Why responsible Pak Army ??

Ayub, Zia and Musharraf, all three dictators have passed and remained in power for a total of 30 years. But the system of the army is such that none of his descendants could become a general, let alone a brigadier. 

Zia’s son participated in politics for some time but then he too stood in line. Humayun Akhtar and Haroon Akhtar, sons of former ISI chief and the most powerful general of the Afghan jihad era, General Akhtar Abdul Rehman, did politics from the platforms of PML-N and PML-Q.Raheel Sharif, Pervez Kayani, Waheed Kakar, Jahangir Karamat, Aslam Baig, Yahya Khan, General Musa. ۔ ۔ ۔ So many great generals but their children looked helpless in front of the military system and could not take advantage of their father’s name. 

The same is true of the judiciary. If the judges of the high courts make their children lawyers, it is a great thing. In the history of the country, hardly any son of a Chief Justice has been able to become a Chief Justice. Similarly, in the bureaucracy, the children of the most powerful secretaries work in the business or private sector, rarely rising to high government positions like their fathers.Instead, look at political parties and politicians. 

Once the father enters politics, then his brother, son, daughter, wife, sister, son-in-law, brother-in-law. ۔ ۔ ۔ And after that, the next generation, realizing its right to politics, demands its share of power from the faction. The example of Bhutto and Sharif family is in front of you. At least 22 of Nawaz Sharif’s relatives held ministries or senior government positions in Punjab and Center, and this is now the case with the current government. 

Who was responsible in other sence?

Fazlur Rehman’s brother, son, sister, etc. have also entered politics.Vahdri brothers, Leghari, Mazari, Chatha, Qureshi, Pagara, Jatoi, Kanjo Furnace Jutt; Pathan Araiyan; Rajput Achakzai, the other eminent Asfandyaroli, see the great politicians of the four provinces of the country, as well as their family members in politics and in power.Pervez Khattak has also brought his daughters and son-in-law into politics and brought them to high positions.What are the qualifications of these politicians? 

Except they are big landlords and feudal lords in their area, they are thugs and murderers, they are trappers and pickpockets, they are fraudsters and occupation groups. ۔ ۔ ۔ Also what is their qualification? On what basis do they bring their brothers and children with them into politics and thus the country comes under the control of these three dozen families?The people are ignorant, they have lost the sense of thinking and understanding. 

Ask the educated bureaucrats or military officers what will happen to them when they greet a rogue politician and his children for this reason. It so happens that he was elected as a member of the Assembly by force from his constituency and then Minister Shuzair was also elected. You can cry as much as you want in the name of the establishment but at least in the army, judiciary and civil bureaucracy there is no nepotism, the son of a general does not become a general, the son of a judge does not look like a judge and the son of a department secretary does not look like a DG. ۔

These feats are possible only in our ‘democracy’ and the politicians who do so when they try to throw all the rubble on the establishment by calling themselves democrats. AndThe army is responsible !!! Zulfiqar Bhutto was made Foreign Minister by Ayub Khan. But after Ayub Khan, the people made Bhutto the head of state of Pakistan twice. Her daughter and son-in-law were given the leadership of Pakistan three times. 

In return, he not only signed Pakistan, but also imposed foreign loans on Pakistan, as well as drowning the Pakistani economy that could not rise again.Is the Pakistan Army responsible for this? General Zia-ul-Haq made Nawaz Sharif the provincial finance minister. But the people made him the Prime Minister of Pakistan three times and the head of the largest province of Pakistan six times.

This resulted in record-breaking debts on Pakistan, complete destruction of national institutions, rampant sales and destructive policy on the foreign front, including Kashmir. Is it the responsibility of Pakistan Army? Pakistan has 800,000 police, at least 200,000 judges, lawyers and their assistants. Among them are the FIA and the NAB, which have a budget of billions of rupees.

But is the Pakistan Army responsible for not punishing the perpetrators of corruption? Out of the total national budget of 50 50 billion, ارب 7 billion goes to the Pakistan Army and the remaining ارب 43 billion goes to Parliament. But is the Pakistan Army responsible for Pakistan’s economic woes? The Pakistan Army arrested the facilitator of terrorism and handed him over to the courts with evidence. 

From where they were released and come out, the people crowned them with gold. And democracy gave him the certificate of being a true honest politician. But is the Pakistan Army responsible?The total population of Pakistan is about 200 million of which 600,000 are army. The Pakistan Army is simultaneously fighting the world’s largest proxy war against terrorists and foreign agencies.

Pakistan is conducting all major and minor relief operations on the occasion of natural disasters.C-Pack is working day and night to get to the bottom line.China, Russia and now India and the United States are competing for foreign policy on the Gulf (Islamic Alliance) front. How many Indian agents like Clubbhushan were exposed which made their facilitators smell snakes.It is caring for millions of IDPs affected by terrorism.

She is hearing terrorism cases from civil courts.She is getting polio drops.Is conducting a census. The army should also be called in to catch the small gang. The Pakistan Army has now become the most lethal army in the world with the highest rate of martyrdom of officers in the world and not a day goes by without the martyrdom of the Pakistan Army. But the Pakistan Army is responsible for every mess in Pakistan. 

What are the remaining 199.3 million doing? Don’t all of them have a duty and responsibility? Please do not support the disgusting people who are defaming the army and do your duty. Use your vote properly in elections. Not to bring these corrupt and unscrupulous thieves and robbers into the hands of their enemies.


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