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Best Intelligence Tests Verbal

In all initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF , Verbal intelligence tests have their great role in passing academic tests completely. 

If you want to pass the verbal intelligence test with 100% marks then do practice here. These tests give you 100% success rate and well practice. 

If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces easily. 

intelligence test verbal

We assure you that these verbal intelligence tests are mostly used in the tests of commissioned and non commissioned tests of Pak Defence forces. 

We always keep these tests updated with past papers. For more MCQs of the subjects CLICK HERE and if you want to get notes then CLICK HERE

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Verbal Intelligence Quiz

A told B,"The girl I met yesterday was the youngest daughter of the brother–in–law of my friend’s mother." How is the girl related to A's friend? 

If the speed of an air craft  is 840  km per hour , how much distance  will it  cover  in one  minutes?

A student obtained 630  marks out of 1050 marks . find out what percentage did he obtain?

Find the odd one out from the following:

Monday is to February as Friday is to ________:-

If ASLAM is older than AJMAL ,and AKMAL is younger  than AJMAL but KAMAL is elder  than AKMAL  than who is the youngest?

Insect the missing number :

47   (76)   323

857 (133) 591

642 (  ?  )  274

3 4 10 11 17 18 ____:-

If the speed of an aircraft  is 900 km per hour , how much time it take to cover  a distance  of  60  km?

2853 is to416106, 3476 is to 681412 and 7531 is to?

Find the Odd man out?

Find the odd one out from the following :

17, 36, 53, 68, ______, 92

Bear is to Cub as Cow is to……..

Stone : Sculpture :: ?

Which choice provides the answer:

if 63x34=32, 84x42=41, 64x46=33, then 23x36=?

Spot out of the stranger in the  following group and write its serial number. 

What will come next in the following series ?

A     C        F       ?

Find the odd one out 

Which one is different from the rest:-

If the price of one dozen eggs is 66 rupees, what is the price of 7 eggs?

What number comes next in the series 2,   4,   12,    48,   240,    ?

Handsome is to Beautiful  as He is to…………………

If WONDER stands for 257614 then DON stands for?

Tight is to Loose as Open is to _______?

Shirt is to Dress and Mango is to _____?

Hot is to burn as cold is to___:-

If 40 is to 10 then 800 is to----------------.

If 30 men can dig 30 holes in 60 days. 30 men can dig 15 holes in how many days?

Which one is odd one out?

If the distance between two electric poles is one kilometer , how many poles  will be installed on 10 km?

Insert the missing number:

2    8    5    11    ?     8    11

2 5 10 17 ____:-

Complete the series 3, 5, 7, 9, ……………?

How many months in a year which have 30 days?

5 9 17 33 ____:-

If the price of one dozen bananas  is 54 rupees ,what is the price of 8 bananas?

NEGLIGENT means ___?

The sum of ages of Ali and Aslam is 35 and the difference is 5 years. What are their ages?

If little no in the following is added into odd number and divide it by the largest no then what will be the answer?

1, 4, 8, 16, 3

Laugh is to Gay as Weep is to ……………..?

Bird is to cage as prisoner is to:-

Which pair is different?

1 100 2 50 4 25 8 _____;-

Find the odd man out ?

Find the odd-man  out :

If All is to many then Few is to ………….?

1/3 is to 1/3x as ……… to 15x.

Laughter is to Joy as Tears are to ________?

Find the odd one out ?

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