Mathematics tests are a common part of the initial tests for Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. These tests measure an individual‘s ability to solve math problems. 

To prepare for the mathematics test, it is important to brush up on the basics and practice using online resources and mock exams. 

To get a better score, it is also useful to research keywords with high search volume related to mathematics questions and mathematics tests. Current Maths Tests include past papers which have been given in the previous initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF.

With adequate preparation, you can easily score well on the mathematics test and increase your chances of being accepted into the military. These tests are very useful for the initial tests of Airman, Sailors and Soldiers tests.

All tests related to Mathematics are here. You are advised to test your skills of Mathematics if you want to join Pak Defence Forces. We prepare our students with 100% preparation and give confidence. 

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Mathematics Quiz

The solution set of x2 - x – 2 = 0 is______

In two supplementary angles, every one angle may be ___.

(9)_____?_____  (-9)2

(a-b+c)² = a²+b²+c²___.

The characteristic log 19 is______?

The solution set of equation x-3=4____.

Standarad deviation is represented by_____

3x + ½ = Polynomial ……………….?

Sum of angles of a triangle is_______.

Discriminant of 2x² + 5x – 1 = 0 is ?

The solution set x²-5x is ____.

91/2  X 27-1/3  

If triangle if one angle is 80º and other is 60º then third angle will be____.

Eliminate x from the equations,

x + b = 0, and x + c = 0

A line segment with two ends on a given circle is called____.

Union of two non-collinear rays with common point is called ______.

If 2x²-3y-4=0 then what will be the value of a, b, c____.

√9x2 - 12xy + 4y2 = ___________

How many lines can pass through a point ………………

What is the average of the numbers: 0, 0, 4, 10, 5, and 5 ?

How many ways to find frequency range?

Factorization of 4x2+8x+3 is ______________.

Tan θ = ?

The numbers whose sum is -13 and product is -30 are ___.

What is the smallest number in the following?

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