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This is great news for the PAF pensioners who have served in Pakistan Air Force for a long time and getting pension from this elite organization. This is good news for all the personnel who are retired Officers, JCOs, Airman, Airwoman, or Civilian. Pakistan Air Force has established a pension facilitation centre to deal the pensioners’ problems of PAF personnel in most efficient way.

Its name has been designated as “Pensioners Facilitation Centre” which is established at Air Headquarters, Islamabad. Here, it deals with all types of questions regarding pensioners’ problems by considering it a single platform. This is also most beneficial for the PAF organization to run its elements in most befitting manner.

Pensioners problems are being solved through this platform. moreover, individual will be able to put his/ her question easily and their problems will be solved in quickest way. Every possible solution will be sorted out and then individual will be facilitated accordingly. PAF wards can prepare all tests in free to join PAF. Click Here for free online tests preparation and guidelines. 

If any retired person of Pakistan Air Force is facing any problem regarding his / her pension then immediately contact on the following numbers so that their problems may be solved.

If you want to contact PAF “Pensioners Facilitation Center” on immediate basis regarding solution of pensioners problems then click below. 

Contact  Here

Mini Exchange No: 091-9507123

For Officers Pensioners Problems: Contact at 0323-9403828

For Airman / Airwoman Pensioners Problems: 0323-9403829

For Civilian Pensioners Problems: 0323-9403830


PAF Website:

Detail Numbers for Pensioners Problems

pension problems
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