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Cadet College Pishin Fee Structure

The commencement of the admission procedure occurs every year during the first week of November. Announcements regarding admissions are disseminated through national newspapers. Application forms, along with the accompanying prospectus, must be submitted in their entirety on or before the deadline specified in the newspaper advertisement. 

Once received, the submitted forms undergo a thorough review, and eligible candidates are furnished with Roll Number Slips. The written tests are held on a date that will be both advertised in newspapers and communicated to the individuals.

  • Last Date of Admission in Cadet College Pishin : March, 2024

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Courses Offered in Cadet College Pishin

Courses which are being offered in the Cadet College Pishin mentioned below: 

  1. Admission in 7th Class 
  2. Admission in 9th Class
  3. Admission in 11th Class

Admission Requirements in Cadet College Pishin

Students who have passed the class 6th from any registered school or organization may take admission in Cadet College Pishin. Admissions normally remain open in the month of March every year. For more detail contact the administration of the college which are given at the end of this page. 

Age Limit in Cadet College Pishin

Candidates who want to take admission in 7th class at Cadet College Pishin, they must have an age between 11 years to 13 years till 31 March. 

Selection Procedure in Cadet College Pishin

Candidates who perform exceptionally well on the written test, with representation from each district and province according to their respective quotas, are invited for interviews. The interview panel, chaired by the Principal, may include the Vice Principal, a Psychologist, and the Heads of the English, Math, and Science departments. Selection is determined by a combination of marks obtained in the written test (where a minimum of 40 passing marks is required) and the interview.

The chosen candidates, based on a weighting of 70% for the written test and 30% for the interview, are then subjected to a medical examination and must obtain a fitness certificate from the relevant CMH (Combined Military Hospital). The medical evaluation includes assessments such as a chest X-ray, HIV, HBS Ag, HCV, blood CP, urine analysis, and an eye test.

Subsequently, final call-up letters are issued for those selected to join CCPN. These candidates are expected to report for duty by a specified date each year, usually at the end of March. A total of 70 seats are allocated, with distribution plans devised to accommodate candidates from each district in Balochistan and other provinces of Pakistan.

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Re-Admission of 1st Year in Cadet College Pishin

The established Admission Procedure for the 1st year is outlined as follows:

Upon completing their Board Examinations in SSC (10th class), cadets will be granted permission to depart from the college after satisfying all necessary requirements.

Subsequent to the official announcement of SSC (10th class) results by BBISE, Quetta, admission forms for the 1st Year will be dispatched to those individuals who have successfully passed the aforementioned examination while studying at Cadet College Pishin.

Admission to the 1st year will be extended to cadets who have achieved a minimum of 60% marks in their Matric Exam, provided they maintain a commendable conduct and a favorable track record from the 7th to the 10th class throughout their tenure at the college.

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Cadet College Pishin Fee Structure


  • On Regular Rs. 75,000/-
  • On self finance Rs.260000/-
  • Day Scholar Rs.24000/- (BPS-16 & Above)
  • Day Scholar Rs.20000/- (BPS-15& Below)
  • It includes the followings:
  • Tuition Fee, Text Books and Stationary Charges
  • Hostel, Bedding, Messing
  • Electricity, Transport, Sports, Hobbies and Registration Fee
  • Medical (Major medical charges to be borne by parents)
  • Educational Trips & Miscellaneous Charges
  • Barber, Cobbler and Laundry


  • Ordinary Registration Fee i.e. Rs.2500/- Till date (as per BBISE, Quetta policy)
  • Late registration fee i.e. Rs.3000/-Till last date to apply (as per BBISE, Quetta policy)
  • Rs. 10000/- will be charge as Re-admission fee in case of re-admission


  • Registration fee, Examination Fee, Paper Cancellation and Rechecking charges are not included in the fee and to be paid separately.

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Other Detail on New Admission in Cadet College Pishin


Leave requests, aside from the officially designated holidays, will only be granted in genuinely exceptional circumstances. Leaves for attending weddings will be considered solely in the case of weddings involving immediate siblings.


Cadets are authorized to contact their parents via telephone every Sunday between 8:00 AM and 17:00 PM. Official telephones are available in all wings to assist cadets in connecting with their parents during the specified Sunday hours.

  • Jinnah+Haider: 0826-544505
  • Iqbal + Umer: 0826-526828
  • Junior House: 0826-544511


Cadets are not permitted to carry additional money with them. Parents can provide extra funds to the House Master, who will keep a record and dispense it to cadets when needed for minor expenses. If a cadet is found with more than 2000/- in cash, the excess amount will be confiscated.


This meeting serves as a platform for sharing detailed information on academic performance, disciplinary matters, and any financial concerns regarding cadets. Parent-Teacher Meeting dates will be specified in the annual calendar. However, the first and last Sunday of each month is designated for visiting cadets in the college cafeteria.

Contacts Detail of Cadet College Pishin

If you want to inquire any information then contact at the following address or numbers; 

  • Address: Pishin City East Surkhab Road Pishin Balochistan
  • Contact No: 0826 421251 / 0826-421253
  • Email Address:

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