pak navy personality test

Many students are interested to join Pak Forces like Army, Navy and PAF in which they feel worry in Pak Navy Urdu Personality Tests. In this test students are being checked mentally that which type of thinking they have and how they will perform in Pak Forces.

Students also can find Pak Navy Personality tests in Urdu and in PDF also which helps students to pass the personality tests of Pak Navy initial tests. It is also part of Pak navy civilians test syllabus and also found in pdf as given below. Following tests are also useful for the Pakistan Air Force personality tests.

In Pak Navy Personality Tests, passing marks are 50%. But if you will get more marks then it will help in coming at the top of the merit which raise your marks in total. 

Personality Tests in Pakistan Navy


Pak Navy Personality Test in Urdu

personality test of pak navy
navy personality test

Navy Personality Test Preparation

navy personality test
navy personality test

Navy Personality Test PDF

navy personality test

Pak Navy Initial Personality Test


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