Pakistan Navy

All information will be given here about Pakistan Navy updates. Students will be kept updated about navy.

Avionics MCQs

Past Papers of Avionics MCQs Avionics MCQs are a great way to test and evaluate your knowledge in the field of avionics. They are designed to assess the fundamentals of the subject and can provide a great starting point for anyone looking to further their studies in the subject. Avionics MCQs cover a wide range […]

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Network Engineering MCQs

Network Engineering MCQs A Naval Officer of Network Engineering has a good salary package in Pak Navy rather he is in Pakistan or in UK which usually remains more than one Lac in starting package. Network Engineering salary is same as other branch officers have as per Pak Navy Ranks. Candidates who have their skills

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Pak Navy Personality Tests

Pak Navy Personality Test Many students are interested to join Pak Forces like Army, Navy and PAF in which they feel worry in Pak Navy Urdu Personality Tests. In this test students are being checked mentally that which type of thinking they have and how they will perform in Pak Forces. Students also can find

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Pak Navy Test MCQs

Pak Navy Test MCQs of Navel Branches If you want to join Pak Navy then you have to pass the initial tests in which your capability will be checked. These tests include Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence tests, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, General knowledge and Pak Studies. Moreover, Islamic studies MCQs are also included. Pak Navy Test

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Knock Knees Causes and Exercises

Concept, Types, Causes and Treatment of Knock Knees Meanings of Knock Knees Knock knee can occur in young children, adults and even the elderly. It affects everyone differently. And although many people think they’re born with knock knee, it can be caused by physical trauma. When you have knock knees, you have a large gap

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