ramadan 2022

What is Ramadan?

In Islam, the Muslims call this monthHoly Ramadanwhich is 9th month of the Muslim’s calendar. In this month, Muslims take fasting. In this month, Muslims build themselves spiritually up and try to become closer to Almighty Allah.

Main purpose of this holy month of Ramadon is make oneself closer to their Lord (Almighty Allah), because in this month every Muslim want to learn that what to do during Ramadan. 

In Islam, there are rules of Muslim fasting; like to avoid from smoking, to avoid from drinking, to avoid from sexual intercourse, to avoid see xxx, or sexy movies, from sunrise to sunset particularly and in the entire month generally. Moreover, in Rammadan month, Muslims avoid to eat anything, taking drinks or liquids, smoking cigarettes and like engaging in any wrong activities.

Ramadan is that month which is being considered the most holy month of Islam. In the entire world different people call it with different names like; Ramadom, Ramadam, Rammadan, Holy Ramadan, and Ramadan Month etc.

Typical Day of the Muslim during the Holy Month of Ramadan

This becomes great pleasure for the Muslims to have this Holy Month. Because Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that the person who finds this Holy Month into his life and completes all fasting of the month then this is one of the best sign of Allah’s blessing upon him. 

Normal routine of the Muslims in the entire day of the fasting is like; waking up early in the morning before half hour of the Fajr prayer Azan

Muslims eat some Halal eatable things as per their wishes. Then close their fasting on the command of Imam or as decided in the Islamic calendar’s time. Then, they perform Morning Prayer. Morning Prayer can be done till sun rise timings. 

During the day, Muslims performs their normal routine as they perform normally into the other days of the month. In this holy month, Muslims take particular care about prayers of Ramadon. 

They always try their level best to take extra care of the Ramadan prayers. A Muslim know the Ramadon fasting rules and he / she strictly follow because it creates a feeling of empathy for others who have less food and shelters in the world.

Muslims offer their prayers five times a day. Name of five prayers are; Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha. They follow daily pray timeline and they worship to their God every time with different ways. Their each step is being considered for each virtue. Ramadan month brings a lot of blessing for the Muslims. 

This becomes great opportunity to get close to Almighty Allah and they may take everything what they wish in this temporary world. Muslim fast is itself a blessing for the Muslims. Rammadan special programs are being presented in the TV channels to modify or upgrade the knowledge of the Muslims through media. Overall, Muslim prayers are called worship to Allah Almighty.

Ramadon is the time for the Muslims families to get together at table especially at the time of Iftaar, and sayings Dua for fulfilling their wishes. Because at the time of Iftar Allah always listen the needs of the Muslims and fulfill at any cost. Muslims consider Rammadan important to them in all respects of life. They prefer their worship on their routine work. As they follows the Ramadon rules as it is declared in the fasting of Ramadan. 

What are the Ramadan facts / rules for the Muslims?

  • They do not drink any liquid because they are not allowed in the fasting to take any type of drinks because, it is the worth element in the fasting during Ramadon. 
  • They can not take even coffee, Tea or any type of low calories food while fasting during Rammadan. 
  • They can not take any medicine especially those are being eaten and enter into the body. 
  • In case of any health emergency only injections are allowed. 
  • Muslims fasting remains for 30 days of the whole month. 
  • All Muslims living in the Muslim countries during fasting are to take care of all restrictions that are being told in the Islam. 
  • During fasting, Muslims can do their tooth brushes for keeping their teeth neat and clean. It is important to remember that tooth paste must not be entered into the throat. But, in Islam it is better to use Miswaak for cleaning their teeth. 
  • Drinking Alcohol is strictly forbidden for the Muslims during Ramadan month. 
  • Muslims can take shower any time when they feel thirsty or exhausted due to hot weather or hot environment during Ramadan. 
  • Muslims feels pride to say “Hapy Ramadan” or “Ramadon Mubarak” on arrival of the Holy Month by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or at WhatsApp status. 
  • Females have concessions to do holidays during the days of Menstruating but these Fasting are not excused at any cost. They complete their number of fasting after the Ramadan during other suitable time when they feel healthy. If a women has no health even after the Ramadan then she pay some specific amount to poors. 
  • During fasting, listening music is being considered bad for the Muslims. Islam advised to avoid listening music particularly in the month of Rammadan. 
  • Islam says that when you do not have enough water for Wuduh then take ablution by using Toilet paper, or even clean mud. 
  • During fasting of Ramadan, if bleeding comes then normally fasting never breaks but in case of any accident it breaks when bleeding seems a lot. 
  • The Holy month of Ramadon is being believed that during this month the Holy Qur’an was revealed to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which has complete guidance of the life for all human mankind.
  • Muslims have faith as per Islam guidance that if a child reached 14 years of age then he must complete fasting during the month of Ramadon. 
  • Rammadan is save in all respects as it is scientifically proved that if one has cancer then he must complete all fasting of this Holy month of Ramadan. This Ramadan is protective in all matters as it has post benefits of health. This is also a source of maintaining the proteins of the body. 
  • The Holy month of Ramadon is actually celebrated by the Muslims of the World who has firm believe in Allah and His will and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 
  • Those who are exempted from fasting are children, nursing, pregnant mothers who remains ill, feeling sick, and those who travels are included. 
  • During fasting normal romance is allowed with wife / wives like kissing and hugs only. 
  • In Ramadan, Muslims offer Taraveeh in Isha prayer. Tarahveeh are normally 20 Rakats but those who feel sick then they can offer 8 or 12 Rakats also.

How do Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al-Fitr is the happiest day of the Muslim because a Muslim feels fresh and clean as he/ she came in this world first time after Rammadan. The luckiest persons are those who completes all the fasting of the Ramadan. Muslims celebrates three days of Eid al-Fitr with a lot of thanks to Allah Almighty, taking gifts, giving charity and a lot of fun.

Eid al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are the two official Eids of the Muslims. Eid al Fitr is being celebrated after Ramadan and Eid Al Adha is being celebrated on the 10th of Dhual-Hijjah which is called the last Islamic month of the Islamic year.

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Note: Shaheen Forces Academy remains open during Ramadan and takes online classes so that students may be given flexible timings and guidance at their door steps. In case of any query contact us HERE. May Allah bless you with a lot of blessings during the holy month. 

ramadan 2022

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