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Cadet College Bhurban is a prestigious institution that offers quality education to young students from all over Pakistan. Located in the scenic hills of Bhurban, this college has a rich history and a strong reputation for producing leaders in various fields.

  • Last Date of Admission in Cadet College Bhurban : 31 December, 2023 

Admissions Process at Cadet College Bhurban

To gain admission to Cadet College, Bhurban, students must pass an entrance exam that tests their knowledge of English, Mathematics, and Urdu. The college offers admission to students from class six to class eleven, and the selection process is highly competitive.

Facilities at Cadet College, Bhurban

Cadet College, Bhurban offers state-of-the-art facilities to its students to ensure a comfortable and safe learning environment. The college has spacious and well-equipped classrooms, science and computer labs, a library, a sports complex, and a medical center.

Academic Programs at Cadet College, Bhurban

Cadet College, Bhurban offers a diverse range of academic programs, including:

  1. Pre-medical and pre-engineering courses

  2. O and A levels programs

  3. Hifz-e-Quran classes

  4. Cadet College diploma program

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Admission Criteria for Cadet College Bhurban

  1. Age Limit: The age limit for admission to Cadet College Bhurban is 11 to 13 years for grade 6, 12 to 14 years for grade 7, and so on up to grade 12.

  2. Academic Qualifications: To be eligible for admission, the candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in the previous grade. In addition, the candidate must pass the written test and medical examination conducted by the college.

  3. Written Test: The written test consists of multiple-choice questions in English, Urdu, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The duration of the test is 2-3 hours, and it is held at different examination centers across the country.

  4. Medical Examination: The medical examination is conducted to ensure that the candidate is physically fit and has no medical conditions that may hinder their studies or activities at the college. The candidate must pass the medical examination to be eligible for admission.

  5. Interview: After passing the written test and medical examination, the candidate is called for an interview. The interview is conducted by a panel of teachers and officers to assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills, and other qualities.

Extracurricular Activities at Cadet College-Bhurban

In addition to academic programs, Cadet College Bhurban offers a variety of extracurricular activities to its students. These include sports, music, drama, debate, and community service. The college encourages students to participate in these activities to develop their talents and leadership skills.

Alumni of Cadet College-Bhurban

Cadet College Bhurban has a proud tradition of producing successful alumni who have excelled in various fields. Some notable alumni include:

  1. General Pervez Musharraf, former President and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan

  2. General Ehsan ul Haq, former Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence

  3. Major General Iftikhar Janjua, recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s highest military award


Cadet College-Bhurban is a prestigious institution that offers quality education and a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs to its students. With its rich history and strong reputation, it is a sought-after institution for young students in Pakistan.

Contacts Detail

If you need to contact Cadet College Bhurban for any inquiries or information, here are the contact details:

  • Postal Address: Cadet College Bhurban, Murree Hills, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Phone Number: +92-51-3751001-3, 0311-5687225
  • Fax Number: +92-51-3751004
  • Email Address:
  • Website:

cadet college Bhurban admission

Cadet College Bhurban is located in the scenic hills of Bhurban, Pakistan.

Cadet College Bhurban admits students from grades 6 to 12, with an age range of 11 to 18 years old.

To apply for admission to Cadet College-Bhurban, you must pass a written test, medical examination, and interview. The college offers various academic programs, including pre-medical and pre-engineering courses, O and A level programs, and a diploma program. You can visit the college’s website for more information on the admissions process.

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