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Who is First?

Who is First? Who is First in Pakistan? (Part-1) Very Very important General Knowledge questions are given about “Who is First?” which elaborates general knowledge questions in different ways.  These Questions are very useful for ISSB interview and any job Interview which is being taken in Pakistan Defence Forces like, Pak Army, Pak Navy, and […]

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Top Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions for 100% Passing Results National Symbols of Pakistan for Interview  Interview Questions are very important to increase confident of the candidate because he/ she feels himself/ herself more better as compared to others.  If you want to pass the interview then read the following interview questions more carefully and learn all by

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Initial Problems of Pakistan

Initial Problems of Pakistan After getting independence on 14 Aug, 1047, Pakistan faced many problems in which main problems are given below; Must see: Pak Studies MCQs Must see: Pak Forces Ranks and Insignia Join us at Face Book : Click Here Refugees’ Problems After creating the two states, millions of Muslims whose areas became

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Ideology of Pakistan

IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN Definition of Ideology The word Ideology is composed of two Greek words, “Ideo” and “logos,” which mean “the study of Ideas.” Ideology is the body of concepts, especially about life or culture. Therefore, ideology is a system of beliefs, values, and a body of knowledge that people consider true and practicable. The

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