monkey,Ape,Chimpanzee,Panda,Baboon (Ans is Panda).

America,Africa,Asia,Euro (Euro is answer)

15.If 4th day of month is Tuesday then the 26th day of month will be Wednesday.

16.There are 30 passengers in a bus.2/3 of them are men then the number of women are 10.

17.A man walked towards north then he turns left.After some time he turned right, then the present direction will be North.

18.Complete the following series. 115 55 170 65 235 ? ( Answer is 75)

66 63 57 45 ? (Ans is 21)

2,6,14,30,62 ? (Ans is 126)

B,E,J,Q ? (Ans is Z)

A,C,F,J,O ? (Ans is U)

L,M,N ? (Ans is O)

19.If 4th day of month is Sunday then 19th day will be Monday.

20.If 14th day of month is Sunday then 4th day of month will be Thursday.

21. (Choose the most appropriate answer from the options.) Parents give education to their children to Groom them.

We boil milk to kill germs.

22.If yesterday was Friday then the day after tomorrow will be Monday.

23.A train speed is twice as that of car.If car covers 60km in one hour then how much distance train will cover in 30 minutes. (Answer is 60 km)

24.Bat cannot Sea and Snake cannot Hear.

Sound of Eagle is Scream.

25.Half of 9/90 is 1/5 or 0.2.

26.In a class of 1500 students, 1200 are present then the percentage of absent students will be 20 %.

27.If my brother’s sister is your mother,the who I am to you? (Answer is Uncle)

28.If 1st day of month is Monday, then the 12th day of month will be Saturday.

29.If 5 men write 5 pages in 5 minutes,then 1 man will write 1 page in 5 minutes.

30.Train speed is double than that of car and the car travels 30 km in 1 hour.How much distance train will cover in 30 minutes.(Answer is 30 km)

31.If a man travel 90km in 1 hour and 40 minutes.He will cover 1km in 0.9 minute.

32.80 % of 90 is 72.

33.In a class room out of 1500 students,1200 are present,find % of present students. (Ans is 80%)

34.If Second day of a month is Monday then the 12th day will be Friday.

36.If 2nd day of month is Sunday then 23rd day will be Sunday.


38.One third of 120 is 40.

39.If one dozen pencil price is 27, then price of 4 pencils is 9.

40.Ali moves toward north side after some time he turns left then again turn left, his present direction is South.

41.Out of 500 students 340 are present, percentage of absent will be 32%.

42.Train is moving with speed of 90 Km/h. How much distance it will cover in 12 mints? (Ans is 18Km).

43.A man cover 20Km in one hour and 40 mints, then he will cover 1km in 0.2 mints.

44.If 15th day of month is Monday then 4th day of month is Thursday.

45.In class of 24 students, 1/4 are male, then % of females is 75%.

46.A man walks towards north and then turn left then turn right,his present direction is north.

47.Third letter when Augmented is arranged alphabetically will be E.

48.Aeroplane flies due to lift.(not confirm)

49.Vehicle is to wheels as Sound is to waves.

50.Leap year comes after 4 years.

51.Train covers 120 km distance in 1 hour and 40 mints.How much distance it will cover in 15 mints? (Ans is 30km).

52.If yesterday was Friday, tommorow will be Sunday.

53.If 4th day of month is Sunday then 14th day is Monday.

54. A car is moving with 120km/h how much distance it covers in 10 mints.(Ans is 20 Km).

55. 120*7=840.

56.If 28th day of month is Monday then 8th day will be Tuesday.

57.A man walks 20km in 1 hour 40 mints, how much time it will take to cover 1 km? (Ans is 5 mints).

58.If Ahmad walks towards north and then turn left.What is his present direction? (Ans is west).

59.If 2nd day of a month is Friday, then 23rd day will be Friday.

60.If Ali’s present age is 5 years and Sidra is twice of Ali’s age.Calculate age of Sidra when Ali is 11 years old.(Ans is 16).

61.If Monday is 1st day of month, 13th day will be Saturday.

62. Quarter of 120 is 30.

63.In a class 500, 340 are boys, find % of boys.(Ans is 68%).

64.If 1 dozen pencils are of RS 60, amount of 5 pencil will be 25.

65.Train covers 120 km in one hour,how much distance it will cover in 12 mints? (Ans is 24 km).

66.After arranging Rapiss, it is name of a country,city,ocean and state.(Ans is City).

67.Dog is to bitch as horse is to mare.

68.If monday is 4th day of month, 18th day will be Monday.

69.Why people read newspaper? (Ans is to get knowledge).

70.Why people use car? (Ans is to travel)

Note:(In question number 69 and 70 choose answer according to the options I have just written the expected answers).

71.If 2nd day of month is Friday then 14th day will be Wednesday.

72.Last letter of UTYEAB after arranging it will be Y.

73. What will be the 3rd letter in word Management when it is alphabetically arranged? (Ans is G) (not confirmed).

74.A person purchased a book for Rs 500 and sold it for Rs 700.Calculate profit %.(Ans is 40%).

75.One tenth of 90 is 9.

76.One tenth of 120 is 12.

77.If yesterday was Monday then day after tomorrow will be Thursday.

78.If a helicopter needs 50 gallons to move 320km then how much gallons helicopter need to move 400km? (Ans is 62.5)(Not Confirmed)

79.Amjad and Ahmad kept 24 balls. Amjad kept 3 times more than Ahmad. How much Ahmad kept?(Ans is 6 ).

80.Boy is 3 years old, his sister is 3 times older than him. What will be age of his sister when boy will be 11 years old? (Ans is 17).

81.20% of one tenth of 90 is 1.8.

82.Sister of my brother’s son is my Niece.

83.A boy has average of 50 in 5 test, how much should he get in next test to have average of 70? (Ans is ).

84.If my age is 10 years and brother is 2 times of my age. What will be our ratio after 10 years? (Ans is 2/3 or 3/2)(Not Confirm).

85.If 3rd day of month is Friday then 23rd day will be Thursday.

86.Ali is 5 years old, his sister is 3 times older than him. What will be the age of his sister when Ali will be 10 years old? (Ans is 20).

87.If 4th day of month is Tuesday then 12th day will be Wednesday.

88.Saleem has average of 60 in 4 subjects. Saleem’s average drops to 58 after attempting next test. Find grade.

89.10 men dig a well in 5 days, how many days the will take if men are 5? (Ans is 20).

90.Salman is 4 years old. Ali’s age is twice of Salman. When Salman is 12 years old what will be the age of Ali? (Ans is 16).

91.Akbar is older than Ahmad. Umair is older than Akbar. Which is elder? (Ans is Umair).

92.Adil is 5 years old and his sister is 3 times of his age. What will be the age of his sister when Adil will be 15 years old? (Ans is 25).

93.80% of 80 is 64.

94.90% of 70 is 63.

95.Write the words formed from following numbers.

18,5,19,20 (Ans is Rest).

96.Sister of my brother is your mother, what is relation between you and me? (Ans is Nephew or Niece).

97.Adnan walk 10 meters towards north, then towards south. After this he turns back and then move towards left. What is his present direction? (Ans is West).

98.Train covers 20 Km in one hour then how much distance it covers in 1 mint? (Ans is 0.3km).

99.60% of 9 is 5.4

100.80% of 10 is 8.

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why we boil ? To kill germs

why parents send children ti school.? For grooming

90 percent of 90.? (81)

Quarter of one tenth of ? (3)

One tenth of 90.? (9)

1200 students are present in a class out of 1500.what is percentage of present students? (80%)

340 are male out of 500 then percentage of ? (68%)

Ali is 4 years old and his sister is 3 times older than him when Ali is 11 years old then age of his ?

(33 years)

A train is moving twice fast as car if speed of car is 60km/h then how much distance will train cover in 30 mints?


A vehicle is moving with the speed of 90km/h then how much distance it will cover in 12 ?


  1. If 15th day of a month is Monday then what will be 4th day of that month.?? Thursday
  1. If yesterday was Friday then what will be day after ? (Monday)
  2. If 2nd day of a month is Sunday then what will be 23rd day of that month.? (Sunday)
  3. How many months have 31 days in a ? (7 months)
  4. Out of 15 people in a room 2/3 are male then how many ? (10)

16.2+2/2..? (3)

  1. What comes after the letter which comes after G


  1. If Monday is the 13th Day of month then what will be the 4th day of the month? *Saturday*


UNO secretary belongs to which country? Antonio gotreius (Portugal)

Capital of Nepal? Kathmandu Capital of Bhutan? Thimphu

European union total members?   27 members countries

Who was the pm of India when Indus water treaty signed? Pandit Jawahalal Nehru

Hazrat Ismael As was the son of? Hazrat Ibrahim As

Age of pbuh when her mother died? 6 age

Current chief justice of pak? Gulzar Ahmed

Highest military award of Pak ? Nishan e Haider

Fatima Jinnah Profession? Dentist

Jibrael As is? Angle

Largest river of Asia? Yangtze river china

Largest city of Pak area wise? Chaagi

Head of zakat?  8 heads

Basha dam on river ? Indus river

USA assembly member ? 535 voting members

Current chairman of nab? Javed iqbal

Main source of electricity in Pak? Hydro power

Zimbabwe capital? Harare

American independent day ? 4 July 1776

First census in Pak ? 1951

Day name when Pak test nuclear power ? Thursday, 28 May 1998

Muslim bin kazab participated in which battle? Battle of Yamama

Yom-e-takbeer ? 28 may

Flourish means? Grow

Jihad closest meaning? Struggle

Qila balahisar is in? Peshawar

Who select member of senate ? Provincial assembly

Defence minister of Pak? Parwez khattak

1973 article?


Second name of Ghazwa-e-Badar is? Furqan

Total Ghazwat ? 27 Ghazwat

Total members of senate ? 104

Bulleh shah was poet of language? Punjabi

Where is Cholistan desert? Bahawalpur Punjab Leader of kuffar in Badar? Abu Jahal

Kazakhstan capital ? Nur sultan

When Uhad took place? 3 Hijri

Which president of Pak Ist went to America? Liaqat Ali khan

Loyal Mohammadians written by? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Friends not master written by? Ayub khan

Kalabagh dam is where ? Kalabagh mianwali district Punjab Data ganj baksh shrine is where ? Lahore

When Pak launch it’s first sattelite? Badarl 16 july 1990

Pak india border length? 3320

with kashmir Muslim martyer in badar ? 14 muslims martyared

Hazrat Sara (RA) was the mother of.. Hazrat Isamail As

Capital of Ghana Accra

  1. Total number of seats of Senate of each province 104 total

23 each

SAFTO means : South African Foreign Trade Organization

 Total Verses in Surah Baqarah       :286 verses

Quran is a Speech of Allah which Contains.. : Surah Al-Mudaththir

5 Circles in Olympic Flag Represents. 5 continents

How many Amendments in 1973 Constitution Passed 286

Abu Jahal died in which battle Badar

Second Name of Ahzab Gazwa e Khandaq

keenjhar Jheel is located in Thatta

Badshahi Masjid is Located in Lahore

Gawader Port is in which district   District Gawadar

Liaqat Ali Khan tittle was Millat e Shaheed

Head quarter of Aferican countries? Ethopia

.cripmission kb sub contrnent aya tha?  1942 may

2.Nabi pak SWA k dosry gahzwa ka name


Liaqat ali khan ko kn sa khitab diya giya? Shaheed e milat

428 May ko kn sa din minaya jata ha (youm Takbeer).

5.Afican countries k head quarter?


world olympic games k flage main 5 circle kis ko show krty hain? 5 continent

khyber pass pak ko kis sa milata ha?


madina ka purana name?

Yasrab uno kb bny

24 oct 1945

Fedral health Minister pak? 90 ka 90 percent?

border india k sath length 3323km

pti kis na bnai Imran Khan 9.sindh ka gov sindh ka CM?

Murad Ali Shah

11.pak kb islami jamooria bna

.crips mission kb? May 1942


Faiz Hameed

CM Baluchistan ? Jam kamal khan

Peshawar is also called? City of flowers

Hindu Kush mountains connect Pakistan with?


length of amazon river? 6,575 km

Deepest lake?

Bailkul lake

length of Suez canal? 120 miles

1962 constitution made by? Ayub khan

Today’s academic questions that i remember What is darling?

Ans (A River) Snake is ? Ans (deaf )

where are blind whales found in pakistan ? Ans Indus River how many tv chanels of pakostan? Ans(90)

UNO seactory belong to which country? Ans(Portuguese)

China president name ? Xi jinkping

Pakistan largest fort? Ranikot

Speaker punjab assembly? Parwez elahi

World 3 rd largest River? Yangtze

Bacho Mai sb sai pehlai islaam kisnai qabool Kia? Hazrat Ali

Brothers of hazrat Khalid bin Waleed? 4

Al furqan kis jang Ka dusra Nam hai? Badar

First person to visit moon? Neil armstrong

Cpec established year?

22 May 2013

Literally meaning of Israel? God Contended

Total bones in human body? 206

Two infinite sets are always? Largest fort in Pakistan?

Rani kot

Main Indus plain is situated in? Punjab

Which area seperate takisktan and Pakistan? Wakhan border

First private TV channel? Indus Vision

  • capital of Bahrain Manama

*Capital of Nepal Khatmandu

  • President of China Xi jingping

*India is on which direction of Pak East

  • Jinah Barrage on which river Indus river (2900km)

*Organization made by Pakistan turkey and Afghanistan in 1954

  • Major electricty source in Pakistan Hydro power
  • Pakistan supply sea routes to which landlocked Gawadr to central asia
  • Ghazwa Badar was fought Quraish
  • City of Saints Multan
  • Mohenjo Daro is situated Larkana
  • Sahi Muslim was compiled by? Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj
  • Corona Virus was emerged in which year 2019
  • highest polo ground Shandur kpk
  • nanga parbat is world’s highest mountain 9 th
  • one question of iota i×(-10)
  • Two question of matrices
  • at the time of hijrat to Madina where did the (camel ) of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) stayed Abu ayub al ansari (alQaswa) camel
  • who said that: ” holy quran is all the morals of Holy Prophet PBUH Hazrat Ayesha
  • secretary general of UN holds office for how many years 5
  • crops grown in hilly areas have deficiency of which ( sodium, iodine, iron etc options thy)
  • who was the president of first constituent assembly of pakistan Quaid E Azam
  • which year olympic was canceled due to world war 1 1914
  • Major Aziz Bhatti shaheed embraced shahdat in which indo-pak war 1965
  • every year defence day is celebrated on which 6 sep
  • We boil milk ? To kill germs
  • Lowari top connects Chitral to Dir

Most words in which language? English

If yesterday is sunday what day will be day after tomorrow.

If friday is 4th day of month what will be the 23rd day ? (3 to 4 of this type)

Chief minister balochistan Jam kamal khan

Who is called Jamme ul quran ? Hazrat usman RA

Who started Quit india movement ? 1942 by Gandhi

Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) had how many daughters?? (Four) daughtee and 3 son

Name of Pakistan was coined .? (Ch.Rehmat Ali)

Speaker of National .? (Asad Qaiser)

Prophet(P.B.U.H) performed first umrah ..? (7 Hijri)

Pakistan can be divided into how many physiographical ? 3

Warsak dam is built on which river.? (Kabul river)

First president of constituent assembly of pak.? (Quaid e Azam)

Babusar pass .

Abbotabad with chitral

hazrat ismail ka hazrat ishaq ke sath kia rista tha Brother

taka currency kis mulk ki h Bangladesh

I965 ki jang kis month me hoe. April

Holy prophet ne jab migration ki thi makah se madina unke sath companion kon tha Hazrat Abu baker

OIC kia mulk me hoe? Moroco

OIC kis region ne ki mean islamic countries ne ya eurpion country ne Organization of Islamic countries

capital of yemen Sanaa

capital of nipal. Khatmandu 2)capital of Uganda. Kampala

president of Xijingping

name of pak was coined Ch Rehmat Ali 1933

First used in book now and never

  • jummeul Quran kes ka title

Hazrat Usman

  • jannah of pak kes ny leka ta Stenly wolpert

1st army chief? Tikka khan

  • 1965 ma kon PM

Ayub khan president no pm

  • 12th army cheif kon tha?

General Jahangeer karamat 1)harrappa in which city?

Sahiwal beside ravi river

  • warsak dam on which river?

Kabul river 460ft

  • zaboor was on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood As
  • who accpt Islam 1st in women?

Hazrat khadija Ra

  • largest glacier in pak?


  • how many rivers in kpk? 7
  • bilal RA is the slave of?

Ummya Bin khalf

  • cubic unity root of?

Jinnah of pak ye book kes ny lekah hn? Stenly wolpert

  • saarc members?

8 members

  • pak join LFO?

1970 legal framework organization

  • place b/t river is called?


  • first battle of lslam?

Widan or Abwan

hazrat Ismail A.S aur hazrat ishaq A.S k apas main kia rishta tha? Brother

Hazrat hajera R.A k baity ka naam Kia tha? Hazrat Ismail Ra

Current chief justice Kon Hain? Gulzar Ahmed

Current DG ISI ka naam Kia hy Major general Faiz Hameed Suez canal ki length kitni hy 193 km 120miles

Panama canal kin oceans ko milati hy Pacific and atlantic

World comon wealth k kitny member Hain? 54

Kis country ny UN main shamil hony k liye referendum krwaya tha Pakistan k flag ka design kis ny bnaya tha?

Ameer uddin Qudvani

Sindh Bombay sy kb separate hua? 1936

Smallest Dam of Pakistan


Largest fresh water lake of Pakistan *Manchhar Lake*

When SAARC was founded

*8 December 1985 Dhaka, Bangladesh*

Headquarters of Food and agriculture organization Rome, Italy*

First Pakistani Prime minister to visit America

*Liaquat Ali Khan

Who opposed Pakistan in the UNO? *Afghanistan*

Crips misson (1942)

when pak become islamic republic (23 march 1956)

PTI was found ( 25 April 1996)

Pak- ind border (Red cliff line)

90% of 90 ( 81)

UNO was made (24 Oct 1945)

Federal health minister (faisal sultan)

WHO was found ( 7 April 1948)

Old name of madina (Yasrub)

Khyber pass join pakistan with (Afghanistan)

Surahs are called mozateen ( Surah falaq and naas)

ruskan peak

( Balochistan pleatue)

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  • 1962 constitution . ( Presedential)
  • Ayat means ( nishani(symol)
  • Day name when paksitan test atomic bomb thursday
  • first census of pakistan (1951)
  • America independence day ( 4 july 1776)
  • Sword of Allag is title of ( khalid bin waleed)
  • which surah has two bismillah ( Naml)
  • Neutrons are discovered by ( chadwick)
  • pak china border agreement in which year ( 1963)
  • Average height of balochistan plateau (2000ft)
  • Balochistan CM (Jam kamal)
  • CM of sindh ( Murad Ali shah)
  • Who is abdul rehman chugtai ( painter)
  • When uhad battle took place (shawal 3hijri)

ghazwa badr (ramzan 2 hijri)

Ghazwa khyber

( moharam 7 hijri)

fateh makah

(20 ramzan 8 hijri)

  • Capital of Kazakhstan (Nur Sultan)
  • Loyal muhammadian written by (sir syed Ahmed khan)
  • Kala bagh dam situated in (indus river miahwali)
  • where is Daata Ganjbhaksh Tom (lahore)
  • when was pak: sent first satellite in space (16 july 1990)
  • Pak-ind border length (3323(2065 mi))
  • How many sahabas(R.A) martyred in Badar (14)
  • How many TV channels are in Pak 124
  • when pakistan test first atomic bomb (28 may 1998)

United nation permanent member? ( 5)

10 non permenant

Largest desert in world? (Sahara desert) NAB current chairman? ( Javid Iqbal)

Close meaning of abolish? (Finish)

Old name of makah? (Bakkah)

3rd surah of Quran? (Surah Al Imran)

Lucknow pact was between Muslim league and? ( Congress)

Youm e taqbear day? 28 may

Border with Iran? (909km)

Countries having nuclear weapon? (9)

Word Muhammad used in Quran? (4 times)

Current chairman of sarrac? (Esala Ruwan Weerakoon)

Name of the new Ambassador appointed to USA? Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani

Who receited Surah Maryam to king Najashi? Ja’far

Karakorm highway start from which city? Hassan abdal


Faiz Hameed

3rd longest river? Yangtze river

King of Saudi Arabia?

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

If there’s a conflict over bil between National assembly and Senate cabinet, who resolve it?

If a.b, what is a? Assadullah title? Hazrat Ali

Kaleemullah title? Hazrat Musa As

Treaty of hudabiya date? 6 hijri

Grief year date? 10hijri

Lord minto reforms date? 1909

When pakistan joined Non aligned movement? 1979

Number of countries in UN in 1945? 51 members

Permanent and non permanent members of security council? 10 non per 5per

Start reading   page 7. What are functions?

Shah jahan mosque is where? Lahore

Lahore is a noun, pronoun? Noun

When did Pakistan join Commonwealth? 1947

Members of uno in 1964 115

Narowal in division? Gujranwala

1-)Mark Zuckerberg is founder of????


2-) 2+2/2=3

  • why parents send their children to school?

For grooming

  • ghazwa uhad date?

3 hijri

  • rooh Ullah???

Hazrat Essa As

  • age of prophet at the time of fujjrah?

15 years

  • duration of UN secretary general?
  • present UN secretary general belongs to which country?


  • speaker of national assembly???

Asad Qaisar

  • president of Afghanistan?

Ashraf Ghani

  • it is……. Easy to understand?
  • centre of circle is called???
  • quarter of 120 ? = 3

15 ) 80% of 80?


  • smallest dam of pak?

Warsak dam 460ft

  • national fruit of pak?



  • SAARC established in year?


  • second pillar of Islam?


  • common value among people of Pakistan?
  • literal meanings of Ayat?
  • Ayat ul qursii in which surah?
  • smallest continent?


*the Prince book writer


*Reconstruction to religious thought writer


*Pakistan first embassy was in…?



*Black lives matter slogan was first introduced in.


*Quadratic equation graph


*2nd pillar of islam


Ruhool ul qudus


*How many years later Pakistan first constitution was declared


Which pass connects chitral to dir

(lowari pass)

Culmination synonym

Two person of same age and social status are


Wife name of saudi prince?


Wife name of russia president?

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya


Note: Advance sorry for any Errors . Please confirm where you feel any ambiguity in answer. Thanks 

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