Intelligence Tests Verbal

Best Intelligence Tests Verbal

In all initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF , Verbal intelligence tests have their great role in passing academic tests completely. 

If you want to pass the verbal intelligence test with 100% marks then do practice here. These tests give you 100% success rate and well practice. 

If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces easily. 

intelligence test verbal

We assure you that these verbal intelligence tests are mostly used in the tests of commissioned and non commissioned tests of Pak Defence forces. 

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Verbal Intelligence Quiz

tail spin

If   GUIDE stand for 35214, then DUG stand for _____:?

Which pair  of number does not belong to the same class ?

If the speed of an aircraft  is 120 km per hour , how much time it take to cover  a distance  of  70  km?

A  student got 55% marks out of 1050. how  many marks did he obtain?

Medicine : Dose ::  ?

Bathing is to  Pool ,as Skating is to ____?

Which choice mention the last letter of the word required in the following: if  EQOG stands for COME  How will you encode nothing to REPORT  ………?

If the speed of a train  is 180 km per hour, how much distance will it cover in 31 minutes ?

Complete the relationship  in the following:

PPRS  is to RRTU   as  MMOP is to ___________?

Which is different from the rest?

What will come next in the following series  :

7     10     9    12    11     ?

If 700 students 80% are passed , how many students are failed?

Find the odd man out ?

What letter comes next  in the following series ?A, D, G, J, M, P, ?

Road is to Car as Sea is to …………………..

Which word is odd one out?

Young one of loin is called________.

Sport : Logo :: Nation : ______

In each off the following one of the word is the name of sort of thing and the other are the example. Find this name and write its number .

What will come next in the following series ?

E     J      N     Q    ?

Find the odd man out?

Time is to Watch as Pressure is to……..

Handsome is to Beautiful  as He is to…………………

Find the odd one out ?

As Food is to Growth so as  knowledge to ……………..

Bear is to Cub as Cow is to……..

Find the odd one out ?

Write the number of pair which is different from the other in the following :

The ratio between Co and Co₂ is …………..?

If DCF mean BAD then ECV means  _____?

How many months in a year which have 30 days?

Find the odd one out from the following :

A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl’s 

If the price of one dozen bananas  is 54 rupees ,what is the price of 8 bananas?

Radio : Listener : : Film : ? 

Doctor is to Patient as Teacher is to……….

Find the odd one out 

A is to E as C is to ……..?

High is to Low as Up is to ……………..

If the speed of an air craft  is 660 km per hour , how much distance  will it  cover  in 3 minutes?

Find the odd one out from the following :

Evening is to morning as dinner is to ________?

Find the odd-men out ?

Food is to  Eat  as Water is to ……………..

Find the odd one out from the following :

Light is to Eye as Sound is to …………….?

Gold is to Ornaments as wood is to ………

Find the odd one out ?

If the speed of an aircraft  is 300 km per hour , how much time it take to cover  a distance  of  30  km?

If the speed of an aircraft  is 360 km per hour , how much time it take to cover  a distance  of  66  km?

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